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12015Ex vivo-expanded but not in vitro-induced human regulatory T cells are candidates for cell therapy in autoimmune diseases thanks to stable demethylation of the FOXP3 regulatory T cell-specific demethylated regionRossetti M.; Spreafico R.; Saidin S.; Chua C.; Moshref M.; Leong J.Y.; Tan York Kiat ; Albani Salvatore 
22009Heat shock protein-derived T-cell epitopes contribute to autoimmune inflammation in pediatric Crohn's diseasePuga Yung G.L.; Fidler M.; Albani E.; Spermon N.; Teklenburg G.; Newbury R.; Schechter N.; van den Broek T.; Prakken B.; Billetta R.; Dohil R.; Albani S. 
38-May-2019Inhibiting Interleukin 11 Signaling Reduces Hepatocyte Death and Liver Fibrosis, Inflammation, and Steatosis in Mouse Models of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.Widjaja, Anissa A ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Adami, Eleonora ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Dong, Jinrui ; D'Agostino, Giuseppe A ; Ng, Benjamin ; Lim, Wei Wen ; Tan, Jessie ; Paleja, Bhairav S; Tripathi, Madhulika ; Lim, Sze Yun; Shekeran, Shamini Guna ; Chothani, Sonia P; Rabes, Anne; Sombetzki, Martina; Bruinstroop, Eveline ; Min, Lio Pei; Sinha, Rohit A; Albani, Salvatore ; Yen, Paul M ; Schafer, Sebastian ; Cook, Stuart A 
42006Modulation of T cell function by combination epitope specific and low dose anticytokine therapy controls autoimmune arthritisRoord S.T.A.; Zonneveld-Huijssoon E.; Le T.; Yung G.P.; Koffeman E.; Ronaghy A.; Ghahramani N.; Lanza P.; Billetta R.; Prakken B.J.; Albani S. 
52006Regulation of peripheral inflammation by spinal p38 MAP kinase in ratsBoyle D.L.; Jones T.L.; Hammaker D.; Svensson C.I.; Rosengren S.; Albani S. ; Sorkin L.; Firestein G.S.
62017TCR repertoire sequencing identifies synovial Treg cell clonotypes in the bloodstream during active inflammation in human arthritisRossetti, M; Spreafico, R; Consolaro, A; Leong, J.Y ; Chua, C; Massa, M; Saidin, S ; Magni-Manzoni, S; Arkachaisri, T; Wallace, C.A; Gattorno, M; Martini, A; Lovell, D.J; Albani, S