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Chow, V.T.K.
Chow, V.
Chow, V.T.
Chow, V.T.-K.
Chow, Tak Kwong Vincent
Chow, T.K.V.
Chow, V.T.K.
Tak Kwong Chow, Vincent


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120102009 Influenza A(H1N1) seroconversion rates and risk factors among distinct adult cohorts in SingaporeChen, M.I.C. ; Lee, V.J.M. ; Lim, W.-Y. ; Koh, G.C.H. ; Tan, L.W.L.; Chia, K.S. ; Yap, J.; Barr, I.G.; Laurie, K.; Shaw, R.; Durrant, C.; Kelso, A.; Lin, R.T.P.; Lin, C.; Cook, A.R. ; Loh, J.; Leo, Y.S.; Tan, B.H. ; Chow, V.T.K. 
22016A clinically authentic mouse model of enterovirus 71 (EV-A71)-induced neurogenic pulmonary oedemaVictorio, C.B.L ; Xu, Y; Ng, Q; Chua, B.H; Alonso, S ; Chow, V.T.K ; Chua, K.B
32018A Co-culture Model of PBMC and Stem Cell Derived Human Nasal Epithelium Reveals Rapid Activation of NK and Innate T Cells Upon Influenza A Virus Infection of the Nasal EpitheliumLuukkainen A. ; Puan K.J.; Yusof N.; Lee B.; Tan K.S.; Liu J. ; Yan Y. ; Toppila-Salmi S.; Renkonen R.; Chow V.T. ; Rotzschke O.; Wang Y. 
410-Sep-2008A combined computational-experimental analyses of selected metabolic enzymes in Pseudomonas speciesPerumal, D.; Chu, S.L.; Chow, V.T.K. ; Sakharkar, K.R.; Sakharkar, M.K.
52001A comparative study of cervical cytology, colposcopy and PCR for HPV in female sex workers in SingaporeChan, R.; Khoo, L.; Ho, T.H.; Koh, C.F.; Lee, I.W.; Yam, K.L.; Chandra, D.; Pang, M.; Chow, V. 
62015A monoclonal antibody binds to threonine 49 in the non-structural 1 protein of influenza A virus and interferes with its ability to modulate viral replicationBarnwal, Bhaskar ; Mok, Chee Keng ; Wu, Jianping; Diwakar, Mandakhalikar Kedar Edar; GARVITA GUPTA ; Zeng, Qi; Chow, Tak Kwong Vincent ; Song, Jianxing ; Yuan, Yu-Ren Adam ; Tan, Yee Joo 
72004A novel genomics approach for the identification of drug targets in pathogens, with special reference to Pseudomonas aeruginosaSakharkar, K.R.; Sakharkar, M.K. ; Chow, V.T.K. 
82014A Novel Universal Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody against Enterovirus 71 That Targets the Highly Conserved "Knob" Region of VP3 ProteinKiener T.K.; Jia Q.; Meng T.; Chow V.T.K. ; Kwang J.
92006A prospective clinical study on the use of reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for the early diagnosis of dengue feverSingh, K.; Chiu, L.-L.; Koay, E.S.C. ; Lale, A.; Tambyah, P. ; Ooi, E.E. ; Chow, V.T.K. 
102005A seroprevalence survey of dengue virus infection in healthy Singapore university undergraduates by enzyme immunoassay and plaque reduction neutralization testChow, V.T.K. ; Lim, C.S. ; Phoon, M.C.; Tan, H.C. 
112009Adaptation of human influenza H3N2 virus in a mouse pneumonitis model: insights into viral virulence, tissue tropism and host pathogenesisNarasaraju, T.; Ng, H.H.; Phoon, M.C.; Chow, V.T.K. ; Sim, M.K. ; Shanker, N.; Lal, S.K.
122014Aging exacerbates damage and delays repair of alveolar epithelia following influenza viral pneumoniaYin L.; Zheng D.; Limmon G.V.; Leung N.H.N.; Xu S.; Rajapakse J.C.; Yu H. ; Chow V.T.K. ; Chen J.
131993Alternative splicing of the p53 tumor suppressor gene in the Molt-4 T-lymphoblastic leukemia cell lineChow, V.T.K. ; Quek, H.H.; Tock, E.P.C. 
142007Antibacterial activity of snake, scorpion and bee venoms: A comparison with purified venom phospholipase A2enzymesSamy, R.P. ; Gopalakrishnakone, P. ; Thwin, M.M. ; Chow, T.K.V. ; Bow, H. ; Yap, E.H. ; Thong, T.W.J.
152004Antisense abrogation of DENN expression induces apoptosis of leukemia cells in vitro, causes tumor regression in vivo and alters the transcription of genes involved in apoptosis and the cell cycleLim, K.M. ; Yeo, W.S.; Chow, V.T.K. 
1624-Jun-2016Antiviral activity of Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis against Coxsackievirus A and Enterovirus 71 infection in human skeletal muscle and colon cell linesAng L.Y.E. ; Too H.K.I. ; Tan E.L. ; Chow T.-K.V. ; Shek P.-C.L. ; Tham E. ; Alonso S. 
172006Apoptosis Gene Information System - AGISSakharkar, K.R. ; Chow, V.T.K. ; Clement, M.V. ; Pervaiz, S. 
182010Attenuated Bordetella pertussis protects against highly pathogenic influenza A viruses by dampening the cytokine stormLi, R. ; Lim, A. ; Phoon, M.C.; Narasaraju, T.; Ng, J.K.W.; Chow, V.T. ; Alonso, S. ; Poh, W.P. ; Sim, M.K. ; Locht, C.
191986Bacterial and mycotic otological infections in SingaporeChow, V.T.K. ; Ho, B. ; Hong, G.S.; Liu, T.C.
202016Biochemical and structural characterization of the interface mediating interaction between the influenza A virus non-structural protein-1 and a monoclonal antibodyWu, J; Mok, C.-K ; Chow, V.T.K ; Yuan, Y.A ; Tan, Y.-J