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Pierce Kah Hoe Chow
Chow, P.K.H.
Chow, P.K.-H.
Chow, P.K.
Chow, P.
Chow, K.H.
Chow Kah-Hoe, Pierce


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120082-[18F]-2-deoxy-D-Glucose (FDG) uptake in human tumor cells is related to the expression of GLUT-1 and hexokinase IIOng, L.-C.; Jin, Y.; Song, I.-C.; Yu, S.; Zhang, K.; Chow, P.K.H. 
22017A review of prognostic scores after liver resection in hepatocellular carcinoma: The MSKCC, SLICER and SSCLIP scoresChan, E.E; Chow, P.K.-H 
3Jun-2009A single-institution experience with eight CD117-positive primary extragastrointestinal stromal tumors: Critical appraisal and a comparison with their gastrointestinal counterpartsGoh, B.K.P.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Kesavan, S.M.; Yap, W.-M.; Chung, Y.-F.A.; Wong, W.-K.
4Oct-2013A systematic review and meta-analysis comparing laparoscopic versus open gastric resections for gastrointestinal stromal tumors of the stomachKoh, Y.-X.; Chok, A.-Y.; Zheng, H.-L.; Tan, C.-S. ; Chow, P.K.H. ; Wong, W.-K.; Goh, B.K.P.
5Jun-2009Accurate preoperative localization of insulinomas avoids the need for blind resection and reoperation: Analysis of a single institution experience with 17 surgically treated tumors over 19 yearsGoh, B.K.P.; Ooi, L.L.P.J. ; Cheow, P.-C.; Tan, Y.-M.; Ong, H.-S.; Chung, Y.-F.A.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Wong, W.-K.; Soo, K.-C.
6Feb-2013Altered binding site selection of p53 transcription cassettes by hepatitis B virus X proteinChan, C.; Wang, Y.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Chung, A.Y.F.; Ooi, L.L.P.J.; Lee, C.G.
72009An integrated approach to learning anatomy, physiology and micro-anatomy: A clinician-based system at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School SingaporeChow, P.K.H. ; Soh, C.R.; Tay, S.M.; Cook, S.
8May-2011An unusual case of recurrent obstructive jaundiceHeng, L.-Z.; Ong, K.-W.; Chow, P.K.H. 
923-Feb-2021Author Correction: Intratumoural immune heterogeneity as a hallmark of tumour evolution and progression in hepatocellular carcinoma (Nature Communications, (2021), 12, 1, (227), 10.1038/s41467-020-20171-7)Nguyen, Phuong H. D. ; Ma, Siming; Phua, Cheryl Z. J.; Kaya, Neslihan A.; Lai, Hannah L. H.; Lim, Chun Jye; Lim, Jia Qi; Wasser, Martin ; Lai, Liyun; Tam, Wai Leong ; Lim, Tony K. H. ; Wan, Wei Keat ; Loh, Tracy ; Leow, Wei Qiang ; Pang, Yin Huei; Chan, Chung Yip ; Lee, Ser Yee ; Cheow, Peng Chung ; Toh, Han Chong ; Ginhoux, Florent ; Iyer, Shridhar ; Kow, Alfred W. C.; Young Dan, Yock ; Chung, Alexander ; Bonney, Glen K.; Goh, Brian K. P. ; Albani, Salvatore ; Chow, Pierce K. H. ; Zhai, Weiwei; Chew, Valerie 
108-May-2013Autophagy is involved in adipogenic differentiation by repressesing proteasome-dependent PPARγ2 degradationZhang, C.; He, Y.; Okutsu, M.; Ong, L.C.; Jin, Y.; Zheng, L.; Chow, P. ; Yu, S.; Zhang, M.; Yan, Z.
112007AZD6244 and doxorubicin induce growth suppression and apoptosis in mouse models of hepatocellular carcinomaHuynh, H ; Chow, P.K.H ; Soo, K.-C
122008Bevacizumab and rapamycin induce growth suppression in mouse models of hepatocellular carcinomaHuynh, H. ; Yu, K.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.H.; Hor, H.; Soo, K.C. ; Toh, H.C. ; Tan, P. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chow, P.K.H. ; Lee, C.K.; Soong, R. ; Goh, B.C. ; Lee, H.S. ; Somani, A.; Tan, P.H. ; Palanisamy, N.; Kalpana, R.
132003Breath-hold fast recovery fast spin echo versus conventional non-breath-hold fast spin echo T2-weighted MR imaging of focal liver lesionsTseng G.Y.; Thng C.H. ; Wong E.H.; Tan A.G.S. ; Suman P.; Quek S.T. ; Ho J.T.S. ; Khoo J.K.B.; Ooi L.L.P.J. ; Chow P.K.H. ; Chung Y.F.A. ; Teh C.S.C.
142019Circulating microRNAs as Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers in Hepatocellular CarcinomaJin, Y.; Wong, Y.S.; Goh, B.K.P.; Chan, C.Y.; Cheow, P.C.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Lim, T.K.H.; Goh, G.B.B.; Krishnamoorthy, T.L.; Kumar, R. ; Ng, T.P. ; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, H.H.; Chung, A.Y.F.; Ooi, L.L.P.J. ; Chang, J.P.E.; Tan, C.K.; Lee, C.G.L. 
151-Jun-2021Clinicopathological-Associated Regulatory Network of Deregulated circRNAs in Hepatocellular CarcinomaHan, Jian ; Thurnherr, Thomas; Chung, Alexander YF ; Goh, Brian KP ; Chow, Pierce KH ; Chan, Chung Yip ; Cheow, Peng Chung ; Lee, Ser Yee ; Lim, Tony KH; Chong, Samuel S ; Ooi, London LPJ ; Lee, Caroline G 
16Jul-2013Combined modality doxorubicin-based chemotherapy and chitosan-mediated p53 gene therapy using double-walled microspheres for treatment of human hepatocellular carcinomaXu, Q.; Leong, J.; Chua, Q.Y.; Chi, Y.T.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Pack, D.W.; Wang, C.-H. 
172019Comprehensive analysis of transcriptome profiles in hepatocellular carcinomaJin, Y. ; Lee, W.Y.; Toh, S.T. ; Tennakoon, C.; Toh, H.C.; Chow, P.K.-H. ; Chung, A.Y.-F. ; Chong, S.S. ; Ooi, L.L.-P.-J. ; Sung, W.-K. ; Lee, C.G.-L. 
181-Jul-2019Comprehensive molecular characterization of the transcriptome of HCC patientsLee, CG ; Lee, W; Yu, J; Toh, S ; Tennakoon, C; Toh, H; Chow, P ; Chung, A ; Ooi, LLPJ ; Chong, SS ; Sung, K
19Dec-2012Computed tomography hepatic arteriography has a hepatic falciform artery detection rate that is much higher than that of digital subtraction angiography and 99mTc-MAA SPECT/CT: Implications for planning 90Y radioembolization?Burgmans, M.C.; Too, C.W.; Kao, Y.H.; Goh, A.S.W.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Tan, B.S.; Tay, K.H.; Lo, R.H.G.
20Nov-2013Conducting randomised controlled trials across countries with disparate levels of socio-economic development: The experience of the Asia-Pacific Hepatocellular Carcinoma Trials GroupKong, N.H.Y.; Chow, P.K.H.