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Choi Hyung Won
Choi, H.-W.
Choi, H.
Choi, Hyung Won
Choi, Hyungwon
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A latent variable approach for meta-analysis of gene expression data from multiple microarray experimentsChoi H. ; Shen R.; Chinnaiyan A.M.; Ghosh D.
22015A web-tool for visualizing quantitative protein-protein interaction dataKnight, James David Randall; Liu, Guomin; Zhang, Jianping; Pasculescu, Adrian; Choi, Hyung Won ; Gingras, Anne Claude
3Sep-2012Analyzing protein-protein interactions from affinity purification-mass spectrometry data with SAINTChoi, H. ; Liu, G.; Mellacheruvu, D.; Tyers, M.; Gingras, A.-C.; Nesvizhskii, A.I.
4May-2012Computational detection of protein complexes in AP-MS experimentsChoi, H. 
52008Global associations between copy number and transcript mRNA microarray data: An empirical studyGu W.; Choi H. ; Ghosh D.
618-Jun-2012Label-free quantitative proteomics reveals differentially regulated proteins in the latex of sticky diseased Carica papaya L. plantsRodrigues, S.P.; Ventura, J.A.; Aguilar, C.; Nakayasu, E.S.; Choi, H. ; Sobreira, T.J.P.; Nohara, L.L.; Wermelinger, L.S.; Almeida, I.C.; Zingali, R.B.; Fernandes, P.M.B.
72019Large-scale lipidomics identifies associations between plasma sphingolipids and T2DM incidenceChew, Wee Siong ; Torta, Federico ; Ji, Shanshan ; Choi, Hyungwon ; Begum, Husna; Sim, Xueling ; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Khoo, Eric Yin Hao ; Ong, Wei-Yi ; Van Dam, Rob M; Wenk, Markus R ; Tai, E Shyong ; Herr, Deron R 
8Nov-2013LuciPHOr: Algorithm for phosphorylation site localization with false localization rate estimation using modified target-decoy approachFermin, D.; Walmsley, S.J.; Gingras, A.-C.; Choi, H. ; Nesvizhskii, A.I.
92015Mammographic breast density and common genetic variants in breast cancer risk predictionLee C.P.L.; Choi H. ; Soo K.C. ; Tan M.-H.; Chay W.Y.; Chia K.S. ; Liu J. ; Li J. ; Hartman M. 
102011Metabolites of purine nucleoside Phosphorylase (NP) in serum have the potential to delineate Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaVareed S.K.; Bhat V.B.; Thompson C.; Vasu V.T.; Fermin D.; Choi H. ; Creighton C.J.; Gayatri S.; Lan L.; Putluri N.; Thangjam G.S.; Kaur P.; Shabahang M.; Giri J.G.; Nesvizhskii A.I.; Asea A.A.A.; Cashikar A.G.; Rao A.; McLoughlin J.; Sreekumar A.
112014Micro-RNAs in regenerating lungs: an integrative systems biology analysis of murine influenza pneumoniaTan Kai Sen ; Choi Hyung Won ; Jiang Xiaoou ; Yin Lu; SEET JU EE ; Volker Patzel ; Engelward, Bevin P.; CHOW TAK KWONG,VINCENT 
121-Jul-2011MSblender: A probabilistic approach for integrating peptide identifications from multiple database search enginesKwon, T.; Choi, H. ; Vogel, C.; Nesvizhskii, A.I.; Marcotte, E.M.
133-Jan-2014PECA: A novel statistical tool for deconvoluting time-dependent gene expression regulationTeo, G.; Vogel, C.; Ghosh, D.; Kim, S.; Choi, H. 
145-Apr-2019Plasma Protein and MicroRNA Biomarkers of Insulin Resistance: A Network-Based Integrative -Omics AnalysisChoi, Hyungwon ; Koh, Hiromi WL; Zhou, Lihan ; Cheng, He ; Loh, Tze Ping ; Rizi, Ehsan Parvaresh; Toh, Sue Anne; Ronnett, Gabriele; Huang, Bevan E; Khoo, Chin Meng 
1519-Nov-2013Protein interaction network of the mammalian hippo pathway reveals mechanisms of kinase-phosphatase interactionsCouzens, A.L.; Knight, J.D.R.; Kean, M.J.; Teo, G.; Weiss, A.; Dunham, W.H.; Lin, Z.-Y.; Bagshaw, R.D.; Sicheri, F.; Pawson, T.; Wrana, J.L.; Choi, H. ; Gingras, A.-C.
161-Feb-2013Proteomic analysis of trypanosoma cruzi secretome: Characterization of two populations of extracellular vesicles and soluble proteinsBayer-Santos, E.; Aguilar-Bonavides, C.; Rodrigues, S.P.; Cordero, E.M.; Marques, A.F.; Varela-Ramirez, A.; Choi, H. ; Yoshida, N.; Da Silveira, J.F.; Almeida, I.C.
17Oct-2013Refractive errors and age-related macular degeneration: A systematic review and meta-analysisPan, C.-W.; Ikram, M.K.; Cheung, C.Y. ; Choi, H.-W. ; Cheung, C.-M.G.; Jonas, J.B.; Saw, S.-M. ; Wong, T.-Y. 
182-Dec-2013Reinvestigation of aminoacyl-TRNA synthetase core complex by affinity purification-mass spectrometry reveals TARSL2 as a potential member of the complexKim, K.; Park, S.-J.; Na, S.; Kim, J.S.; Choi, H. ; Kim, Y.K.; Paek, E.; Lee, C.
196-Apr-2012SAINT-MS1: Protein-protein interaction scoring using label-free intensity data in affinity purification-mass spectrometry experimentsChoi, H. ; Glatter, T.; Gstaiger, M.; Nesvizhskii, A.I.
20Mar-2013Sparsely correlated hidden Markov models with application to genome-wide location studiesChoi, H. ; Fermin, D.; Nesvizhskii, A.I.; Ghosh, D.; Qin, Z.S.