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Ginhoux, Florent
Ginhoux, F.


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12018Bevacizumab Promotes T-Cell-Mediated Collagen Deposition in the Mouse Model of Conjunctival ScarringSeet L.-F. ; Toh L.Z.; Chu S.; Finger S.N. ; Ginhoux F. ; Hong W. ; Wong T.T.
22015C-Myb+ Erythro-myeloid progenitor-derived fetal monocytes give rise to adult tissue-resident macrophagesHoeffel, G.; Chen, J.; Lavin, Y.; Low, D.; Almeida, F.F.; See, P.; Beaudin, A.E.; Lum, J.; Low, I.; Forsberg, E.C.; Poidinger, M. ; Zolezzi, F.; Larbi, A.; Ng, L.G. ; Greter, M.; Becher, B.; Samokhvalov, I.M.; Merad, M.; Ginhoux, F. 
32011Cd8+ T cells and IFN-? mediate the time-dependent accumulation of infected red blood cells in deep organs during experimental cerebral malariaClaser C.; Malleret B.; Gun S.Y.; Wong A.Y.W.; Chang Z.W.; Teo P.; See P.C.E.; Howland S.W.; Ginhoux F. ; Rénia L.
4Feb-2014Microglia specific fluorescent probes for live cell imagingLeong, Cheryl; Lee, Sung Chan ; Ock, Jiyeon; Li, Xin; See, Peter; Park, Sung Jin; Ginhoux, Florent ; Yun, Seong-Wook; Chang, Young-Tae 
52014Selective Susceptibility of Human Skin Antigen Presenting Cells to Productive Dengue Virus InfectionCerny D.; Haniffa M.; Shin A.; Bigliardi P. ; Tan B.K. ; Lee B.; Poidinger M. ; Tan E.Y.; Ginhoux F. ; Fink K.
615-Mar-2019Two distinct interstitial macrophage populations coexist across tissues in specific subtissular nichesChakarov, Svetoslav; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Tan, Leonard; Lim, Sheau Yng ; See, Peter; Lum, Josephine; Zhang, Xiao-Meng; Foo, Shihui; Nakamizo, Satoshi; Duan, Kaibo; Kong, Wan Ting ; Gentek, Rebecca; Balachander, Akhila; Carbajo, Daniel; Bleriot, Camille; Malleret, Benoit ; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Baig, Sonia ; Shabeer, Muhammad; Toh, Sue-Anne Ee Shiow ; Schlitzer, Andreas; Larbi, Anis ; Marichal, Thomas; Malissen, Bernard; Chen, Jinmiao ; Poidinger, Michael; Kabashima, Kenji; Bajenoff, Marc; Ng, Lai Guan ; Angeli, Veronique ; Ginhoux, Florent