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Ng Lai Guan
Ng, L.G.


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12018Anti-allergic inflammatory activity of interleukin-37 is mediated by novel signaling cascades in human eosinophilsZhu, J; Dong, J; Ji, L; Jiang, P; Leung, T.F; Liu, D; Ng, L.G ; Tsang, M.S.-M; Jiao, D; Lam, C.W.-K; Wong, C.-K
215-Jul-2015Biocompatible Green and Red Fluorescent Organic Dots with Remarkably Large Two-Photon Action Cross Sections for Targeted Cellular Imaging and Real-Time Intravital Blood Vascular VisualizationXiang, Jiayun; Cai, Xiaolei ; Lou, Xiaoding; Feng, Guangxue ; Min, Xuehong; Luo, Wenwen; He, Bairong; Goh, Chi Ching ; Ng, Lai Guan ; Zhou, Jian; Zhao, Zujin; Liu, Bin ; Tang, Ben Zhong
32015C-Myb+ Erythro-myeloid progenitor-derived fetal monocytes give rise to adult tissue-resident macrophagesHoeffel, G.; Chen, J.; Lavin, Y.; Low, D.; Almeida, F.F.; See, P.; Beaudin, A.E.; Lum, J.; Low, I.; Forsberg, E.C.; Poidinger, M. ; Zolezzi, F.; Larbi, A.; Ng, L.G. ; Greter, M.; Becher, B.; Samokhvalov, I.M.; Merad, M.; Ginhoux, F. 
41-Jan-2019Capturing the fantastic voyage of monocytes through time and spaceTeh, YC; Ding, JL ; Ng, LG ; Chong, SZ
51-Jan-2018Dual modal ultra-bright nanodots with aggregation-induced emission and gadolinium-chelation for vascular integrity and leakage detectionFeng, Guangxue ; Li, Jackson Liang Yao; Claser, Carla; Balachander, Akhila; Tan, Yingrou; Goh, Chi Ching ; Kwok, Immanuel Weng Han; Renia, Laurent ; Tang, Ben Zhong; Ng, Lai Guan ; Liu, Bin 
62009Dynamic imaging of CD8+ T cells and dendritic cells during infection with Toxoplasma gondiiJohn B.; Harris T.H.; Tait E.D.; Wilson E.H.; Gregg B.; Ng L.G. ; Mrass P.; Roos D.S.; Dzierszinski F.; Weninger W.; Hunter C.A.
72020Efficient aortic lymphatic drainage is necessary for atherosclerosis regression induced by ezetimibeYeo, K.P.; Lim, H.Y. ; Thiam, C.H. ; Azhar, S.H. ; Tan, C. ; Tang, Y.; See, W.Q.; Koh, X.H.; Zhao, M.H.; Phua, M.L.; Balachander, A.; Tan, Y.; Lim, S.Y. ; Chew, H.S. ; Ng, L.G. ; Angeli, V. 
82015Identification of a novel lymphoid population in the murine epidermisAlmeida, F.F; Tenno, M; Brzostek, J ; Li, J.L; Allies, G; Hoeffel, G; See, P; Ng, L.G ; Fehling, H.J; Gascoigne, N.R.J ; Taniuchi, I; Ginhoux, F 
92021In Vivo Three-Photon Imaging of Lipids using Ultrabright Fluorogens with Aggregation-Induced EmissionWang, Shaowei ; Li, Xueqi; Chong, Suet Yen ; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Chen, Huan ; Chen, Chengjian ; Ng, Lai Guan ; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Liu, Bin 
102013Lights, camera, and action: Vertebrate skin sets the stage for immune cell interaction with arthropod-vectored pathogensChong, S.Z; Evrard, M; Ng, L.G 
112008Migratory dermal dendritic cells act as rapid sensors of protozoan parasitesLai G.N. ; Hsu A.; Mandell M.A.; Roediger B.; Hoeller C.; Mrass P.; Iparraguirre A.; Cavanagh L.L.; Triccas J.A.; Beverley S.M.; Scott P.; Weninger W.
1215-Mar-2019Two distinct interstitial macrophage populations coexist across tissues in specific subtissular nichesChakarov, Svetoslav; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Tan, Leonard; Lim, Sheau Yng ; See, Peter; Lum, Josephine; Zhang, Xiao-Meng; Foo, Shihui; Nakamizo, Satoshi; Duan, Kaibo; Kong, Wan Ting ; Gentek, Rebecca; Balachander, Akhila; Carbajo, Daniel; Bleriot, Camille; Malleret, Benoit ; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Baig, Sonia ; Shabeer, Muhammad; Toh, Sue-Anne Ee Shiow ; Schlitzer, Andreas; Larbi, Anis ; Marichal, Thomas; Malissen, Bernard; Chen, Jinmiao ; Poidinger, Michael; Kabashima, Kenji; Bajenoff, Marc; Ng, Lai Guan ; Angeli, Veronique ; Ginhoux, Florent