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Thoon, Koh Cheng
Thoon, Koh Cheng


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12020Burden and Cost of Hospitalization for Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Young Children, SingaporeTam, C.C.; Tam, C.C.; Tam, C.C.; Tam, C.C.; Yeo, K.T.; Yeo, K.T. ; Tee, N.; Tee, N.; Lin, R.; Mak, T.M.; Thoon, K.C. ; Thoon, K.C.; Thoon, K.C.; Jit, M.; Yung, C.F. ; Yung, C.F.; Yung, C.F.
2May-2015Could a fever and rash after the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination indicate wild-type measles?Ting, Chun Yi; Tee, Wen Sim Nancy ; Thoon, Koh Cheng 
32020DISSEMINATED BACILLUS-CALMETTE-GU蒖IN INFECTIONS AND PRIMARY IMMUNODEFICIENCY DISORDERS IN SINGAPORE: A SINGLE CENTER 15-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE REVIEWOng, R.Y.L.; Chan, S.-W.B. ; Chew, S.J.; Liew, W.K.; Thoon, K.C. ; Chong, C.-Y. ; Yung, C.F. ; Sng, L.-H. ; Tan, A.M. ; Bhattacharyya, R. ; Jamuar, S.S. ; Lim, J.Y.; Li, J.; Nadua, K.D.; Kam, K.-Q.; Tan, N.W.-H. 
42018Elizabethkingia anophelis and association with tap water and handwashing, SingaporeYung, C.-F; Maiwald, M ; Loo, L.H; Soong, H.Y; Tan, C.B; Lim, P.K; Li, L; Tan, N.W.H; Chong, C.-Y ; Tee, N; Thoon, K.C ; Chan, Y.H
52020Pediatric Abdominal Tuberculosis in Singapore: A 10-Year Retrospective SeriesWong, S.A.; Lee Meijuan, D. ; Loh, S.W.; Thoon, K.C. ; Tan, N.W.H. ; Chong, C.Y. 
62020Pregnancy Outcomes in COVID-19: A Prospective Cohort Study in SingaporeMattar, Citra Nurfarah Zaini ; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Sadarangani, Sapna; Tagore, Shephali ; Thain, Serene ; Thoon, Koh Cheng ; Hong, Eliane; Kanneganti, Abhiram; Ku, Chee Wai ; Chan, Grace Mf; Lee, Kelvin Zx; Yap, Jeannie Jy; Tan, Shaun S; Yan, Benedict; Young, Barnaby E; Lye, David C ; Anderson, Danielle E ; Yang, Liying ; Su, Lin Lin ; Somani, Jyoti ; Tan, Lay Kok ; Choolani, Mahesh A ; Chan, Jerry KY 
72018Prevalence of respiratory polyomaviruses among pediatric patients with respiratory symptoms in SingaporeHansen-Estruch C.; Coleman K.K. ; Thoon K.C. ; Low J.G.; Anderson B.D.; Gray G.C. 
82015Risk factors for severe adenovirus infection in children during an outbreak in SingaporeRajkumar, Veena ; Chiang , Cherylsm; Low, Jiameng; Cui, Lin; Lin, Tzer Pin Raymond ; Tee, Wen Sim Nancy ; Maiwald, Matthias; Chong, Chia Yin ; Thoon, Koh Cheng 
92013Serotype-Specific Changes in Invasive Pneumococcal Disease after Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Introduction: A Pooled Analysis of Multiple Surveillance SitesFeikin D.R.; Kagucia E.W.; Loo J.D.; Link-Gelles R.; Puhan M.A.; Cherian T.; Levine O.S.; Whitney C.G.; O'Brien K.L.; Moore M.R.; Feikin D.R.; Link-Gelles R.; Cherian T.; Adegbola R.A.; Agocs M.; Ampofo K.; Andrews N.; Barton T.; Benito J.; Broome C.V.; Bruce M.G.; Bulkow L.R.; Byington C.L.; Camou T.; Cook H.; Cotter S.; Dagan R.; de Wals P.; Deceuninck G.; Denham B.; Edwards G.; Eskola J.; Fitzgerald M.; Galanakis E.; Garcia-Gabarrot G.; Garcia-Garcia J.J.; Gene A.; Gomez B.; Heffernan H.; Hennessy T.W.; Heuberger S.; Hilty M.; Ingels H.; Jayasinghe S.; Kagucia E.W.; Kellner J.D.; Klein N.P.; Kormann-Klement A.; Kozakova J.; Krause V.; Kriz P.; Lambertsen L.; Lepoutre A.; Levine O.S.; Lipsitch M.; Loo J.D.; Lopez-Vega M.; Lovgren M.; Maraki S.; Mason E.O.; McIntyre P.B.; Menzies R.; Messina A.; Miller E.; Mintegi S.; Moore M.R.; Motlova J.; Moulton L.H.; Mühlemann K.; Muñoz-Almagro C.; O'Brien K.L.; Murdoch D.R.; Park D.E.; Puhan M.A.; Reingold A.L.; Sa-Leao R.; Sanyal A.; Smith P.G.; Spanjaard L.; Techasaensiri C.; Thompson R.E.; Thoon K.C. ; Tyrrell G.J.; Valentiner-Branth P.; van der Ende A.; Vanderkooi O.G.; van der Linden M.P.G.; Varon E.; Verhaegen J.; Vestrheim D.F.; Vickers I.; von Gottberg A.; von Kries R.; Waight P.; Weatherholtz R.; Weiss S.; Whitney C.G.; Yee A.; Zaidi A.K.M.
102015Severe pediatric adenovirus 7 disease in singapore linked to recent outbreaks across asiaNg, O.T ; Thoon, K.C ; Chua, H.Y; Tan, N.W.H ; Chong, C.Y ; Tee, N.W.S ; Lin, R.T.P ; Cui, L; Venkatachalam, I; Tambyah, P.A ; Chew, J; Fong, R.K.C; Oh, H.M.L; Krishnan, P.U; Lee, V.J.M ; Tan, B.H; Ng, S.H ; Ting, P.J; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Gunalan, V; Khong, W.X
112020Successful containment of horizontal enterovirus infection in a neonatal unit in Singapore through diagnosis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and direct sequence analysisTan, Y.Y.; Quek, B.H. ; Thoon, K.C. ; Maiwald, M. ; Yung, C.F. ; Rajadurai, V.S. ; Kong, J.Y. 
122020The burden and clinical manifestation of hospitalized influenza among different pediatric age-groups in the tropicsChong, C.-Y.; Yung, C.-F. ; Gan, C.; Thio, S.-T.; Tan, N.W.-H. ; Tee, N.W.-S. ; Lin, C.; Lin, R.T.-P. ; Thoon, K.-C. 
132020Timeliness of Childhood Vaccination Coverage: the Growing Up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes StudyLoy S.L. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Chan J.K.Y. ; Soh S.E. ; Godfrey K.M.; Tan K.H. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Lek N. ; Yap F. ; Teoh O.H. ; Yung C.F. ; Thoon K.C.