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11-Aug-2020A multicenter phase II randomized trial of durvalumab (MEDI-4736) versus physician's choice chemotherapy in recurrent ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (MOCCA)Ngoi, Natalie YL; Heong, Valerie; Ow, Samuel ; Chay, Wen Yee ; Kim, Hee Seung; Choi, Chel Hun; Goss, Geraldine; Goh, Jeffrey C; Tai, Bee Choo ; Lim, Diana G ; Kaliaperumal, Nivashini; Au, Veonice B; Connolly, John E ; Kim, Jae-Weon; Friedlander, Michael; Kim, Kidong; Tan, David SP 
21-Jul-2010HPV16 E2 is an immediate early marker of viral infection, preceding E7 expression in precursor structures of cervical carcinomaXue, Y.; Bellanger, S.; Zhang, W.; Lim, D. ; Low, J. ; Lunny, D.; Thierry, F.
32015HPV16-E2 induces prophase arrest and activates the cellular DNA damage response in vitro and in precursor lesions of cervical carcinomaXue, Y; Toh, S.Y; He, P; Lim, T; Lim, D ; Pang, C.L; Abastado, J.-P; Thierry, F
4May-2013Interobserver variability in the interpretation of tumor cell necrosis in uterine leiomyosarcomaLim, D. ; Alvarez, T.; Nucci, M.R.; Gilks, B.; Longacre, T.; Soslow, R.A.; Oliva, E.
529-Jun-2021PD-L1 Expressing Recurrent Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Vulva with Durable Partial Response to Pembrolizumab: A Case ReportSachdeva, Manavi; Ngoi, Natalie YL ; Lim, Diana ; Poon, Michelle LM ; Thian, Yee Liang ; Lim, Yi Wan; Lim, Siew Eng ; Tong, Pearl ; Lum, Jeffrey HY ; Ng, Joseph ; Ilancheran, Arunachalam ; Domingo, Efren J; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Tan, David SP 
62021Quantitative imaging of RAD51 expression as a marker of platinum resistance in ovarian cancerHoppe, Michal M ; Jaynes, Patrick ; Wardyn, Joanna D ; Upadhyayula, Sai Srinivas ; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Lie, Stefanus ; Lim, Diana GZ ; Pang, Brendan NK ; Lim, Sherlly ; P S Yeong, Joe; Karnezis, Anthony; Chiu, Derek S; Leung, Samuel; Huntsman, David G; Sedukhina, Anna S; Sato, Ko; Topp, Monique D; Scott, Clare L; Choi, Hyungwon ; Patel, Naina R; Brown, Robert; Kaye, Stan B; Pitt, Jason J ; Tan, David SP; Jeyasekharan, Anand D 
71-Jun-2021Targeting Glycolysis in Macrophages Confers Protection Against Pancreatic Ductal AdenocarcinomaPenny, Hweixian Leong; Sieow, Je Lin; Gun, Sin Yee; Lau, Mai Chan; Lee, Bernett; Tan, Jasmine; Phua, Cindy; Toh, Florida; Nga, Yvonne; Yeap, Wei Hseun; Janela, Baptiste; Kumar, Dilip; Chen, Hao; Yeong, Joe; Kenkel, Justin A; Pang, Angela ; Lim, Diana ; Toh, Han Chong ; Hon, Tony Lim Kiat; Johnson, Christopher; Khameneh, Hanif Javanmard; Mortellaro, Alessandra ; Engleman, Edgar G; Rotzschke, Olaf; Ginhoux, Florent ; Abastado, Jean-Pierre ; Chen, Jinmiao ; Wong, Siew Cheng
8Mar-2011The morphologic spectrum of uterine PEC-cell associated tumors in a patient with tuberous sclerosisLim, G.S.D. ; Oliva, E.
9Aug-2006Unusual muscle inclusions in a case of carpal tunnel syndrome [9]Lim, D. ; Tan, K.B. ; Kuan, W.S.; Lee, Y.S. 
102018Value of a molecular screening program to support clinical trial enrollment in Asian cancer patients: The Integrated Molecular Analysis of Cancer (IMAC) StudyHeong V.; Syn N.L.; Lee X.W.; Sapari N.S. ; Koh X.Q.; Adam Isa Z.F. ; Sy Lim J.; Lim D. ; Pang B. ; Thian Y.L. ; Ng L.K. ; Wong A.L. ; Soo R.A. ; Yong W.P. ; Chee C.E. ; Lee S.-C., Goh B.-C. ; Soong R. ; Tan D.S.P. 
112020Whole exome sequencing of multi-regional biopsies from metastatic lesions to evaluate actionable truncal mutations using a single-pass percutaneous techniqueHeong V.; Tay D.; Goh S.E. ; Wee B. ; Tan T.Z. ; Soo R. ; Pang B. ; Lim D. ; Gopinathan A. ; Ow S. ; Chee C.E. ; Goh B.C. ; Lee S.C. ; Yong W.P. ; Wong A. ; Omar M.F.M. ; Soong R. ; Tan D.S.P.