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Chung Ching Ming,Maxey
Chung, M.C.M.
Chung, M.
Chung, M.C.-M.
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12001A novel dimer of a C-type lectin-like heterodimer from the venom of Calloselasma rhodostoma (Malayan pit viper)Wang, R.; Kong, C.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Kolatkar, P.
22004A proteomic analysis of thioacetamide-induced hepatotoxicity and cirrhosis in rat liversTeck, Y.L.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Chon, K.L. ; Salto-Tellez, M. 
31997Adrenergic and nitrergic responses of the rat isolated anococcygeus muscle to a new toxin (makatoxin I) from the venom of the scorpion Buthus martensi KarschGong, J.P.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Gwee, M.C.E. ; Kini, R.M. ; Chung, M.C.M. 
411-May-2001An integrated approach in the discovery and characterization of a novel nuclear protein over-expressed in liver and pancreatic tumorsChoong, M.L. ; Tan, L.K. ; Lo, S.L. ; Ren, E.-C. ; Ou, K. ; Ong, S.-E.; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M. 
52007Anti-cancer properties of anthraquinones from rhubarbHuang, Q. ; Lu, G. ; Shen, H.-M.; Choon, N.O.; Chung, M.C.M. 
62007Anticancer effects of aloe-emodin on HepG2 cells: Cellular and proteomic studiesLu, G.D. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Shen, H.-M. ; Ong, C.N. 
71-Jan-2021Asia-oceania HUPO: Past, Present, and FutureIshihama, Yasushi; Chen, Yu-Ju; Cho, Je-Yoel; Chung, Max Ching Ming ; Cordwell, Stuart J.; Low, Teck Yew; Poon, Terence Chuen Wai; Kwon, Ho Jeong
84-Jan-2010Chinese human liver proteome project: A pathfinder of HUPO human liver proteome projectHe, F.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Jordan, T.W.
91997Cloning and characterization of cDNAs encoding three isoforms of phospholipase A2in Malayan spitting cobra (Naja naja sputatrix) venomArmugam, A.; Tan, N.H.; Earnest, L.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Tan, C.H.; Jeyaseelan, K. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P. 
10Jul-1996Cloning of the aldehyde reductase gene from a red yeast, Sporobolomyces salmonicolor, and characterization of the gene and its productKita, K.; Matsuzaki, K.; Hashimoto, T.; Yanase, H.; Kato, N.; Chung, M.C.-M. ; Kataoka, M.; Shimizu, S.
111997Cloning, characterization and expression of a cDNA clone encoding rabbit ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, E2(32k)Sun, B.; Jeyaseelan, K. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Tian-Seng, T.; Tan, T.-W. ; Chock, P.B.
121997Complete amino acid sequence of an acidic, cardiotoxic phospholipase A2from the venom of Ophiophagus hannah (King cobra): A novel cobra venom enzyme with 'pancreatic loop'Huang, M.Z.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Kini, R.M. 
132007Gastrointestinal fluids proteomicsTan, S. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Liang, C.R.M.Y. ; Hew, C.L. ; Yeoh, K.G. ; So, J. 
142007Gastrointestinal fluids proteomicsTan, S.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Liang, C.R.M.Y. ; Hew, C.L.; Yeoh, K.G. ; So, J. 
15Jan-2006Guidelines for the next 10 years of proteomicsWilkins, M.R.; Appel, R.D.; Van Eyk, J.E.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Görg, A.; Hecker, M.; Huber, L.A.; Langen, H.; Link, A.J.; Paik, Y.-K.; Patterson, S.D.; Pennington, S.R.; Rabilloud, T.; Simpson, R.J.; Weiss, W.; Dunn, M.J.
162006Hcc-2, a novel mammalian ER thioredoxin that is differentially expressed in hepatocellular carcinomaNissom, P.M.; Lo, J.C.Y.; Ong, P.F.; Ou, K.; Lo, S.L. ; Liang, R.C.; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Lim, J.W.E.
171998Identifying antigenic region of hepatitis B surface antigen by patient's serum with random peptide libraryYao, Z.-J. ; Ong, L.-H.; Chan, L. ; Chung, M.C.M. 
181996Improvements on the purification of mannan-binding lectin and demonstration of its Ca2+-independent association with a C1s-like serine proteaseTan, S.M. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Kon, O.L. ; Lu, J. ; Lee, S.H. ; Thiel, S.
191993Isolation and characterization of pectin methylesterase from papayaLim, Y.-M.; Chung, M.C.M. 
201997Makatoxin I, a novel toxin isolated from the venom of the scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch, exhibits nitrergic actionsGong, J.; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Manjunatha, Kini R. ; Gwee, M.C.E. ; Chung, M.C.M.