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122-May-2020Frequent upregulation of G9a promotes RelB-dependent proliferation and survival in multiple myelomaZhang, X.Y.; Rajagopalan, D. ; Chung, T.-H. ; Hooi, L. ; Toh, T.B. ; Tian, J.S. ; Rashid, M.B.M.A.; Sahib, N.R.B.M. ; Gu, M.; Lim, J.J. ; Wang, W. ; Chng, W.J. ; Jha, S. ; Chow, E.K.-H. 
231-Aug-2021GAGE mediates radio resistance in cervical cancers via the regulation of chromatin accessibilityNin, Dawn Sijin ; Wujanto, Caryn; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Lim, Diana ; Damen, J Mirjam A; Wu, Kuan-Yi; Dai, Ziyu Melvin ; Lee, Zheng-Wei ; Idres, Shabana Binte ; Leong, Yiat Horng; Jha, Sudhakar ; Ng, Joseph Soon-Yau ; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Chang, Shih-Chung; Tan, David Shao Peng ; Wu, Wei; Choo, Bok Ai ; Deng, Lih-Wen 
32018High-risk human papillomaviral oncogenes E6 and E7 target key cellular pathways to achieve oncogenesisYeo-Teh N.S.L. ; Ito Y. ; Jha S. 
42017Hypomethylation associated enhanced transcription of trefoil factor-3 mediates tamoxifen-stimulated oncogenicity of ER+ endometrial carcinoma cellsPandey, V ; Zhang, M; Chong, Q.-Y ; You, M ; Raquib, A.R ; Pandey, A.K ; Liu, D.-X; Liu, L; Ma, L; Jha, S ; Wu, Z.-S; Zhu, T; Lobie, P.E 
52017Hypoxia is a Key Driver of Alternative Splicing in Human Breast Cancer CellsHan J. ; Li J. ; Ho J.C. ; Chia G.S.; Kato H. ; Jha S. ; Yang H. ; Poellinger L. ; Lee K.L. 
68-Jan-2019MethMotif: an integrative cell specific database of transcription factor binding motifs coupled with DNA methylation profilesLin, Quy Xiao Xuan; Sian, Stephanie ; An, Omer ; Thieffry, Denis ; Jha, Sudhakar ; Benoukraf, Touati 
71-Nov-2018Stressing the (Epi)Genome: Dealing with Reactive Oxygen Species in CancerBhat, Akshay V ; Hora, Shainan; Pal, Ananya; Jha, Sudhakar ; Taneja, Reshma 
815-Mar-2023Targeting RNA Exonuclease XRN1 Potentiates Efficacy of Cancer ImmunotherapyRan, XB; Ding, LW ; Sun, QY ; Yang, H ; Said, JW; Zhentang, L ; Madan, V ; Dakle, P ; Xiao, JF; Loh, X ; Li, Y ; Xu, L ; Xiang, XQ; Wang, LZ; Goh, BC ; Lin, DC; Chng, WJ ; Tan, SY ; Jha, S ; Koeffler, HP 
92020TFregulomeR reveals transcription factors' context-specific features and functionsLin, Q.X.X.; Thieffry, D.; Jha, S. ; Benoukraf, T. 
102018TIP60 represses activation of endogenous retroviral elementsRajagopalan, D. ; Tirado-Magallanes, R. ; Bhatia, S.S.; Teo, W.S. ; Sian, S. ; Hora, S.; Lee, K.K. ; Zhang, Y. ; Jadhav, S.P. ; Wu, Y.; Gan, Y.-H. ; Karnani, N. ; Benoukraf, T. ; Jha, S. 
112017TIP60 represses telomerase expression by inhibiting Sp1 binding to the TERT promoterRajagopalan D. ; Pandey A.K. ; Xiuzhen M.C.; Lee K.K. ; Hora S.; Zhang Y.; Chua B.H.; Kwok H.S.; Bhatia S.S.; Deng L.W. ; Tenen D.G. ; Kappei D. ; Jha S. 
122015TIP60-miR-22 axis as a prognostic marker of breast cancer progressionPandey, A.K ; Zhang, Y ; Zhang, S; Li, Y ; Tucker-Kellogg, G ; Yang, H ; Jha, S