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Ming, S.H.
Shen, Han Ming
Shen, H.-M.
Han-Ming, S.
Shen Han Ming
Shen, H.M.
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1201420(S)-Ginsenoside Rg3 is a novel inhibitor of autophagy and sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma to doxorubicinKim, D.-G; Jung, K.H; Lee, D.-G; Yoon, J.-H; Choi, K.S; Kwon, S.W; Shen, H.-M ; Morgan, M.J; Hong, S.-S; Kim, Y.-S
22015A small-molecule protein-protein interaction inhibitor of PARP1 that targets its BRCT domainNa, Zhenkun ; Peng, Bo ; Ng, Shukie ; Pan, Sijun; Lee, Junseok; Shen, Han Ming ; Yao, Shao 
32001A study on occupational exposure to petrochemicals and smoking on seminal qualityWang, S.-L.; Wang, X.-R.; Chia, S.-E. ; Shen, H.-M. ; Song, L.; Xing, H.-X.; Chen, H.-Y.; Ong, C.-N. 
4Apr-2013Activation of lysosomal function in the course of autophagy via mTORC1 suppression and autophagosome-lysosome fusionZhou, J. ; Tan, S.-H.; Nicolas, V.; Bauvy, C.; Yang, N.-D.; Zhang, J.; Xue, Y.; Codogno, P.; Shen, H.-M. 
52009Activation of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR signaling pathway promotes necrotic cell death via suppression of autophagyWu, Y.-T.; Tan, H.-L.; Huang, Q. ; Ong, C.-N. ; Shen, H.-M. 
61995Aflatoxin B1-induced 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine formation in rat hepatic DNAShen, H.-M. ; Ong, C.-N. ; Lee, B.-L.; Shi, C.-Y.
71994Aflatoxin B1-induced lipid peroxidation in rat liverShen, H.-M. ; Shi, C.-Y.; Lee, H.-P. ; Ong, C.-N. 
816-Jan-2013AMPK mediates a pro-survival autophagy downstream of PARP-1 activation in response to DNA alkylating agentsZhou, J. ; Ng, S.; Huang, Q. ; Wu, Y.-T.; Li, Z.; Yao, S.Q. ; Shen, H.-M. 
92008Andrographolide sensitizes cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis via p53-mediated death receptor 4 up-regulationZhou, J. ; Lu, G.-D.; Ong, C.-S.; Ong, C.-N. ; Shen, H.-M. 
10Mar-2012Andrographolide sensitizes cisplatin-induced apoptosis via suppression of autophagosome-lysosome fusion in human cancer cellsZhou, J. ; Hu, S.-E.; Tan, S.-H.; Cao, R.; Chen, Y.; Xia, D.; Zhu, X.-Q.; Yang, X.-F.; Ong, C.-N. ; Shen, H.-M. 
112005Anti-cancer potential of sesquiterpene lactones: Bioactivity and molecular mechanismsZhang, S. ; Won, Y.-K.; Ong, C.-N. ; SHEN HAN MING 
122007Anticancer effects of aloe-emodin on HepG2 cells: Cellular and proteomic studiesLu, G.D. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Shen, H.-M. ; Ong, C.N. 
13Mar-2005Associated factors in modulating aflatoxin B1-albumin adduct level in three Chinese populationsTao, P.; Zhi-Ming, L.; Tang-Wei, L.; Le-Qun, L.; Min-Hao, P.; Xue, Q.; Lu-Nam, Y.; Ren-Xiang, L.; Zong-Liang, W.; Lian-Wen, W.; Qiao, W.; Han-Ming, S. ; Choon-Nam, O. ; Santella, R.M.
14Feb-2014At the end of the autophagic road: An emerging understanding of lysosomal functions in autophagyShen, H.-M. ; Mizushima, N.
15May-2011Autophagic cell death: Loch Ness monster or endangered species?Shen, H.-M. ; Codogno, P.
16Dec-2012Autophagy is a cell self-protective mechanism against arsenic-induced cell transformationZhang, T.; Qi, Y.; Liao, M.; Xu, M.; Bower, K.A.; Frank, J.A.; Shen, H.-M. ; Luo, J.; Shi, X.; Chen, G.
171-Jul-2012Autophagy is a survival force via suppression of necrotic cell deathShen, H.-M. ; Codogno, P.
1815-Jul-2019Autophagy, Inflammation, and Metabolism (AIM) Center in its second yearVojo Deretic; Eric Prossnitz; Mark Burge; Matthew Campen; Judy Cannon; Ke Jian Liu; Meilian Liu; Pamela Hall; Larry Sklar; Lee Allers; Luisa Mariscal; Sally Ann Garcia; John Weaver; Eric Baehrecke; Christian Behrends; Francesco Cecconi; Patrice Codogno; Guang-Chao Chen; Zvulun Elazar; Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen; Bernard Fourie; Devrim Gozuacik; Wanjin Hong; Eun-Kyeong Jo; Terje Johansen; Gabor Juhasz; Adi Kimchi; Nicholas T Ktistakis; Guido Kroemer; Noboru Mizushima; Christian Munz; Fulvio Reggiori; David Rubinsztein; Kevin Ryan; Kate Schroder; Han-Ming Shen ; Anne Simonsen; Sharon Tooze; Maria Vaccaro; Tamotsu Yoshimori; Li Yu; Hong Zhang; Daniel Klionsky
19Oct-2012Autophagy: Resetting glutamine-dependent metabolism and oxygen consumptionLin, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-R.; Kensicki, E.; Li, A.Y.-J.; Kong, M.; Li, Y.; Mohney, R.P.; Shen, H.-M. ; Stiles, B.; Mizushima, N.; Lin, L.-I.; Ann, D.K.
201996Benzene metabolites enhance reactive oxygen species generation in HL60 human leukemia cellsShen, Y. ; Shen, H.-M. ; Shi, C.-Y. ; Ong, C.-N.