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Ding L.-W.
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Ding Ling Wen
Ding, L.-W.


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118-Oct-2012Adaptor protein Lnk binds to and inhibits normal and leukemic FLT3Lin, D.-C.; Yin, T.; Koren-Michowitz, M.; Ding, L.-W. ; Gueller, S.; Gery, S.; Tabayashi, T.; Bergholz, U.; Kazi, J.U.; Rönnstrand, L.; Stocking, C.; Koeffler, H.P.
22015Ascochlorin, an isoprenoid antibiotic inhibits growth and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting STAT3 signaling cascade through the induction of PIAS3Chien W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Ding L.-W. ; Wuensche P.; Torres-Fernandez L.A.; Tan S.Z.; Tokatly I.; Zaiden N.; Poellinger L. ; Mori S. ; Yang H. ; Tyner J.W.; Koeffler H.P. ; Sethi, Gautam. 
32018ASXL2 regulates hematopoiesis in mice and its deficiency promotes myeloid expansionMadan, V. ; Han, L. ; Hattori, N.; Woon Teoh, W. ; Mayakonda, A. ; Sun, Q.-Y. ; Ding, L.-W. ; Mohd Nordin, H.B.; Lim, S.L. ; Shyamsunder, P. ; Dakle, P. ; Sundaresan, J.; Doan, N.B.; Sanada, M.; Sato-Otsubo, A.; Meggendorfer, M.; Yang, H. ; Said, J.W.; Ogawa, S.; Haferlach, T.; Liang, D.-C.; Shih, L.-Y.; Nakamaki, T.; Wang, Q.T.; Koeffler, H.P. 
422-Mar-2019Bromodomain and extraterminal proteins foster the core transcriptional regulatory programs and confer vulnerability in liposarcomaCHEN YE ; Xu, Liang; Anand Mayakonda Thippeswamy ; Huang, Mo-Li; Kanojia, Deepika; Tan, Tuan Zea ; DAKLE PUSHKAR PRAVIN ; LIN YU-TONG, RUBY ; Ke, Xin-Yu; Said, Jonathan W; Chen, Jianxiang; Gery, Sigal; Ding, L.-W. ; Jiang, Yan-Yi; Pang, Angela; MARK EDWARD PUHAINDRAN ; Boon Cher Goh ; Koeffler, H Phillip
52018Co-activation of super-enhancer-driven CCAT1 by TP63 and SOX2 promotes squamous cancer progressionJiang Y. ; Jiang Y.-Y. ; Xie J.-J.; Mayakonda A. ; Hazawa M. ; Chen L.; Xiao J.-F. ; Li C.-Q.; Huang M.-L.; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Xu L. ; Kanojia D. ; Jeitany M. ; Deng J.-W. ; Liao L.-D.; Soukiasian H.J.; Berman B.P.; Hao J.-J.; Xu L.-Y.; Li E.-M.; Wang M.-R.; Bi X.-G.; Lin D.-C. ; Koeffler H.P. 
62018Functional genome-wide screening identifies targets and pathways sensitizing pancreatic cancer cells to dasatinibChien W. ; Sudo M. ; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Wuensche P.; Lee K.L. ; Hattori N.; Garg M. ; Xu L. ; Zheng Y.; Gery S.; Wongphayak S. ; Yang H. ; Baloglu E.; Shacham S.; Kauffman M.; Mori S. ; Phillip Koeffler H.
79-Apr-2013Genomic and functional characterizations of phosphodiesterase subtype 4D in human cancersLin, D.-C.; Xu, L.; Ding, L.-W. ; Sharma, A.; Liu, L.-Z.; Yang, H.; Tan, P.; Vadgama, J.; Karlan, B.Y.; Lester, J.; Urban, N.; Schummer, M.; Doan, N.; Said, J.W.; Sun, H.; Walsh, M.; Thomas, C.J.; Patel, P.; Yin, D.; Chan, D.; Phillip Koeffler, H.
82014Genomic and molecular characterization of esophageal squamous cell carcinomaLin, D.-C.; Hao, J.-J.; Nagata, Y.; Xu, L.; Shang, L.; Meng, X.; Sato, Y.; Okuno, Y.; Varela, A.M.; Ding, L.-W. ; Garg, M.; Liu, L.-Z.; Yang, H.; Yin, D.; Shi, Z.-Z.; Jiang, Y.-Y.; Gu, W.-Y.; Gong, T.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, X.; Kalid, O.; Shacham, S.; Ogawa, S.; Wang, M.-R.; Koeffler, H.P.
9Jan-2014Laminin-5γ-2 (LAMC2) is highly expressed in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma and is associated with tumor progression, migration, and invasion by modulating signaling of EGFRGarg, M.; Kanojia, D.; Okamoto, R.; Jain, S.; Jain, V.; Chien, W. ; Sampath, A.; Ding, L.-W. ; Xuan, M.; Said, J.W.; Doan, N.B.; Liu, L.-Z.; Yang, H.; Gery, S.; Braunstein, G.D.; Koeffler, H.P.
