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120-Sep-2018Aberrant hyperediting of the myeloma transcriptome by ADAR1 confers oncogenicity and is a marker of poor prognosisTeoh, Phaik Ju ; An, Omer ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Chooi, Jing Yuan ; Toh, Sabrina HM ; Fan, Shuangyi ; Wang, Wilson ; Koh, Bryan TH; Fullwood, Melissa J ; Ooi, Melissa G ; de Mel, Sanjay; Soekojo, Cinnie Y; Chen, Leilei ; Ng, Siok Bian ; Yang, Henry ; Chng, Wee Joo 
21-Mar-2019Bioinspired polydopamine and polyphenol tannic acid functionalized titanium suppress osteoclast differentiation: a facile and efficient strategy to regulate osteoclast activity at bone-implant interfaceSteffi, Chris ; Shi, Zhilong ; Kong, Chee Hoe; Wang, Wilson 
3Mar-2013Covalently grafted BMP-7 peptide to reduce macrophage/monocyte activity: An in vitro study on cobalt chromium alloyTan, H.C.; Poh, C.K.; CAI YANLI ; Soe, M.T. ; Wang, W. 
42015Effect of storage temperature and equilibration time on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) bone cement polymerization in joint replacement surgeryKoh B.T.H.; Tan J.H.; Ramruttun A.K.; Wang W. 
52015Effect of surface silver ions towards inhibiting bacterial growth on apatiteThian E.S ; LIM POON NIAN ; Ho B ; Tay B.Y; Wang W 
628-Nov-2017Functional status mediates the association between peripheral neuropathy and health-related quality of life in individuals with diabetesTessa Riandini; Hwee Lin Wee ; Eric Y. H. Khoo ; Bee Choo Tai ; Wilson Wang ; Gerald C. H. Koh ; E. Shyong Tai ; Subramaniam Tavintharan; Kurumbian Chandran; Siew Wai Hwang; Kavita Venkataraman 
72007Intramural tracking in esophageal pseudodiverticulosis.Wang, E. ; Tang, A.; Venkatesh, S.; So, J.
8May-2006Staphylococcus aureus capsular material promotes osteoclast formationLau, Y.S.; Wang, W. ; Sabokbar, A.; Simpson, H.; Nair, S.; Henderson, B.; Berendt, A.; Athanasou, N.A.
919-May-2017Super-Enhancers and Broad H3K4me3 Domains Form Complex Gene Regulatory Circuits Involving Chromatin InteractionsCao, Fan ; Fang, Yiwen ; Tan, Hong Kee ; Goh, Yufen ; Choy, Jocelyn Yeen Hui; Koh, Bryan Thean Howe; Tan, Jiong Hao; Bertin, Nicolas; Ramadass, Aroul; Hunter, Ewan; Green, Jayne; Salter, Matthew; Akoulitchev, Alexandre; Wang, Wilson ; Chng, Wee Joo ; Tenen, Daniel G ; Fullwood, Melissa J 
102015Surface modification of titanium with curcumin: A promising strategy to combat fibrous encapsulationHe Ronghan; Hu Xuefeng ; Tan Hark Chuan ; Feng Jason ; Steffi Chris; Wang Kun; Wang Wilson 
112010The effect of VEGF functionalization of titanium on endothelial cells in vitroPoh, C.K.; Lim, T.Y. ; Wang, W. ; Shi, Z. ; Neoh, K.G. 
122015Total knee arthroplasty in a patient with a fused ipsilateral hipKoo K.; Pang K.C.; Wang W.