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115-Jan-2019A NOVEL SOCS5/MIR-18/MIR-25 AXIS PROMOTES TUMORIGENESIS IN LIVER CANCERSanchez-Mejias, A ; Kwon, J; Chew, XH ; Siemens, A; Sohn, HS; Jing, G ; Zhang, B ; Yang, H ; Tay, Y 
22013A Unifying Mechanism for Cancer Cell Death through Ion Channel Activation by HAMLETStorm P.; Kjaer Klausen T.; Trulsson M.; Ho CS J.; Dosnon M.; Westergren T.; Chao Y. ; Rydström A.; Yang H. ; Pedersen S.F.; Svanborg C.
320-Sep-2018Aberrant hyperediting of the myeloma transcriptome by ADAR1 confers oncogenicity and is a marker of poor prognosisTeoh, Phaik Ju ; An, Omer ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Chooi, Jing Yuan ; Toh, Sabrina HM ; Fan, Shuangyi ; Wang, Wilson ; Koh, Bryan TH; Fullwood, Melissa J ; Ooi, Melissa G ; de Mel, Sanjay; Soekojo, Cinnie Y; Chen, Leilei ; Ng, Siok Bian ; Yang, Henry ; Chng, Wee Joo 
42015Aberrant splicing of U12-type introns is the hallmark of ZRSR2 mutant myelodysplastic syndromeMadan V. ; Kanojia D. ; Li J.; Okamoto R.; Sato-Otsubo A.; Kohlmann A.; Sanada M.; Grossmann V.; Sundaresan J.; Shiraishi Y.; Miyano S.; Thol F.; Ganser A.; Yang H. ; Haferlach T.; Ogawa S.; Koeffler H.P. 
52016Acetylation of C/EBP? inhibits its granulopoietic functionBararia, D ; Kwok, H.S ; Welner, R.S; Numata, A ; Sárosi, M.B; Yang, H ; Wee, S; Tschuri, S; Ray, D ; Weigert, O; Levantini, E; Ebralidze, A.K; Gunaratne, J ; Tenen, D.G 
62012Aqueous Cytokine Changes Associated with Posner-Schlossman Syndrome with and without Human CytomegalovirusLi J.; Ang M. ; Cheung C.M.G. ; Vania M.; Chan A.S.Y. ; Waduthantri S.; Yang H. ; Chee S.P. 
76-Sep-2018Bidirectional regulation of adenosine-to-inosine (A-to-I) RNA editing by DEAH box helicase 9 (DHX9) in cancerHong, HuiQi ; An, Omer ; Chan, Tim HM ; Ng, Vanessa HE ; Kwok, Hui Si ; Lin, Jaymie S ; Qi, Lihua ; Han, Jian ; Tay, Daryl JT ; Tang, Sze Jing ; Yang, Henry ; Song, Yangyang ; Molias, Fernando Bellido ; Tenen, Daniel G ; Chen, Leilei 
87-Feb-2020Cis- and trans-regulations of pre-mRNA splicing by RNA editing enzymes influence cancer developmentTang, Sze Jing ; Shen, Haoqing; An, Omer ; Hong, HuiQi ; Li, Jia ; Song, Yangyang ; Han, Jian ; Tay, Daryl Jin Tai ; Ng, Vanessa Hui En ; Bellido Molias, Fernando ; Leong, Ka Wai ; Pitcheshwar, Priyankaa; Yang, Henry ; Chen, Leilei 
92015CSIOVDB: A microarray gene expression database of epithelial ovarian cancer subtypeTan, T.Z ; Yang, H ; Ye, J ; Low, J ; Choolani, M ; Peng Tan, D.S ; Thiery, J.-P ; Huang, R.Y.-J 
102015Dissecting the role of aberrant DNA methylation in human leukaemiaAmabile G.; Di Ruscio A.; Muller F.; Welner R.S.; Yang H. ; Ebralidze A.K.; Zhang H.; Levantini E.; Qi L. ; Martinelli G.; Brummelkamp T.; Le Beau M.M.; Figueroa M.E.; Bock C.; Tenen D.G. 
