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Siddique, M.M.
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1Jul-2013Ablation of dihydroceramide desaturase 1, a therapeutic target for the treatment of metabolic diseases, simultaneously stimulates anabolic and catabolic signalingSiddique, M.M. ; Li, Y.; Wang, L.; Ching, J.; Mal, M.; Ilkayeva, O.; Wu, Y.J.; Bay, B.H.; Summers, S.A.
211-Sep-2012Ablation of Dihydroceramide Desaturase Confers Resistance to Etoposide-Induced Apoptosis In VitroSiddique, M.M. ; Bikman, B.T.; Wang, L.; Ying, L.; Reinhardt, E.; Shui, G. ; Wenk, M.R.; Summers, S.A.
32014Caffeine stimulates hepatic lipid metabolism by the autophagy-lysosomal pathway in miceSinha, R.A.; Farah, B.L.; Singh, B.K.; Siddique, M.M. ; Li, Y.; Wu, Y.; Ilkayeva, O.R.; Gooding, J.; Ching, J.; Zhou, J.; Martinez, L.; Xie, S.; Bay, B.-H.; Summers, S.A.; Newgard, C.B.; Yen, P.M.
410-Jan-2014Ceramides and glucosylceramides are independent antagonists of insulin signalingChavez, J.A.; Siddique, M.M. ; Wang, S.T.; Ching, J.; Shayman, J.A.; Summers, S.A.
518-May-2012Fenretinide prevents lipid-induced insulin resistance by blocking ceramide biosynthesisBikman, B.T.; Guan, Y.; Shui, G. ; Siddique, M.M. ; Holland, W.L.; Kim, J.Y.; Fabriàs, G.; Wenk, M.R.; Summers, S.A.
6May-2011Impact of patterns of proteinuria on renal allograft function and survival: A prospective cohort studySuhail, S.M.; Kee, T.S.Y.; Woo, K.T.; Tan, H.K.; Yang, W.S.; Chan, C.M.; Foo, M.W.Y.; Li, H.H.; Siddique, M.M. ; Wong, K.S.
717-Oct-2012Lipids in Human DiseasesSiddique, M.M. ; Summers, S.A.
82-Jul-2012Thyroid hormone stimulates hepatic lipid catabolism via activation of autophagySinha, R.A.; You, S.-H.; Zhou, J. ; Siddique, M.M. ; Bay, B.-H.; Zhu, X.; Privalsky, M.L.; Cheng, S.-Y.; Stevens, R.D.; Summers, S.A.; Newgard, C.B.; Lazar, M.A.; Yen, P.M.