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12018ASXL2 regulates hematopoiesis in mice and its deficiency promotes myeloid expansionMadan, V. ; Han, L. ; Hattori, N.; Woon Teoh, W. ; Mayakonda, A. ; Sun, Q.-Y. ; Ding, L.-W. ; Mohd Nordin, H.B.; Lim, S.L. ; Shyamsunder, P. ; Dakle, P. ; Sundaresan, J.; Doan, N.B.; Sanada, M.; Sato-Otsubo, A.; Meggendorfer, M.; Yang, H. ; Said, J.W.; Ogawa, S.; Haferlach, T.; Liang, D.-C.; Shih, L.-Y.; Nakamaki, T.; Wang, Q.T.; Koeffler, H.P. 
22014Damaged mitochondria in Fanconi anemia - an isolated event or a general phenomenon?Pagano, G; Shyamsunder, P ; Verma, R.S; Lyakhovich, A
32015Genome wide expression profiling of cancer cell lines cultured in microgravity reveals significant dysregulation of cell cycle and MicroRNA gene networksVidyasekar P.; Shyamsunder P. ; Arun R.; Santhakumar R.; Kapadia N.K.; Kumar R.; Verma R.S.
429-Nov-2018Identification of a Novel CEBPE Enhancer Essential for Granulocytic DifferentiationShyamsunder, Pavithra ; Shanmugasundaram, Mahalakshmi; Mayakonda, Anand ; Teoh, Weoi Woon ; Han, Lin; Lim, Mei Chee ; Fullwood, Melissa ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Shi, Jizhong ; Hossain, Md Zakhir ; Madan, Vikas ; Koeffler, H Phillip 
55-Apr-2019Identification of a novel enhancer of CEBPE essential for granulocytic differentiation.Shyamsunder, Pavithra ; Shanmugasundaram, Mahalakshmi; Mayakonda, Anand ; Dakle, Pushkar ; Teoh, Weoi Woon ; Han, Lin; Kanojia, Deepika ; Lim, Mei Chee ; Fullwood, Melissa ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry ; Jizhong, Shi ; Hossain, Md Zakir ; Madan, Vikas ; Koeffler, H Phillip 
62016Impaired mitophagy in Fanconi anemia is dependent on mitochondrial fissionShyamsunder, P ; Esner, M; Barvalia, M; Wu, Y.J; Loja, T; Boon, H.B ; Lleonart, M.E; Verma, R.S; Krejci, L; Lyakhovich, A
72017LPS independent activation of the pro-inflammatory receptor Trem1 by C/EBP? in granulocytesSuh, H.C; Benoukraf, T ; Shyamsunder, P ; Yin, T; Cao, Q; Said, J; Lee, S; Lim, R ; Yang, H ; Salotti, J; Johnson, P.F; Madan, V ; Koeffler, H.P 
82020Multiple myeloma: Combination therapy of BET proteolysis targeting chimeric molecule with CDK9 inhibitorLim, S.-L.; Xu, L. ; Han, B.-C.; Shyamsunder, P. ; Chng, W.-J. ; Phillip Koeffler, H. 
92019Proteolysis targeting chimeric molecules as therapy for multiple myeloma: Efficacy, biomarker and drug combinationsLim, S.L.; Damnernsawad, A.; Shyamsunder, P. ; Chng, W.J. ; Han, B.C.; Xu, L. ; Pan, J.; Pravin, D.P. ; Alkan, S.; Tyner, J.W.; Koeffler, H.P.