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Chiuan, Y.C.
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Yen Ching Chiuan
Ching Chiuan Yen
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120-Apr-2018A demonstration of season traveller: Multisensory narration for enhancing the virtual reality experienceRanasinghe, N ; Jain, P ; Tram, NTN; Tolley, D ; Liangkun, Y ; Tung, CEW ; Yen, CC ; Do, EYL ; Koh, KCR; Shamaiah, K
22011A study on Singaporean women's acceptance of using mobile phones to seek health informationLim, S.; Xue, L. ; Yen, C.C. ; Chang, L.; Chan, H.C. ; Tai, B.C. ; Duh, H.B.L.; Choolani, M.
32012An exploratory study of ageing women's perception on access to health informatics via a mobile phone-based interventionXue, L. ; Yen, C.C. ; Chang, L.; Chan, H.C. ; Tai, B.C. ; Tan, S.B.; Duh, H.B.L. ; Choolani, M.
41-Jan-2019A composite 3D printed model of the midcarpal jointKanagasuntheram, Rajendran ; Geh, Nigel Keong Teck ; Yen, Ching Chiuan ; Dheen, S Thameem ; Bay, Boon Huat 
56-May-2017Designing two-player competitive games for the rehabilitation of upper-limb motor function after strokeWang, P; KOH CHOON HUAT,GERALD ; Christian Gilles Boucharenc ; YEN CHING-CHIUAN 
61-Jan-2017Developing a Tangible Gaming Board for Post-Stroke Upper Limb Functional TrainingWang, Pan; KOH CHOON HUAT,GERALD ; CHRISTIAN GILLES BOUCHARENC ; Xu, Tian Ma; Hamasaki; YEN CHING-CHIUAN 
723-Aug-2016Factors associated with mobile health information seeking among Singaporean womenLeanne Chang ; Ching Chiuan Yen ; Lishan Xue ; Bee Choo Tai ; Hock Chuan Chan ; Henry Been-Lirn Duh ; Mahesh Choolani 
82008Introducing a Female-focused Design Strategy (FDS) for future healthcare designLishan, X. ; Chiuan, Y.C. 
92011Mobile phone-based health application for women: A Singapore studyXue, L. ; Yen, C.C. ; Chang, L.; Tai, B.C. ; Chan, H.C. ; Duh, H.B.-L. ; Choolani, M.
102009PhD in design: A reflection from a PhD student and his supervisorJiang, H.; Yen, C.-C. 
111-Jan-2018Season Traveller: Multisensory Narration for Enhancing the Virtual Reality ExperienceRanasinghe, Nimesha; Jain, Pravar; Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Tram ; Koh, Koon Chuan Raymond ; Tolley, David ; Karwita, Shienny; Lin, Lien-Ya ; Yan, Liangkun ; Shamaiah, Kala; Tung, Chow Eason Wai; Yen, Ching Chiuan ; Do, Ellen Yi-Luen
121-Nov-2019The Effects of a Functional Three-dimensional (3D) Printed Knee Joint Simulator in Improving Anatomical Spatial KnowledgeCAI BOHONG ; RAJENDRAN,KANAGASUNTHERAM ; BAY BOON HUAT ; LEE JIEYING ; YEN CHING-CHIUAN 
1313-Aug-2019The use of a 3D-printed prosthesis in a Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis) with squamous cell carcinoma of the casqueXie, Shangzhe; CAI BOHONG ; Rasidi, Ellen; YEN CHING-CHIUAN ; Hsu, Chia-da; CHOW WAI TUNG ; De Busscher, Virginie; Hsu, Li Chieh
14Dec-2007Towards female preferences in design - A pilot studyXue, L. ; Yen, C.C. 
157-May-2020Ultra-portable low-cost improvised powered air-purifying respirator: feasibility study.Khoo, Deborah; Yen, Ching-Chiuan ; Chow, Wai Tung ; Jain, Pravar; Loh, Ne-Hooi Will ; Teo, Wei Wei; Koh, Calvin
161-Nov-2018Virtual breast oncoplastic surgery simulator (VBOSS): A novel training tool in breast surgeryLIM GEOK HOON ; LEE JIEYING ; YEN CHING-CHIUAN 
176-May-2017Virtual interactive human anatomy: Dissecting the domain, navigating the politics, creating the impossibleLU WEIQUAN ; SURESH PILLAI ; RAJENDRAN,KANAGASUNTHERAM ; Kitamura, Y; YEN CHING-CHIUAN ; Do, EYL
181-Jan-2019WindyWall: Exploring Creative Wind SimulationsTolley, David ; Thi, Ngoc Tram Nguyen ; Tang, Anthony ; Ranasinghe, Nimesha ; Kawauchi, Kensaku ; Yen, Ching-Chiuan