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Teck Keong Seow
Seow, T.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
111-May-2001An integrated approach in the discovery and characterization of a novel nuclear protein over-expressed in liver and pancreatic tumorsChoong, M.L. ; Tan, L.K. ; Lo, S.L. ; Ren, E.-C. ; Ou, K. ; Ong, S.-E.; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M. 
214-Mar-2002Genomic and proteomic perspectives in cell culture engineeringKorke, R.; Rink, A.; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M.; Beattie, C.W.; Hu, W.-S.
32006Hcc-2, a novel mammalian ER thioredoxin that is differentially expressed in hepatocellular carcinomaNissom, P.M.; Lo, J.C.Y.; Ong, P.F.; Ou, K.; Lo, S.L. ; Liang, R.C.; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Lim, J.W.E.
417-Apr-2006Hcc-2, a novel mammalian ER thioredoxin that is differentially expressed in hepatocellular carcinomaNissom, P.M.; Lo, S.L. ; Lo, J.C.Y.; Ong, P.F.; Lim, J.W.E.; Ou, K.; Liang, R.C.; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M.
52001Identification of a serine protease inhibitor homologue in Bird's Nest by an integrated proteomics approachOu, K.; Seow, T.K. ; Liang, R.C.M.Y.; Lee, B.W.; Goh, D.L.M.; Chua, K.Y.; Chung, M.C.M.
62001Immunochemical characterization of edible bird's nest allergensGoh, D.L.M. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Chew, F.T. ; Seow, T.K. ; Ou, K.L. ; Yi, F.C. ; Lee, B.W. 
78-Jan-2004Large scale gene expression profiling of metabolic shift of mammalian cells in cultureKorke, R.; De Leon Gatti, M.; Yin Lau, A.L.; Eng Lim, J.W.; Seow, T.K. ; Ming Chung, M.C.; Hu, W.-S.
82002Proteome analysis of butyrate-treated human colon cancer cells (HT-29)Tan, S. ; Koh, S.; Hooi, S.C. ; Seow, T.K. ; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Lee, C.P.C.; Chung, M.C.M. 
9May-2005Proteome analysis of human hepatocellular carcinoma tissues by two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometryLiang, C.R.M.Y. ; Leow, C.K.; Neo, J.C.H. ; Tan, G.S. ; Lo, S.L. ; Lim, J.W.E.; Seow, T.K. ; Lai, P.B.S.; Chung, M.C.M.
10May-2006Proteomic analysis of protein profiles during early development of the zebrafish, Danio rerioTay, T.L.; Lin, Q. ; Seow, T.K. ; Tan, K.H.; Hew, C.L. ; Gong, Z. 
112001Proteomic investigation of metabolic shift in mammalian cell cultureSeow, T.K. ; Korke, R.; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Ong, S.-E.; Ou, K. ; Wong, K. ; Hu, W.-S.; Chung, M.C.M.
121-Sep-2002Separation of human erythrocyte membrane associated proteins with one-dimensional and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis followed by identification with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometryLow, T.Y.; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M.