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Tam, J.K.C.
Tam, K.C.
Tam, J.K.C.
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11-Jan-2017CD151, a laminin receptor showing increased expression in asthmatic patients, contributes to airway hyperresponsiveness through calcium signalingQiao, Yongkang ; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Tan, Sheryl SL ; Tai, Yee Kit ; Chin, Chin Yein ; Stewart, Alastair G; Ashman, Leonie; Sekiguchi, Kiyotoshi; Langenbach, Shenna Y; Stelmack, Gerald; Halayko, Andrew J; Tran, Thai 
217-Jun-2020Eomes Expression Defines Group 1 Innate Lymphoid Cells During Metastasis in Human and MouseVerma, Riva ; Er, Jun Zhi ; Pu, Ren Wei; Mohamed, Jameelah Sheik ; Soo, Ross A ; Muthiah, Harish Mithiran; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Ding, Jeak Ling 
329-Jun-2017Human fetal dendritic cells promote prenatal T-cell immune suppression through arginase-2McGovern N.; Shin A.; Low G.; Low D.; Duan K.; Yao L.J.; Msallam R.; Low I.; Shadan N.B.; Sumatoh H.R.; Soon E.; Lum J.; Mok E.; Hubert S.; See P.; Kunxiang E.H.; Lee Y.H.; Janela B.; Choolani M.; Mattar C.N.Z.; Fan Y.; Lim T.K.H.; Chan D.K.H.; Tan K.-K. ; Tam J.K.C. ; Schuster C.; Elbe-B�rger A.; Wang X.-N.; Bigley V.; Collin M.; Haniffa M.; Schlitzer A.; Poidinger M.; Albani S.; Larbi A.; Newell E.W.; Chan J.K.Y.; Ginhoux F.
42019Integrin ?7 expression is increased in asthmatic patients and its inhibition reduces Kras protein abundance in airway smooth muscle cellsTeoh, C.M. ; Tan, S.S.L. ; Langenbach, S.Y.; Wong, A.H. ; Cheong, D.H.J. ; Tam, J.K.C. ; New, C.S. ; Tran, T. 
52013Massive pulmonary tuberculosis cavity misdiagnosed as pneumothoraxTam J.K.-C. ; Lim K.-S. 
62008Medical education in a flat worldTam, J. ; Goh, P.S. ; Siow, W.Y. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Zubair, A. 
71-Apr-2019Novel AU-rich proximal UTR sequences (APS) enhance CXCL8 synthesis upon the induction of rpS6 phosphorylationAng, Zhiwei ; Koean, Ricky Abdi Gunawan ; Er, Jun Zhi ; Lee, Li Ting; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Guo, Huili ; Ding, Jeak Ling 
81-Nov-2018NSCLC PATIENTS WITH BOTH WILDTYPE EGFR AND HIGH CD151 EXPRESSION HAVE POORER DISEASE OUTCOMEWong, Amanda; Nga, Min En ; Wong, Hung Chew; Soo, Ross ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Tam, John KC ; Seet, Ju Ee ; Lim, Yaw Chyn ; Thai, Tran 
98-May-2020pHLuc, a Ratiometric Luminescent Reporter for in vivo Monitoring of Tumor AcidosisOng, Tiffany T; Ang, Zhiwei ; Verma, Riva ; Koean, Ricky ; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Ding, Jeak Ling
102007Poly(acrylic acid)-block-poly(L-valine): Evaluation of β-sheet formation and its stability using circular dichroism techniqueSinaga, A.; Hatton, T.A.; Tam, K.C. 
111-Mar-2017Quantitative accuracy and lesion detectability of low-dose 18F-FDG PET for lung cancer screeningSchaefferkoetter J.D.; Yan J.; Sj�holm T.; Townsend D.W.; Conti M.; Tam J.K.C. ; Soo R.A.; Tham I.
12Aug-2009Spontaneous haemothorax from an osteochondromaAsmat, A.; Tam, J. 
13Dec-2013Total muscle-sparing uniportal video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomyTam, J.K.C. ; Lim, K.S. 
1415-Mar-2019Two distinct interstitial macrophage populations coexist across tissues in specific subtissular nichesChakarov, Svetoslav; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Tan, Leonard; Lim, Sheau Yng ; See, Peter; Lum, Josephine; Zhang, Xiao-Meng; Foo, Shihui; Nakamizo, Satoshi; Duan, Kaibo; Kong, Wan Ting ; Gentek, Rebecca; Balachander, Akhila; Carbajo, Daniel; Bleriot, Camille; Malleret, Benoit ; Tam, John Kit Chung ; Baig, Sonia ; Shabeer, Muhammad; Toh, Sue-Anne Ee Shiow ; Schlitzer, Andreas; Larbi, Anis ; Marichal, Thomas; Malissen, Bernard; Chen, Jinmiao ; Poidinger, Michael; Kabashima, Kenji; Bajenoff, Marc; Ng, Lai Guan ; Angeli, Veronique ; Ginhoux, Florent 
152009Using whole genome amplification (WGA) of low-volume biopsies to assess the prognostic role of EGFR, KRAS, p53, and CMET mutations in advanced-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)Lim, E.H. ; Chang, A.; Tan, P. ; Zhang, S.-L. ; Li, J.-L.; Yap, W.-S.; Ng, A.; Howe, T.-C.; Tan, B.-P.; Lee, Y.-S.; Wong, D.; Khoo, K.-L.; Seto, K.-Y.; Tan, L. ; Agasthian, T.; Koong, H.-N. ; Tam, J. ; Tan, C.; Caleb, M.