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Soo, R.
Soong, R.
Soong Chuan Teck Richie
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12009A multicenter blinded study to evaluate KRAS mutation testing methodologies in the clinical settingWhitehall, V.; Umapathy, A.; Leggett, B.; Tran, K.; Grieu, F.; Iacopetta, B.; Hewitt, C.; Fox, S.; Dobrovic, A.; Evans, T.-J.; Scott, R.J.; Ismail, T. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Wei, Q.L.; Soong, R. ; Collins, P.; Ravetto, P.
2Oct-2006A warfarin-dosing model in Asians that uses single-nucleotide polymorphisms in vitamin K epoxide reductase complex and cytochrome P450 2C9Tham, L.-S.; Goh, B.-C.; Nafziger, A.; Guo, J.-Y. ; Wang, L.-Z. ; Soong, R. ; Lee, S.-C. 
32012ADPRT Val762Ala and XRCC1 Arg194Trp polymorphisms and risk of gastric cancer in Sichuan of ChinaWen, Y.-Y.; Pan, X.-F.; Loh, M.; Tian, Z.; Yang, S.-J.; Lv, S.-H.; Huang, W.-Z.; Huang, H.; Xie, Y.; Soong, R. ; Yang, C.-X.
4Dec-2005Advances and challenges in fluoropyrimidine pharmacogenomics and pharmacogeneticsSoong, R. ; Diasio, R.B.
51-Aug-2008An improved quality control for bisulfite-PCR-based DNA methylation analysis: Cycle threshold valueAng, P.W.; Toh, H.B.; Iacopetta, B.; Soong, R. 
62008Bevacizumab and rapamycin induce growth suppression in mouse models of hepatocellular carcinomaHuynh, H.; Yu, K.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.H.; Hor, H.; Soo, K.C.; Toh, H.C.; Tan, P.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chow, P.K.H.; Lee, C.K.; Soong, R. ; Goh, B.C. ; Lee, H.S. ; Somani, A.; Tan, P.H. ; Palanisamy, N.; Kalpana, R.
72008Bevacizumab and rapamycin induce growth suppression in mouse models of hepatocellular carcinomaHuynh, H. ; Yu, K.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.H.; Hor, H.; Soo, K.C. ; Toh, H.C. ; Tan, P. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chow, P.K.H. ; Lee, C.K.; Soong, R. ; Goh, B.C. ; Lee, H.S. ; Somani, A.; Tan, P.H. ; Palanisamy, N.; Kalpana, R.
818-Jan-2009BRAF mutation is associated with the CpG island methylator phenotype in colorectal cancer from young patientsAng, P.W.; Li, W.Q. ; Soong, R. ; Iacopetta, B.
9Oct-2013Can population differences in chemotherapy outcomes be inferred from differences in pharmacogenetic frequenciesLoh, M. ; Chua, D.; Yao, Y.; Soo, R.A. ; Garrett, K.; Zeps, N.; Platell, C.; Minamoto, T.; Kawakami, K.; Iacopetta, B.; Soong, R. 
102010CD133 expression predicts for non-response to chemotherapy in colorectal cancerOng, C.W. ; Kim, L.G. ; Soong, R. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Kong, H.H.; Low, L.Y.; Iacopetta, B.
11Aug-2011Challenges and pitfalls in the introduction of pharmacogenetics for cancerLoh, M. ; Soong, R. 
12Apr-2012Clinical and therapeutic relevance of PIM1 kinase in gastric cancerYan, B.; Yau, E.X. ; Samanta, S.; Ong, C.W. ; Yong, K.J.; Ng, L.K.; Bhattacharya, B. ; Lim, K.H.; Soong, R. ; Yeoh, K.G.; Deng, N. ; Tan, P. ; Lam, Y. ; Salto-Tellez, M. 
1327-Apr-2012Clinical potential of DNA methylation in gastric cancer: A meta-analysisSapari, N.S.; Loh, M. ; Vaithilingam, A.; Soong, R. 
142007Clonal characterization of sporadic cribriform-morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma by laser microdissection-based APC mutation analysisSubramaniam, M.M. ; Putti, T.C. ; Anuar, D.; Pei, Y.C.; Shah, N. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Soong, R. 
15Feb-2011Comparison of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of S-1 between Caucasian and East Asian patientsChuah, B.; Goh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. ; Soong, R. ; Lau, F.; Mulay, M.; Dinolfo, M.; Lim, S.-E.; Soo, R.; Furuie, T.; Saito, K.; Zergebel, C.; Rosen, L.S.
1621-May-2010Comprehensive profiling of DNA methylation in colorectal cancer reveals subgroups with distinct clinicopathological and molecular featuresAng, P.W.; Loh, M. ; Liem, N.; Lim, P.L.; Grieu, F.; Vaithilingam, A.; Platell, C.; Yong, W.P. ; Iacopetta, B.; Soong, R. 
172010Computer-assisted pathological immunohistochemistry scoring is more time-effective than conventional scoring, but provides no analytical advantageOng, C.W. ; Kim, L.G. ; Soong, R. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Wang, T.T. ; Supriya, S. ; Kathiresan, M. ; Kong, H.H.; Low, L.Y.
18Jan-2010Correlation between epidermal growth factor receptor mutations and expression of female hormone receptors in East-Asian Lung adenocarcinomasToh, C.-K.; Ahmad, B. ; Soong, R. ; Chuah, K.-L.; Tan, S.-H.; Hee, S.-W.; Leong, S.-S.; Tan, E.-H.; Lim, W.-T.
191-Mar-2013Dedifferentiated liposarcoma with unusual kaposiform morphology and whorl formation masquerading as kaposi's sarcoma: Diagnostically challenging case confirmed by cytogenetic and TP53 mutation analysisSubramaniam, M.M. ; Chan, J.Y.; Leow, P.-C.; Venkateswaran, K.; Nathan, S.S.; Soong, R. ; Lee, V.K.M.
20Dec-2011Dedifferentiated solitary fibrous tumour of the nasal cavity: The first case reported with molecular characterization of a TP53 mutationSubramaniam, M.M.; Lim, X.Y. ; Venkateswaran, K.; Shuen, C.S.; Soong, R. ; Petersson, F.