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12014A three-dimensional atlas of human dermal leukocytes, lymphatics, and blood vesselsWang, X.-N.; McGovern, N.; Gunawan, M.; Richardson, C.; Windebank, M.; Siah, T.-W.; Lim, H.-Y. ; Fink, K.; Li, J.L.Y.; Ng, L.G.; Ginhoux, F.; Angeli, V. ; Collin, M.; Haniffa, M.
22017Bidirectional crosstalk between lymphatic endothelial cell and T cell and its implications in tumor immunityYeo, K.P ; Angeli, V 
31-Sep-2023Biomechanical control of lymphatic vessel physiology and functionsAngeli, Veronique ; Lim, Hwee Ying 
415-Nov-2016Blomia tropicalis-Specific TCR Transgenic Th2 Cells Induce Inducible BALT and Severe Asthma in Mice by an IL-4/IL-13-Dependent MechanismChua, Yen Leong ; Liong, Ka Hang ; Huang, Chiung-Hui ; Wong, Hok Sum ; Zhou, Qian ; Ler, Say Siong; Tang, Yafang ; Low, Chin Pei ; Koh, Hui Yu; Kuo, I-Chun ; Zhang, Yongliang ; Wong, WS Fred ; Peh, Hong Yong ; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Ge, Moyar Qing; Haczku, Angela; Angeli, Veronique ; MacAry, Paul A ; Chua, Kaw Yan ; Kemeny, David M 
531-Mar-2021cGAS–STING cytosolic DNA sensing pathway is suppressed by JAK2-STAT3 in tumor cellsSuter, Manuel Adrian ; Tan, Nikki Y. ; Thiam, Chung Hwee ; Khatoo, Muznah ; MacAry, Paul A. ; Angeli, Veronique ; Gasser, Stephan ; Zhang, Y. L. 
62020Efficient aortic lymphatic drainage is necessary for atherosclerosis regression induced by ezetimibeYeo, K.P.; Lim, H.Y. ; Thiam, C.H. ; Azhar, S.H. ; Tan, C. ; Tang, Y.; See, W.Q.; Koh, X.H.; Zhao, M.H.; Phua, M.L.; Balachander, A.; Tan, Y.; Lim, S.Y. ; Chew, H.S. ; Ng, L.G. ; Angeli, V. 
72012Expansion of cortical and medullary sinuses restrains lymph node hypertrophy during prolonged inflammationTan K.W. ; Yeo K.P. ; Wong F.H.S. ; Lim H.Y. ; Khoo K.L.; Abastado J.-P. ; Angeli V. 
8Oct-2007Exploiting lymphatic transport and complement activation in nanoparticle vaccinesReddy, S.T.; Van Der Vlies, A.J.; Simeoni, E.; Angeli, V. ; Randolph, G.J.; O'Neil, C.P.; Lee, L.K.; Swartz, M.A.; Hubbell, J.A.
92019Halted lymphocyte egress via efferent lymph contributes to lymph node hypertrophy during hypercholesterolemiaTay, M.H.D.; Lim, S.Y.J.; Leong, Y.F.I.; Thiam, C.H. ; Tan, K.W. ; Torta, F.T. ; Narayanaswamy, P. ; Wenk, M. ; Angeli, V. 
102009Hypercholesterolemic mice exhibit lymphatic vessel dysfunction and degenerationHwee, Y.L.; Angeli, V. ; Rutkowski, J.M.; Reddy, S.T.; Swartz, M.A.; Helft, J.; Randolph, G.J.
112013Hypertonic Saline Reduces Vascular Leakage in a Mouse Model of Severe DengueTan G.K.X.; Ng J.K.W.; Tan K.W.; Angeli V. ; Moochhala S.; Ooi E.E. ; Alonso S. 
1222-Dec-2016Inducing Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in the Mouse Ear Skin for Intravital Multiphoton Imaging of Immune ResponsesGoh, Chi Ching; Li, Jackson LiangYao; Becker, David; Weninger, Wolfgang; Angeli, Veronique ; Ng, Lai Guan 
132006Inflammation, lymphatic function, and dendritic cell migrationAngeli, V. ; Randolph, G.J.
141-Apr-2014Inflammatory lymphangiogenesis: Cellular mediators and functional implicationsTan, K.W.; Chong, S.Z.; Angeli, V. 
159-Nov-2023iPS-cell-derived microglia promote brain organoid maturation via cholesterol transferPark, Dong Shin; Kozaki, Tatsuya; Tiwari, Satish Kumar; Moreira, Marco; Khalilnezhad, Ahad; Torta, Federico ; Olivie, Nicolas; Thiam, Chung Hwee ; Liani, Oniko; Silvin, Aymeric; Phoo, Wint Wint ; Gao, Liang ; Triebl, Alexander ; Tham, Wai Kin ; Goncalves, Leticia; Kong, Wan Ting; Raman, Sethi; Zhang, Xiao Meng; Dunsmore, Garett; Dutertre, Charles Antoine; Lee, Salanne; Ong, Jia Min; Balachander, Akhila; Khalilnezhad, Shabnam; Lum, Josephine; Duan, Kaibo; Lim, Ze Ming; Tan, Leonard; Low, Ivy; Utami, Kagistia Hana; Yeo, Xin Yi; Di Tommaso, Sylvaine; Dupuy, Jean-William; Varga, Balazs; Karadottir, Ragnhildur Thora; Madathummal, Mufeeda Changaramvally; Bonne, Isabelle ; Malleret, Benoit ; Binte, Zainab Yasin; Da, Ngan Wei; Tan, Yingrou; Wong, Wei Jie; Zhang, Jinqiu; Chen, Jinmiao; Sobota, Radoslaw M; Howland, Shanshan W; Ng, Lai Guan ; Saltel, Frederic; Castel, David; Grill, Jacques; Minard, Veronique; Albani, Salvatore ; Chan, Jerry KY ; Thion, Morgane Sonia; Jung, Sang Yong; Wenk, Markus R ; Pouladi, Mahmoud A; Pasqualini, Claudia; Angeli, Veronique ; Cexus, Olivier NF ; Ginhoux, Florent 
161-Jun-2021Leukocyte Trafficking via Lymphatic Vessels in AtherosclerosisYeo, Kim Pin ; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Angeli, Veronique 
171-Mar-2021LL-37-mediated activation of host receptors is critical for defense against group A streptococcal infectionBiswas, Debabrata ; Ambalavanan, Poornima ; Ravins, Miriam; Anand, Aparna; Sharma, Abhinay; Lim, Kimberly Xuan Zhen ; Tan, Rachel Ying Min ; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Sol, Asaf; Bachrach, Gilad; Angeli, Veronique ; Hanski, Emanuel 
182016Loss of ADAMTS4 reduces high fat diet-induced atherosclerosis and enhances plaque stability in ApoE-/- miceKumar S. ; Chen M. ; Li Y.; Wong F.H.S. ; Thiam C.W. ; Hossain M.Z. ; Poh K.K. ; Hirohata S.; Ogawa H.; Angeli V. ; Ge R. 
192015Lymphadenectomy promotes tumor growth and cancer cell dissemination in the spontaneous RET mouse model of human uveal melanomaPin, Y.K ; Khoo, K; Tham, M; Karwai, T; Hwee, T.C; Puaux, A.-L; Phua, M.L.C; Kato, M; Angeli, V ; Abastado, J.-P
202015Macrophage depletion reduces postsurgical tumor recurrence and metastatic growth in a spontaneous murine model of melanomaTham, M; Khoo, K; Yeo, K.P ; Kato, M; Prevost-Blondel, A; Angeli, V ; Abastado, J.-P