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11-Dec-2018Andrographolide simultaneously augments Nrf2 antioxidant defense and facilitates autophagic flux blockade in cigarette smoke-exposed human bronchial epithelial cellsTan, WS Daniel ; Liao, Wupeng ; Peh, Hong Yong; Vila, Merima; Dong, Jinrui ; Shen, Han-Ming ; Wong, WS Fred 
21-Jan-2019Gene silencing of receptor-interacting protein 2 protects against cigarette smoke-induced acute lung injuryDong, Jinrui ; Liao, Wupeng ; Tan, Lay Hong; Yong, Amy; Peh, Wen Yan; Wong, WS Fred 
34-Jan-2021Hepatocyte-specific IL11 cis-signaling drives lipotoxicity and underlies the transition from NAFLD to NASHDong, Jinrui ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Adami, Eleonora ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Chothani, Sonia P ; Ng, Benjamin; Lim, Wei Wen ; Zhou, Jin ; Tripathi, Madhulika ; Ko, Nicole SJ; Shekeran, Shamini G; Tan, Jessie ; Lim, Sze Yun ; Wang, Mao; Lio, Pei Min; Yen, Paul M ; Schafer, Sebastian ; Cook, Stuart A ; Widjaja, Anissa A 
48-May-2019Inhibiting Interleukin 11 Signaling Reduces Hepatocyte Death and Liver Fibrosis, Inflammation, and Steatosis in Mouse Models of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.Widjaja, Anissa A ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Adami, Eleonora ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Dong, Jinrui ; D'Agostino, Giuseppe A ; Ng, Benjamin ; Lim, Wei Wen ; Tan, Jessie ; Paleja, Bhairav S; Tripathi, Madhulika ; Lim, Sze Yun; Shekeran, Shamini Guna ; Chothani, Sonia P; Rabes, Anne; Sombetzki, Martina; Bruinstroop, Eveline ; Min, Lio Pei; Sinha, Rohit A; Albani, Salvatore ; Yen, Paul M ; Schafer, Sebastian ; Cook, Stuart A 
52020Interleukin-11 is important for vascular smooth muscle phenotypic switching and aortic inflammation, fibrosis and remodeling in mouse modelsLim, W.-W.; Corden, B. ; Ng, B. ; Vanezis, K.; D’Agostino, G.; Widjaja, A.A. ; Song, W.-H.; Xie, C.; Su, L.; Kwek, X.-Y.; Tee, N.G.Z.; Dong, J. ; Ko, N.S.J.; Wang, M. ; Pua, C.J.; Jamal, M.H.; Soh, B.; Viswanathan, S. ; Schafer, S. ; Cook, S.A. 
628-Sep-2021Molecular Dissection of Pro-Fibrotic IL11 Signaling in Cardiac and Pulmonary FibroblastsWidjaja, Anissa A ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Jinrui, Dong ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Tan, Jessie ; Ting, Joyce Goh Wei ; Lamb, David; Shekeran, Shamini G; George, Benjamin L; Schafer, Sebastian; Carling, David; Adami, Eleonora ; Cook, Stuart A 
72017Oligonucleotide therapy for obstructive and restrictive respiratory diseasesLiao, W ; Dong, J ; Peh, H.Y ; Tan, L.H; Lim, K.S; Li, L; Wong, W.-S.F 
89-Jun-2021Redefining IL11 as a regeneration-limiting hepatotoxin and therapeutic target in acetaminophen-induced liver injuryWidjaja, Anissa A ; Dong, Jinrui ; Adami, Eleonora ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar; Ng, Benjamin; Pakkiri, Leroy S; Chothani, Sonia P; Singh, Brijesh K ; Lim, Wei Wen ; Zhou, Jin; Shekeran, Shamini G; Tan, Jessie ; Lim, Sze Yun; Goh, Joyce; Wang, Mao; Holgate, Robert; Hearn, Arron; Felkin, Leanne E; Yen, Paul M; Dear, James W; Drum, Chester L ; Schafer, Sebastian ; Cook, Stuart A 
92018Ribosomal Protein S3 Gene Silencing Protects Against Cigarette Smoke-Induced Acute Lung InjuryDong J. ; Liao W. ; Peh H.Y. ; Tan W.S.D. ; Zhou S.; Wong W.S.F. 
108-Jul-2021Similarities and differences between IL11 and IL11RA1 knockout mice for lung fibro-inflammation, fertility and craniosynostosisNg, Benjamin ; Widjaja, Anissa A. ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Dong, Jinrui ; Chothani, Sonia P. ; Lim, Stella ; Shekeran, Shamini G. ; Tan, Jessie ; McGregor, Narelle E.; Walker, Emma C.; Sims, Natalie A.; Schafer, Sebastian ; Cook, Stuart A. 
1126-Aug-2021The pro-regenerative effects of hyperil6 in drug induced liver injury are unexpectedly due to competitive inhibition of il11 signalingDong, Jinrui ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Adami, Eleonora ; Schafer, Sebastian ; Kuthubudeen, Fathima F. ; Widjaja, Anissa A. ; Cook, Stuart A.