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Pang Nghee Kheem Brendan
Brendan, P.N.K.
Pang, B.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2013A novel COLD-PCR/FMCA assay enhances the detection of low-abundance IDH1 mutations in gliomasPang, B. ; Durso, M.B.; Hamilton, R.L.; Nikiforova, M.N.
22016CEACAM6 is upregulated by Helicobacter pylori CagA and is a biomarker for early gastric cancerRoy R.K. ; Hoppe M.M. ; Srivastava S. ; Samanta A. ; Sharma N.; Tan K.T. ; Yang H.; Voon D.C. ; Pang B. ; Teh M. ; Murata-Kamiya N.; Hatakeyama M.; Chang Y.-T. ; Yong W.P. ; Ito Y. ; Ho K.Y. ; Tan P. ; Soong R. ; Koeffler P.H.; Yeoh K.G. ; Jeyasekharan A.D. 
3Dec-2008Cholesterol atheroembolism of the colon can mimic the endoscopic features of pseudomembranous colitisLim, G.-H.; Roslani, A.C.; Pang, B. ; Bih-Shiou, C.T. 
42016EGFR kinase inhibitors and gastric acid suppressants in EGFR-mutant NSCLC: A retrospective database analysis of potential drug interactionKumarakulasinghe, N.B; Syn, N; Soon, Y.Y; Asmat, A; Zheng, H; Loy, E.Y; Pang, B ; Soo, R.A 
52017Identification of a novel SYK/c-MYC/MALAT1 signaling pathway and its potential therapeutic value in Ewing sarcomaSun, H; Lin, D.-C ; Cao, Q; Pang, B ; Gae, D.D; Lee, V.K.M ; Lim, H.J; Doan, N; Said, J.W; Gery, S; Chow, M; Mayakonda, A ; Forscher, C; Tyner, J.W; Koeffler, H.P 
62018Loss of USP28-mediated BRAF degradation drives resistance to RAF cancer therapiesSaei, A; Palafox, M; Benoukraf, T ; Kumari, N ; Jaynes, P.W ; Iyengar, P.V ; Muñoz?Couselo, E; Nuciforo, P; Cortés, J; Nötzel, C; Kumarakulasinghe, N.B; Richard, J.L.C ; Isa, Z.F.B.A ; Pang, B ; Guzman, M; Siqin, Z ; Yang, H ; Tam, W.L ; Serra, V; Eichhorn, P.J.A 
72010Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of the breast with amplification of the HER2-gene confirmed by FISH: The first case reportedPetersson, F.; Pang, B. ; Thamboo, T.P. ; Putti, T.C. 
82020Profiling of gastric cancer cell-surface markers to achieve tumour-normal discriminationToh, J.; Hoppe, M.M. ; Thakur, T. ; Yang, H. ; Tan, K.T. ; Pang, B. ; Ho, S. ; Roy, R. ; Ho, K.Y.; Yeoh, K.G. ; Tan, P. ; Sundar, R. ; Jeyasekharan, A. 
92021Quantitative imaging of RAD51 expression as a marker of platinum resistance in ovarian cancerHoppe, Michal M ; Jaynes, Patrick ; Wardyn, Joanna D ; Upadhyayula, Sai Srinivas ; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Lie, Stefanus ; Lim, Diana GZ ; Pang, Brendan NK ; Lim, Sherlly ; P S Yeong, Joe; Karnezis, Anthony; Chiu, Derek S; Leung, Samuel; Huntsman, David G; Sedukhina, Anna S; Sato, Ko; Topp, Monique D; Scott, Clare L; Choi, Hyungwon ; Patel, Naina R; Brown, Robert; Kaye, Stan B; Pitt, Jason J ; Tan, David SP; Jeyasekharan, Anand D 
10May-2012Rhabdoid large cell carcinoma of lung, with illustrative immunohistochemical and molecular findingsDettmer, M.; Hench, J.; Pang, B. ; Willi, N.; Cathomas, G.
112016TRPV4 regulates breast cancer cell extravasation, stiffness and actin cortexLee, W.H ; Choong, L.Y ; Mon, N.N ; Lu, S ; Lin, Q ; Pang, B ; Yan, B; Krishna, V.S.R ; Singh, H; Tan, T.Z ; Thiery, J.P ; Lim, C.T ; Tan, P.B.O ; Johansson, M; Harteneck, C; Lim, Y.P 
122015Tumour pharmacodynamics and circulating cell free DNA in patients with refractory colorectal carcinoma treated with regorafenibWong A.L.A. ; Lim J.S.J. ; Sinha A. ; Gopinathan A. ; Lim R.; Tan C.-S. ; Soh T.; Venkatesh S.; Titin C.; Sapari N.S. ; Lee S.-C. ; Yong W.-P. ; Tan D.S.P. ; Pang B. ; Wang T.-T. ; Zee Y.-K.; Soong R. ; Trnkova Z.; Lathia C.; Thiery J.-P.; Wilhelm S.; Jeffers M.; Goh B.-C. 
131-Nov-2018Use of cryobiopsy during semi-rigid pleuroscopyLiew MF ; Seet JE ; Pang BNK ; Chan HP ; Lee P. 
142017USP26 regulates TGF-β signaling by deubiquitinating and stabilizing SMAD7Kit Leng Lui, S ; Iyengar, P.V ; Jaynes, P ; Isa, Z.F.B.A ; Pang, B ; Tan, T.Z ; Eichhorn, P.J.A 
152018Value of a molecular screening program to support clinical trial enrollment in Asian cancer patients: The Integrated Molecular Analysis of Cancer (IMAC) StudyHeong V.; Syn N.L.; Lee X.W.; Sapari N.S. ; Koh X.Q.; Adam Isa Z.F. ; Sy Lim J.; Lim D. ; Pang B. ; Thian Y.L. ; Ng L.K. ; Wong A.L. ; Soo R.A. ; Yong W.P. ; Chee C.E. ; Lee S.-C., Goh B.-C. ; Soong R. ; Tan D.S.P. 
162020Whole exome sequencing of multi-regional biopsies from metastatic lesions to evaluate actionable truncal mutations using a single-pass percutaneous techniqueHeong V.; Tay D.; Goh S.E. ; Wee B. ; Tan T.Z. ; Soo R. ; Pang B. ; Lim D. ; Gopinathan A. ; Ow S. ; Chee C.E. ; Goh B.C. ; Lee S.C. ; Yong W.P. ; Wong A. ; Omar M.F.M. ; Soong R. ; Tan D.S.P. 
172012Whole-genome reconstruction and mutational signatures in gastric cancerNagarajan N. ; Bertrand D.; Hillmer A.M.; Zang Z.J.; Yao F.; Jacques P.; Teo A.S.; Cutcutache I. ; Zhang Z.; Lee W.H.; Sia Y.Y.; Gao S.; Ariyaratne P.N.; Ho A.; Woo X.Y.; Veeravali L.; Ong C.K.; Deng N.; Desai K.V.; Khor C.C.; Hibberd M.L.; Shahab A.; Rao J.; Wu M.; Teh M. ; Zhu F. ; Chin S.Y.; Pang B. ; So J.B. ; Bourque G.; Soong R.; Sung W.-K. ; Tean Teh B.; Rozen S. ; Ruan X.; Yeoh K.G. ; Tan P.B. ; Ruan Y.