112016Endothelin-1 supports clonal derivation and expansion of cardiovascular progenitors derived from human embryonic stem cellsSoh, B.-S ; Ng, S.-Y ; Wu, H; Buac, K; Park, J.-H.C; Lian, X; Xu, J; Foo, K.S; Felldin, U; He, X; Nichane, M; Yang, H ; Bu, L; Li, R.A; Lim, B; Chien, K.R
129-Mar-2018Exploring the roles for repressive and quiescent chromatin regions in 3D organization of the human genomeCai, Yichao; Loh, Yan Ping ; Tng, Jia Qi ; Lim, Mei Chee ; Babu, Deepak ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Tucker-Kellogg, Greg ; Fullwood, Melissa Jane 
132018Fatty acid synthase mediates EGFR palmitoylation in EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancerAli, A ; Levantini, E; Teo, J.T ; Goggi, J ; Clohessy, J.G; Wu, C.S ; Chen, L ; Yang, H ; Krishnan, I; Kocher, O; Zhang, J; Soo, R.A ; Bhakoo, K ; Chin, T.M ; Tenen, D.G 
142019FBXW5 Promotes Tumorigenesis and Metastasis in Gastric Cancer via Activation of the FAK-Src Signaling PathwayYeo; Subhash; KAZUTO SUDA ; HAYRI EMRAH BALCIOGLU ; ZHOU SIQIN ; THUYA WIN LWIN ; LOH XIN YI ; Jammula; PRAVEEN CHAKRAVARTHY PEETHALA ; Tan; Xie; Wong; Ladoux,Benoit ; Ito; YANG HE ; Goh; Wang; YONG WEI PENG 
152018Functional genome-wide screening identifies targets and pathways sensitizing pancreatic cancer cells to dasatinibChien W. ; Sudo M. ; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Wuensche P.; Lee K.L. ; Hattori N.; Garg M. ; Xu L. ; Zheng Y.; Gery S.; Wongphayak S. ; Yang H. ; Baloglu E.; Shacham S.; Kauffman M.; Mori S. ; Phillip Koeffler H.
162016Gelsolin-Cu/ZnSOD interaction alters intracellular reactive oxygen species levels to promote cancer cell invasionTochhawng, L ; Deng, S ; Pugalenthi, G; Kumar, A.P ; Lim, K.H ; Yang, H ; Hooi, S.C ; Goh, Y.C; Maciver, S.K; Pervaiz, S ; Yap, C.T 
173-May-2016Gelsolin-mediated activation of PI3K/Akt pathway is crucial for hepatocyte growth factor-induced cell scattering in gastric carcinomaHuang, Baohua ; DENG SHUO ; LOO SER YUE ; ARPITA DATTA ; YAP YAN LIN ; Yan, Benedict; OOI CHIA HUEY ; DINH THUY DUONG ; ZHUO JINGLI ; LALCHHANDAMI TOCHHAWNG ; SUMA GOPINADHAN ; Jegadeesan, Tamilarasi; TAN BOON OOI,PATRICK ; SALTO-TELLEZ,MANUEL ; YONG WEI PENG ; SOONG CHUAN TECK,RICHIE ; YEOH KHAY GUAN ; GOH YAW CHONG ; PETER EDWARD LOBIE ; YANG HE ; ALAN PREM KUMAR ; Maciver, Sutherland K; SO BOK YAN,JIMMY ; Yap Suen Mei,Celestial Therese 
182015Genomic landscape of liposarcomaKanojia, D ; Nagata, Y; Garg, M ; Lee, D.H ; Sato, A; Yoshida, K; Sato, Y; Sanada, M; Mayakonda, A ; Bartenhagen, C; Klein, H.-U; Doan, N.B; Said, J.W; Mohith, S; Gunasekar, S; Shiraishi, Y; Chiba, K; Tanaka, H; Miyano, S; Myklebost, O; Yang, H ; Dugas, M; Meza-Zepeda, L.A; Silberman, A.W; Forscher, C; Tyner, J.W; Ogawa, S; Phillip Koeffler, H 
192018HIF-dependent and reversible nucleosome disassembly in hypoxia-inducible gene promotersSuzuki N.; Vojnovic N.; Lee K.-L. ; Yang H. ; Gradin K.; Poellinger L. 
2029-Nov-2018Identification of a Novel CEBPE Enhancer Essential for Granulocytic DifferentiationShyamsunder, Pavithra ; Shanmugasundaram, Mahalakshmi; Mayakonda, Anand ; Teoh, Weoi Woon ; Han, Lin; Lim, Mei Chee ; Fullwood, Melissa ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Shi, Jizhong ; Hossain, Md Zakhir ; Madan, Vikas ; Koeffler, H Phillip