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Boon Huat Bay
Boon Huat Bay
Bay, B.-H.
Bay Boon Huat
Bay, Boon Huat
Bay, B.H.
Bay, B.H
Bay, B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002A comparison of protoporphyrin IX and protoporphyrin IX dimethyl ester as a photosensitizer in poorly differentiated human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsYee, K.K.L.; Soo, K.C.; Olivo, M.; Bay, B.H. 
21-Jan-2019A composite 3D printed model of the midcarpal jointKanagasuntheram, Rajendran ; Geh, Nigel Keong Teck ; Yen, Ching Chiuan ; Dheen, S Thameem ; Bay, Boon Huat 
329-Apr-2005A novel antiestrogenic mechanism in progesterone receptor-transfected breast cancer cellsZheng, Z.-Y.; Bay, B.-H. ; Aw, S.-E.; Lin, V.C.-L.
41996Acidification and recovery results in nuclear accumulation of supravital dyes during interphaseSit, K.H. ; Paramanantham, R. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
51996Acidification-and-recovery induces nuclear accumulation of neutral red and DNA into human KB oral carcinoma cellsSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Paramanantham, R. ; Tana, H.M.; Wong, K.P. 
61995Acute zinc administration prolongs hexobarbitone-induced sleeping time in C57/6J miceTan, B.K.H. ; Hsu, A.; Bay, B.H. ; Sit, K.H. ; Sim, K.Y. 
71997Adding Zn2+ induces DNA fragmentation and cell condensation in cultured human Chang liver cellsParamanantham, R. ; Sit, K.-H. ; Bay, B.-H. 
82005Altered CD38 expression in thioacetamide-induced rat model of liver cirrhosisGan, B.H.; Chang, C.F. ; Ng, G.L.; Bay, B.H. 
92013Analysis of Epigenetic Factors in Mouse Embryonic Neural Stem Cells Exposed to HyperglycemiaShyamasundar S. ; Jadhav S.P.; Bay B.H. ; Tay S.S.W. ; Kumar S.D.; Rangasamy D.; Dheen S.T. 
102001Analysis of metallothionein expression in human cancersBay, B.-H. ; Jin, R.; Jayasurya, A.
11Jul-2008Anti-estrogenic mechanism of unliganded progesterone receptor isoform B in breast cancer cellsZheng, Z.-Y.; Zheng, S.-M.; Bay, B.-H. ; Aw, S.-E.; Lin, V.C.-L.
122003Antiinflammatory effects of genistein, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, on a guinea pig model of asthmaDuan, W. ; Kuo, I.C. ; Selvarajan, S.; Chua, K.Y. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, W.S.F. 
131991Antiport mediated rounding and endocytosis are enhanced by sulphateSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
141990Antiport-mediated cell retraction: Viable rounding and distinctive endocytosisSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
151996ATP Induces Large Channel Endocytosis with Concomitant Increase in Cell DensityBay, B.H. ; Sit, K.H. ; Paramanantham, R. 
162010Autophagy and oxidative stress associated with gold nanoparticlesLi, J.J.; Bay, B.-H. ; Hartono, D. ; Yung, L.Y.L. ; Ong, C.-N. 
171994Azide- and vanadate-sensitive M-phase alkalinity and cytosolic acidification of Chang liver cellsSit, K.-H. ; Paramanantham, R.; Bay, B.-H. ; Wong, K.-P.
182019Bezafibrate induces autophagy and improves hepatic lipid metabolism in glycogen storage disease type IaWaskowicz L.R.; Zhou J. ; Landau D.J.; Brooks E.D.; Lim A. ; Yavarow Z.A.; Kudo T.; Zhang H.; Wu Y. ; Grant S.; Young S.P.; Huat B.B. ; Yen P.M.; Koeberl D.D.
191998Bilateral accessory renal arteries associated with some anomalies of the ovarian arteries: A case studySingh, G. ; Ng, Y.K. ; Bay, B.H. 
202-Oct-2019Biocompatible Aloe vera and Tetracycline Hydrochloride Loaded Hybrid Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Skin Tissue EngineeringHARIHARAN EZHILARASU ; Ramalingam, Raghavendra; CHETNA DHAND ; RAJAMANI LAKSHMINARAYANAN ; Sadiq, Asif; CHINNASAMY GANDHIMATHI ; SEERAM RAMAKRISHNA ; BAY BOON HUAT ; JAYARAMA REDDY VENUGOPAL ; SRINIVASAN DINESH KUMAR