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Chua Kaw Yan
(not current staff)
Chua, K.Y.
Chua, K.-Y.
Kaw, Y.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A 1.7 Å structure of Fve, a member of the new fungal immunomodulatory protein familyPaaventhan, P.; Joseph, J.S.; Kolatkar, P.R.; Seow, S.V. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Vaday, S.; Robinson, H.
21997Allergen gene transferHuang, S.-K.; Chua, K.-Y. ; Hsieh, K.-H.
31999Allergenic differences between the domestic mites Blomia tropicalis and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinusChew, F.T. ; Yi, F.C. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Lee, B.W. ; Fernandez-Caldas, E.; Arruda, L.K.; Chapman, M.D.
42003An extensive study of human IgE cross-reactivity of Blo t 5 and der p 5Kuo, I.C. ; Lee, B.W. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Cheong, N. ; Trakultivakorn, M.
51998Analysis of the cross-reactivity between BtM and Der p 5, two group 5 recombinant allergens from Blomia tropicalis and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinusCaraballo, L.; Mercado, D.; Jimenez, S.; Moreno, L.; Puerta, L.; Chua, K.Y. 
62004Anaphylaxis after hamster bites - Identification of a novel allergenLim, D.L. ; Wen, H.; Van, Bever H.P.S. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Chant, R.M.E.
72003Antiinflammatory effects of genistein, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, on a guinea pig model of asthmaDuan, W. ; Kuo, I.C. ; Selvarajan, S.; Chua, K.Y. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, W.S.F. 
815-Nov-2016Blomia tropicalis-Specific TCR Transgenic Th2 Cells Induce Inducible BALT and Severe Asthma in Mice by an IL-4/IL-13-Dependent MechanismChua, Yen Leong ; Liong, Ka Hang ; Huang, Chiung-Hui ; Wong, Hok Sum ; Zhou, Qian ; Ler, Say Siong; Tang, Yafang ; Low, Chin Pei ; Koh, Hui Yu; Kuo, I-Chun ; Zhang, Yongliang ; Wong, WS Fred ; Peh, Hong Yong ; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Ge, Moyar Qing; Haczku, Angela; Angeli, Veronique ; MacAry, Paul A ; Chua, Kaw Yan ; Kemeny, David M 
92001cDNA cloning and expression of Blo t 11, the Blomia tropicalis allergen homologous to paramyosinRamos, J.D.A.; Lee, B.W. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Cheong, N. 
102006Characterization of glutathione S-transferase from dust mite, Der p 8 and its immunoglobulin E cross-reactivity with cockroach glutathione S-transferaseHuang, C.H.; Liew, L.M.; Mah, K.W.; Kuo, I.C.; Lee, B.W. ; Chua, K.Y. 
112003Chitosan nanoparticles containing plasmid DNA encoding house dust mite allergen, Der p 1 for oral vaccination in miceChew, J.L.; Wolfowicz, C.B. ; Mao, H.-Q. ; Leong, K.W.; Chua, K.Y. 
122003Cloning of a group 3 allergen from Blomia tropicalis mitesCheong, N. ; Yang, L.; Lee, B.W. ; Chua, K.Y. 
132009Coadministration of the fungal immunomodulatory protein FIP-Fve and a tumour-associated antigen enhanced antitumour immunityDing, Y. ; Seow, S.V. ; Huang, C.H. ; Liew, L.M.; Kuo, I.C. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Lim, Y.C. 
142003Collection of Mouse Urine for BioassaysChew, J.L.; Chua, K.Y. 
152003Comparative allergenicity studies of native and recombinant Blomia tropicalis Paramyosin (Blo t 11)Ramos, J.D.A.; Lee, B.W. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Teo, A.S.M. ; Ou, K.L. ; Cheong, N. ; Tsai, L.C.
162009Cornulin, a marker of late epidermal differentiation, is down-regulated in eczemaLieden, A.; D'Amato, M.; Ekelund, E.; Nordenskold, M.; Bradley, M.; Kuo, I.-C.; Huang, C.-H.; Chua, K.Y. ; Kockum, I.; Mallbris, L.; Wahlgren, C.-F.; Stahle, M.; Lee, S.P.; Palmer, C.N.A.; Seng, L.K.; Chin, G.Y.; Bjorksten, B.
172003Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies on the fungal immunomodulatory protein Fve from the golden needle mushroom (Flammulina velutipes)Seow, S.V. ; Kuo, I.-C. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Paaventhan, P. ; Kolatkar, P.R. 
181999Culture of Blomia tropicalis and IgE immunoblot characterization of its allergenicityYi, F.C. ; Chew, F.T. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Lee, B.W. ; Jimenez, S.
192006Distinct pattern of commensal gut microbiota in toddlers with eczemaMah, K.W.; Lee, B.W. ; Van, Bever H.P. ; Shek, L.P. ; Tan, T.N. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Lee, Y.K. ; Bjorksten, B.
202006Distinct pattern of commensal gut microbiota in toddlers with eczemaMah, K.W.; Lee, B.W. ; Van, Bever H.P. ; Shek, L.P.; Tan, T.N. ; Chua, K.Y. ; Lee, Y.K. ; Bjorksten, B.