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Tergaonkar Vinay
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11-Aug-2017Aberrant activation of the GIMAP enhancer by oncogenic transcription factors in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaLiau, W-S ; Tan, SH ; Ngoc, PCT ; Wang, CQ; Tergaonkar, V ; Feng, H; Gong, Z ; Osato, M ; Look, AT; Sanda, T 
22015An oncogenic role of Agrin in regulating focal adhesion integrity in hepatocellular carcinomaChakraborty, S; Lakshmanan, M; Swa, H.L.F; Chen, J; Zhang, X; Ong, Y.S; Loo, L.S; Aklncllar, S.C; Gunaratne, J ; Tergaonkar, V ; Hui, K.M; Hong, W 
316-Aug-2021Chromatin interaction neural network (ChINN): a machine learning-based method for predicting chromatin interactions from DNA sequencesCao, Fan ; Zhang, Yu; Cai, Yichao; Animesh, Sambhavi; Zhang, Ying; Akincilar, Semih Can; Loh, Yan Ping; Li, Xinya; Chng, Wee Joo ; Tergaonkar, Vinay ; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Fullwood, Melissa J 
49-Apr-2021Coding and non-coding roles of MOCCI (C15ORF48) coordinate to regulate host inflammation and immunityLee, CQE ; Kerouanton, B ; Chothani, S ; Zhang, S ; Chen, Y; Mantri, CK ; Hock, DH; Lim, R ; Nadkarni, R; Huynh, VT; Lim, D; Chew, WL ; Zhong, FL; Stroud, DA; Schafer, S ; Tergaonkar, V ; St John, AL ; Rackham, OJL ; Ho, L 
52017Current insights to regulation and role of telomerase in human diseasesOzturk, M.B; Li, Y; Tergaonkar, V 
62020ELKS1 controls mast cell degranulation by regulating the transcription of Stxbp2 and Syntaxin 4 via Kdm2b stabilizationLam, H.Y.; Arumugam, S.; Bae, H.G.; Wang, C.C.; Jung, S.; St. John, A.L.; Hong, W.; Han, W.; Tergaonkar, V. 
72016Erratum: Phosphoprotein network analysis of white adipose tissues unveils deregulated pathways in response to high-fat diet (Scientific Reports (2016) 6 (25844) DOI: 10.1038/srep25844)Alli Shaik, A.; Qiu, B.; Wee, S.; Choi, H.; Gunaratne, J. ; Tergaonkar, V. 
82018Evidence for the involvement of the master transcription factor NF-κB in cancer initiation and progressionPuar, Y.R; Shanmugam, M.K ; Fan, L ; Arfuso, F; Sethi, G ; Tergaonkar, V 
92018GNA13 expression promotes drug resistance and tumor-initiating phenotypes in squamous cell cancersRasheed, S.A.K ; Leong, H.S; Lakshmanan, M; Raju, A; Dadlani, D ; Chong, F.-T; Shannon, N.B; Rajarethinam, R; Skanthakumar, T; Tan, E.Y; Hwang, J.S.G ; Lim, K.H ; Tan, D.S.-W ; Ceppi, P; Wang, M ; Tergaonkar, V ; Casey, P.J ; Iyer, N.G 
1029-Jan-2021H3K27me3-rich genomic regions can function as silencers to repress gene expression via chromatin interactionsCai, Yichao ; Zhang, Ying ; Loh, Yan Ping ; Tng, Jia Qi ; Lim, Mei Chee ; Cao, Zhendong; Raju, Anandhkumar; Lieberman Aiden, Erez; Li, Shang ; Manikandan, Lakshmanan; Tergaonkar, Vinay ; Tucker-Kellogg, Greg ; Fullwood, Melissa Jane 
112-Dec-2021High-dose drug heat map analysis for drug safety and efficacy in multi-spheroid brain normal cells and GBM patient-derived cellsLee, Sang-Yun; Teng, Yvonne; Son, Miseol; Ku, Bosung; Moon, Ho Sang; Tergaonkar, Vinay ; Chow, Pierce Kah-Hoe ; Lee, Dong Woo; Nam, Do-Hyun
122018HoxC5 and miR-615-3p target newly evolved genomic regions to repress hTERT and inhibit tumorigenesisYan, T ; Ooi, W.F; Qamra, A ; Cheung, A ; Ma, D ; Sundaram, G.M; Xu, C ; Xing, M; Poon, L ; Wang, J ; Loh, Y.P ; Ho, J.H.J; Ng, J.J.Q; Ramlee, M.K; Aswad, L ; Rozen, S.G ; Ghosh, S ; Bard, F.A ; Sampath, P ; Tergaonkar, V ; Davies, J.O.J; Hughes, J.R; Goh, E ; Bi, X; Fullwood, M.J ; Tan, P ; Li, S 
132017Ikk2 regulates cytokinesis during vertebrate developmentShen, H ; Shin, E.M; Lee, S; Mathavan, S; Koh, H ; Osato, M ; Choi, H ; Tergaonkar, V ; Korzh, V
142017Inhibition of NUCKS Facilitates Corneal Recovery Following Alkali BurnPoon, M.-W; Jiang, D; Qin, P; Zhang, Y; Qiu, B; Chanda, S; Tergaonkar, V ; Li, Q; Wong, I.Y; Yu, Z; Tse, H.-F; Wong, D.S.H; Lian, Q
1521-Sep-2021Mast cells: Therapeutic targets for COVID-19 and beyondLam, Hiu Yan ; Tergaonkar, Vinay ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Ahn, Kwang Seok
1624-Jun-2021Matriptase activation of gq drives epithelial disruption and inflammation via RSK and DUOXMa, Jiajia; Scott, Claire A.; Ho, Ying Na; Mahabaleshwar, Harsha; Marsay, Katherine S.; Zhang, Changqing; Teow, Christopher Kj; Ng, Ser Sue; Zhang, Weibin; Tergaonkar, Vinay ; Partridge, Lynda J.; Roy, Sudipto ; Amaya, Enrique; Carney, Tom J.
172020Mechanisms of allergen-specific immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis and food allergiesLam, H.Y. ; Tergaonkar, V. ; Ahn, K.S.
182018Meeting Report: The 8th Barossa Meeting - Cell Signaling in Cancer Medicine in the Barossa Valley, AustraliaGomez, G.A; Woodcock, J.M; Tergaonkar, V ; Gregory, P.A
1926-Sep-2018Mitochondrial uncoupling reveals a novel therapeutic opportunity for p53-defective cancersKumar, R ; Coronel, L; Somalanka, B; Raju, A; Aning, OA; An, O ; Ho, YS; Chen, S; Mak, SY; Hor, PY; Yang, H ; Lakshmanan, M ; Itoh, H; Tan, SY ; Lim, YK ; Wong, APC ; Chew, SH; Huynh, TH ; Goh, BC ; Lim, CY ; Tergaonkar, V ; Cheok, CF 
2018-Feb-2021Non-canonical roles of canonical telomere binding proteins in cancersAkincilar, Semih Can; Chan, Claire Hian Tzer; Ng, Qin Feng; Fidan, Kerem; Tergaonkar, Vinay