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12011A computational approach to understanding gastrointestinal motility in health and diseasePoh, Y.C.; Buist, M.L. 
22009A mathematical model to study the regulation of active stress production in GI smooth muscleGajendiran, V.; Buist, M.L. 
3Sep-2010A model of slow wave propagation and entrainment along the stomachBuist, M.L. ; Corrias, A. ; Poh, Y.C.
42009A Novel Method to Describe and Share Complex Mathematical Models of Cellular PhysiologyNickerson, D.P. ; Buist, M.L. 
5Jun-2012A novel nonlinear viscoelastic solid modelChung, C.W.; Buist, M.L. 
628-May-2009A physiome standards-based model publication paradigmNickerson, D.P. ; Buist, M.L. 
7Dec-2011A preliminary model of gastrointestinal electromechanical couplingDu, P.; Poh, Y.C.; Lim, J.L.; Gajendiran, V.; Orgrady, G.; Buist, M.L. ; Pullan, A.J.; Cheng, L.K.
8Mar-2011A quantitative description of active force generation in gastrointestinal smooth muscleGajendiran, V.; Buist, M.L. 
9Sep-2007A quantitative model of gastric smooth muscle cellular activationCorrias, A. ; Buist, M.L. 
1017-Aug-2012A quantitative model of human jejunal smooth muscle cell electrophysiologyPoh, Y.C.; Corrias, A. ; Cheng, N.; Buist, M.L. 
117-Jul-2010An extended bidomain framework incorporating multiple cell typesBuist, M.L. ; Poh, Y.C.
127-Mar-2007Anatomically realistic multiscale models of normal and abnormal gastrointestinal electrical activityCheng, L.K.; Komuro, R.; Austin, T.M.; Buist, M.L. ; Pullan, A.J.
132006Anatomically realistic torso model for studying the relative decay of gastric electrical and magnetic fieldsCheng, L.K.; Buist, M.L. ; Pullan, A.J.
142013Antral recirculation in the stomach during gastric mixingImai, Y.; Kobayashi, I.; Ishida, S.; Ishikawa, T.; Buist, M. ; Yamaguchi, T.
152005Cardiac electromechanics and the forward/inverse problems of electrocardiologyBuist, M.L. ; Smith, N.P.; Pullan, A.J.
16Aug-2006Computational simulations of the human magneto- and electroenterogramLin, A.S.; Buist, M.L. ; Cheng, L.K.; Smith, N.P.; Pullan, A.J.
172008Interactive reference descriptions of cellular electrophysiology modelsNickerson, D. ; Buist, M. 
182008Interactive reference descriptions of cellular electrophysiology models.Nickerson, D. ; Buist, M. 
1921-Sep-2006Modelling slow wave activity in the small intestineLin, A.S.-H.; Buist, M.L. ; Smith, N.P.; Pullan, A.J.
20Dec-2005Modelling the passive and nerve activated response of the rectus femoris muscle to a flexion loading: A finite element frameworkFernandez, J.W.; Buist, M.L. ; Nickerson, D.P.; Hunter, P.J.