102019LNK suppresses interferon signaling in melanomaDing, L.-W. ; Sun, Q.-Y. ; Edwards, J.J.; Fernández, L.T.; Ran, X.-B.; Zhou, S.-Q. ; Scolyer, R.A.; Wilmott, J.S.; Thompson, J.F.; Doan, N.; Said, J.W.; Venkatachalam, N.; Xiao, J.-F. ; Loh, X.-Y.; Pein, M.; Xu, L. ; Mullins, D.W.; Yang, H. ; Lin, D.-C.; Koeffler, H.P. 
119-Feb-2021MNK1 and MNK2 enforce expression of E2F1, FOXM1, and WEE1 to drive soft tissue sarcomaKe, Xin-Yu; Chen, Ye; Tham, Valarie Yu-Yan; Lin, Ruby Yu-Tong; Dakle, Pushkar ; Nacro, Kassoum; Puhaindran, Mark Edward; Houghton, Peter; Pang, Angela; Lee, Victor Kwanmin ; Ding, Ling-Wen ; Gery, Sigal; Hill, Jeffrey; Chen, Leilei; Xu, Liang; Koeffler, H Phillip
121-May-2019Mutational and transcriptomic profiling of acute leukemia of ambiguous lineage reveals obscure but clinically important lineage biasLao, ZT ; Ding, LW ; An, O ; Hattori, N; Sun, QY ; Tan, KT ; Mayakonda, A ; Chuan, WG ; Madan, V ; Lin, DC ; Yang, H ; Koeffler, HP 
132017Mutational profiling of acute lymphoblastic leukemia with testicular relapseDing, L.-W ; Sun, Q.-Y ; Mayakonda, A ; Tan, K.-T ; Chien, W ; Lin, D.-C ; Jiang, Y.-Y ; Xu, L ; Garg, M ; Lao, Z.-T ; Lill, M.; Yang, H ; Yeoh, A.E.J ; Koeffler, H.P 
141-Oct-2013PIAS4 is an activator of hypoxia signalling via VHL suppression during growth of pancreatic cancer cellsChien, W. ; Lee, K.L. ; Ding, L.W. ; Wuensche, P.; Kato, H.; Doan, N.B.; Poellinger, L. ; Said, J.W.; Koeffler, H.P.
152018Profiling the B/T cell receptor repertoire of lymphocyte derived cell lines 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1107 ImmunologyTan, K.-T ; Ding, L.-W ; Sun, Q.-Y ; Lao, Z.-T ; Chien, W ; Ren, X; Xiao, J.-F ; Loh, X.Y ; Xu, L ; Lill, M; Mayakonda, A ; Lin, D.-C; Yang, H ; Koeffler, H.P 
162017Selinexor (KPT-330) has antitumor activity against anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in vitro and in vivo and enhances sensitivity to doxorubicinGarg, M ; Kanojia, D ; Mayakonda, A ; Ganesan, T.S; Sadhanandhan, B; Suresh, S; Sneha, S; Nagare, R.P; Said, J.W; Doan, N.B; Ding, L.-W ; Baloglu, E; Shacham, S; Kauffman, M; Koeffler, H.P 
172015SETDB1 accelerates tumourigenesis by regulating the WNT signalling pathwaySun Qiao Yang ; Ding Ling Wen ; Xiao Jin Fen; Chien Wen Wen ; Lim Su Lin ; Hattori Norimichi; Goodglick Lee; Chia David; Mah Vei; Alavi Mohammad; Kim S.R.,; Doan N.B.; Said J.W; Loh Xin Yi ; Xu Liang ; Liu Li Zhen ; Yang Henry ; Takahide Hayano ; Shi Shuo; Xie Dong; Lin De Chen ; Koeffler Philip H. 
182013SOX7 is down-regulated in lung cancerHayano, T.; Garg, M.; Yin, D.; Sudo, M.; Kawamata, N.; Shi, S.; Chien, W. ; Ding, L.-W. ; Leong, G.; Mori, S.; Xie, D.; Tan, P. ; Koeffler, H.P.
191-Jun-2018Super-Enhancer-Driven Long Non-Coding RNA LINC01503, Regulated by TP63, Is Over-Expressed and Oncogenic in Squamous Cell CarcinomaXie, Jian-Jun; Jiang, Yan-Yi ; Jiang, Yuan ; Li, Chun-Quan; Lim, Mei-Chee ; An, Omer ; Mayakonda, Anand; Ding, Ling-Wen ; Long, Lin; Sun, Chun; Lin, Le-Hang; Chen, Li; Wu, Jian-Yi; Wu, Zhi-Yong; Cao, Qi; Fang, Wang-Kai; Yang, Wei; Soukiasian, Harmik; Meltzer, Stephen J; Yang, Henry ; Fullwood, Melissa ; Xu, Li-Yan; Li, En-Min; Lin, De-Chen ; Koeffler, H Phillip 
202012The characterization of SaPIN2b, a plant trichome-localized proteinase inhibitor from Solanum americanumLuo, M; Ding, L.-W ; Ge, Z.-J; Wang, Z.-Y; Hu, B.-L; Yang, X.-B; Sun, Q.-Y ; Xu, Z.-F