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Wupeng Liao
Liao, W.P.
Liao, W.


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11-Nov-2020Activation of angiotensin II type-2 receptor protects against cigarette smoke-induced COPDMei, D; Tan, WSD ; Liao, W ; Heng, CKM; Wong, WSF 
21-Dec-2018Andrographolide simultaneously augments Nrf2 antioxidant defense and facilitates autophagic flux blockade in cigarette smoke-exposed human bronchial epithelial cellsTan, WS Daniel ; Liao, Wupeng ; Peh, Hong Yong; Vila, Merima; Dong, Jinrui ; Shen, Han-Ming ; Wong, WS Fred 
31-Oct-2022Angiotensin II type-2 receptor activation in alveolar macrophages mediates protection against cigarette smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMei, D; Liao, W ; Gan, PXL; Tran, QTN ; Chan, CCMY; Heng, CKM; Wong, WSF 
420-Dec-2022Calcaratarin D, a labdane diterpenoid, attenuates mouse asthma via modulating alveolar macrophage functionLiao, Wupeng ; Foo, Hazel Yu Ci ; Tran, Thi Ngoc Quy ; Chai, Christina Li Lin ; Wong, Wai Shiu Fred 
52007Cysteinyl leukotriene receptor antagonist MK-571 alters bronchoalveolar lavage fluid proteome in a mouse asthma modelWong, W.S.F. ; Zhu, H.; Liao, W. 
62008Dendritic cell-derived interferon-γ-induced protein mediates tumor necrosis factor-α stimulation of human lung fibroblastsLiao, W. ; Bao, Z. ; Cheng, C.; Wong, W.S.F. ; Mok, Y.-K. 
72007Gab2 antisense oligonucleotide blocks rat basophilic leukemic cell functionsChan, J.H.P.; Liao, W. ; Wong, W.S.F. ; Lau, H.Y.A.
81-Jan-2019Gene silencing of receptor-interacting protein 2 protects against cigarette smoke-induced acute lung injuryDong, Jinrui ; Liao, Wupeng ; Tan, Lay Hong; Yong, Amy; Peh, Wen Yan; Wong, WS Fred 
91-Sep-2017Is there a future for andrographolide to be an anti-inflammatory drug? Deciphering its major mechanisms of actionTan, WS Daniel ; Liao, Wupeng ; Zhou, Shuo; Wong, WS Fred 
1025-Jan-2022ISM1 protects lung homeostasis via cell-surface GRP78-mediated alveolar macrophage apoptosisLam, TYW ; Nguyen, N ; Peh, HY ; Shanmugasundaram, M; Chandna, R ; Tee, JH ; Ong, CB; Hossain, MZ ; Venugopal, S ; Zhang, T; Xu, S; Qiu, T; Kong, WT ; Chakarov, S; Srivastava, S ; Liao, W ; Kim, JS; Teh, M ; Ginhoux, F; Wong, WSF ; Ge, R 
111-Dec-2022ISM1 suppresses LPS-induced acute lung injury and post-injury lung fibrosis in miceNguyen, Ngan ; Xu, Simin; Lam, Terence Yin Weng ; Liao, Wupeng ; Wong, WS Fred ; Ge, Ruowen 
1225-Apr-2023Multifunctional Antibacterial Nanonets Attenuate Inflammatory Responses through Selective Trapping of Endotoxins and Pro-Inflammatory CytokinesTram, Nhan Dai Thien ; Tran, Quy Thi Ngoc ; Xu, Jian; Su, Jeannie Ching Ting; Liao, Wupeng ; Wong, Wai Shiu Fred ; Ee, Pui Lai Rachel 
132017Oligonucleotide therapy for obstructive and restrictive respiratory diseasesLiao, W ; Dong, J ; Peh, H.Y ; Tan, L.H; Lim, K.S; Li, L; Wong, W.-S.F 
141-Sep-2020Promises and challenges of biologics for severe asthmaTan, Ronnie; Liew, Mei Fong ; Lim, Hui Fang ; Leung, Bernard P ; Wong, WS Fred 
151-Jun-2020Restoration of HDAC2 and Nrf2 by andrographolide overcomes corticosteroid resistance in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseLiao, Wupeng ; Lim, Albert YH; Tan, WS Daniel ; Abisheganaden, John; Wong, WS Fred 
162018Ribosomal Protein S3 Gene Silencing Protects Against Cigarette Smoke-Induced Acute Lung InjuryDong J. ; Liao W. ; Peh H.Y. ; Tan W.S.D. ; Zhou S.; Wong W.S.F. 
178-May-2018Scavenging Circulating Mitochondrial DNA as a Potential Therapeutic Option for Multiple Organ Dysfunction in Trauma HemorrhageAswani, Andrew; Manson, Joanna; Itagaki, Kiyoshi; Chiazza, Fausto; Collino, Massimo; Liao, Wupeng Winston ; CHAN TZE KHEE ; WONG WAI-SHIU,FRED ; Hauser, Carl J; Thiemermann, Chris; Brohi, Karim
188-May-2018Scavenging circulating mitochondrial DNA as a potential therapeutic option in multiple organ dysfunction in trauma hemorrhageAswani, A; Manson, J; Itagaki, K; Chiazza, F; Collino, M; Liao, W ; Chan, TK; Hauser, CJ; Wong Wai-Shiu, Fred ; Thiemermann, C ; Brohi, A
191-Jun-2018Targeting the renin-angiotensin system as novel therapeutic strategy for pulmonary diseasesTan, Wan Shun Daniel; Liao, Wupeng ; Zhou, Shuo; Mei, Dan; Wong, Wai-Shiu Fred 
201-Oct-2022A Unique CD27-IgD(-) B Cell Population in the Sputum of Severe Eosinophilic Asthma Associated with Airway AutoimmunityTan, Nadia Suray ; Mukherjee, Manali ; Lim, Sheau Yng ; Rouers, Angeline; Hwang, You Yi; Thiam, Chung Hwee ; Tan, WS Daniel ; Liao, Wupeng ; Wong, WS Fred ; Liew, Mei Fong ; Nair, Parameswaran; Larbi, Anis ; Wang, De Yun ; Fink, Katja; Angeli, Veronique; Lim, Hui Fang