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Thiery Jean Paul
Thiery, J.
Thiery, J.P.
Thiery, Jean Paul
Thiery, J.-P.
Thiery J.P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Mar-2012A cell-based small molecule screening method for identifying inhibitors of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in carcinomaChua, K.-N.; Sim, W.-J.; Racine, V.; Lee, S.-Y.; Goh, B.C.; Thiery, J.P. 
22014A central role for TRPS1 in the control of cell cycle and cancer developmentWu, L; Wang, Y; Liu, Y; Yu, S; Xie, H; Shi, X; Qin, S; Ma, F; Tan, T.Z ; Thiery, J.P ; Chen, L
32015Adhesion glycoprotein CD44 functions as an upstream regulator of a network connecting ERKYu S.; Cai X.; Wu C.; Wu L.; Wang Y.; Liu Y.; Yu Z.; Qin S.; Ma F.; Thiery J.P. ; Chen L.
413-Dec-2011Alternative Path to EMT: Regulation of Apicobasal Polarity in DrosophilaLim, J.; Thiery, J. 
5Nov-2013An EMT spectrum defines an anoikis-resistant and spheroidogenic intermediate mesenchymal state that is sensitive to e-cadherin restoration by a src-kinase inhibitor, saracatinib (AZD0530)Huang, R.Y.-J.; Wong, M.K.; Tan, T.Z.; Kuay, K.T.; C Ng, A.H.; Chung, V.Y.; Chu, Y.-S.; Matsumura, N.; Lai, H.-C.; Lee, Y.F.; Sim, W.-J.; Chai, C.; Pietschmann, E.; Mori, S.; Low, J.J.H.; Choolani, M.; Thiery, J.P. 
615-Jul-2013An exclusively mesodermal origin of fin mesenchyme demonstrates that zebrafish trunk neural crest does not generate ectomesenchymeLee, R.T.H.; Knapik, E.W.; Thiery, J.P. ; Carney, T.J.
7Oct-2012Biochemical and biophysical origins of cadherin selectivity and adhesion strengthThiery, J.P. ; Engl, W.; Viasnoff, V.; Dufour, S.
8Dec-2019c-Met activation leads to the establishment of a TGFβ-receptor regulatory network in bladder cancer progressionSim, Wen Jing ; Iyengar, Prasanna Vasudevan ; Lama, Dilraj; Lui, Sarah Kit Leng ; Ng, Hsien Chun ; Haviv-Shapira, Lior; Domany, Eytan; Kappei, Dennis ; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Saie, Azad; Jaynes, Patrick William ; Verma, Chandra Shekhar ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Rouanne, Mathieu; Ha, Hong Koo; Radulescu, Camelia; ten Dijke, Peter; Eichhorn, Pieter Johan Adam ; Thiery, Jean Paul 
915-Dec-2013Cell delamination in the mesencephalic neural fold and its implication for the origin of ectomesenchymeLee, R.T.H.; Nagai, H.; Nakaya, Y.; Sheng, G.; Trainor, P.A.; Weston, J.A.; Thiery, J.P. 
102015Combinatorial treatment using targeted MEK and SRC inhibitors synergistically abrogates tumor cell growth and induces mesenchymal-epithelial transition in non-small-cell lung carcinomaChua, K.N ; Kong, L.R ; Sim, W.J ; Ng, H.C; Ong, W.R; Thiery, J.P ; Huynh, H ; Goh, B.C 
112015CSIOVDB: A microarray gene expression database of epithelial ovarian cancer subtypeTan, T.Z ; Yang, H ; Ye, J ; Low, J ; Choolani, M ; Peng Tan, D.S ; Thiery, J.-P ; Huang, R.Y.-J 
122017Data-Driven Discovery of Extravasation Pathway in Circulating Tumor CellsYadavalli, S; Jayaram, S; Manda, S.S; Madugundu, A.K; Nayakanti, D.S; Tan, T.Z ; Bhat, R; Rangarajan, A; Chatterjee, A; Gowda, H; Thiery, J.P ; Kumar, P
136-May-2013Dermal fin rays and scales derive from mesoderm, not neural crestHo Lee, R.T.; Thiery, J.P. ; Carney, T.J.
142018DNA methylation profiling of breast cancer cell lines along the epithelial mesenchymal spectrum—Implications for the choice of circulating tumour DNA methylation markersLe A.V.-P.; Szaumkessel M.; Tan T.Z. ; Thiery J.-P. ; Thompson E.W.; Dobrovic A.
152012Early events in cell adhesion and polarity during epithelialmesenchymal transitionHuang, R.Y.-J.; Guilford, P.; Thiery, J.P. 
16Jul-2013EMT impairs breast carcinoma cell susceptibility to CTL-mediated lysis through autophagy inductionAkalay, I.; Janji, B.; Hasmim, M.; Noman, M.Z.; Thiery, J.P. ; Mami-Chouaib, F.; Chouaib, S.
17Nov-2010Epithelial mesenchymal transition during development in fibrosis and in the progression of carcinomaThiery, J.-P. ; Chua, K.; Sim, W.J.; Huang, R.
182014Epithelial-mesenchymal transition spectrum quantification and its efficacy in deciphering survival and drug responses of cancer patientsTan, T.Z ; Miow, Q.H ; Miki, Y; Noda, T; Mori, S; Huang, R.Y.-J ; Thiery, J.P 
19Dec-2009Epithelial-mesenchymal transitions in cancer onset and progressionThiery, J.-P. 
2025-Nov-2009Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transitions in Development and DiseaseThiery, J.P. ; Acloque, H.; Huang, R.Y.J.; Nieto, M.A.