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Hong Pheng Amos Loh


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12017Clinical management of pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma in Singapore: missed opportunities for genetic testingChew, W.H.W; Courtney, E; Lim, K.H; Li, S.T; Chen, Y; Tan, M.H; Chung, A; Khoo, J; Loh, A ; Soh, S.Y ; Iyer, P ; Loh, L.M; Ngeow, J 
22013Dissecting the PI3K signaling axis in pediatric solid tumors: Novel targets for clinical integrationLoh, A.H ; Brennan, R.C; Lang, W.H; Hickey, R.J; Malkas, L.H; Sandoval, J.A
327-Dec-2022Histone variant H3.3 promotes metastasis in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.Karthik, Nandini ; Lee, Jane Jia Hui ; Soon, Joshua Ling Jun ; Chiu, Hsin Yao ; Loh, Amos Hong Pheng ; Ong, Derrick Sek Tong ; Tam, Wai Leong ; Taneja, Reshma 
414-Oct-2021Integrated Genomic Profiling and Drug Screening of Patient-Derived Cultures Identifies Individualized Copy Number-Dependent Susceptibilities Involving PI3K Pathway and 17q Genes in NeuroblastomaWong, Rachel LY; Wong, Megan RE; Kuick, Chik Hong; Saffari, Seyed Ehsan ; Wong, Meng Kang ; Tan, Sheng Hui; Merchant, Khurshid ; Chang, Kenneth TE ; Thangavelu, Matan; Periyasamy, Giridharan; Chen, Zhi Xiong; Iyer, Prasad ; Tan, Enrica EK; Soh, Shui Yen ; Iyer, N Gopalakrishna ; Fan, Qiao ; Loh, Amos HP 
521-Aug-2020Massively parallel single-molecule telomere length measurement with digital real-time PCRLuo, Y.; Viswanathan, R. ; Hande, M.P. ; Loh, A.H.P. ; Cheow, L.F. 
630-Jun-2022Mutations of 1p genes do not consistently abrogate tumor suppressor functions in 1p-intact neuroblastomaKuick, Chik Hong; Tan, Jia Ying; Jasmine, Deborah; Sumanty, Tohari; Ng, Alvin YJ; Venkatesh, Byrrappa; Chen, Huiyi; Loh, Eva; Jain, Sudhanshi ; Seow, Wan Yi; Ng, Eileen HQ; Lian, Derrick WQ ; Soh, Shui Yen ; Chang, Kenneth TE ; Chen, Zhi Xiong ; Loh, Amos HP 
713-Sep-2022Pro-metastatic and mesenchymal gene expression signatures characterize circulating tumor cells of neuroblastoma patients with bone marrow metastases and relapseLoh, Amos HP ; Angelina, Clara ; Wong, Meng Kang ; Tan, Sheng Hui; Sukhatme, Sarvesh A ; Yeo, Trifanny ; Lim, Su Bin; Lee, York Tien ; Soh, Shui Yen ; Leung, Wing; Chang, Kenneth TE ; Chua, Yong Wei; Alkaff, Syed MF; Lim, Tony KH; Lim, Chwee Teck ; Chen, Zhi Xiong 
82016XAF1 promotes neuroblastoma tumor suppression and is required for KIF1B?-mediated apoptosisChoo, Z ; Koh, R.Y.L; Wallis, K; Koh, T.J.W; Kuick, C.H; Sobrado, V; Kenchappa, R.S; Loh, A.H.P ; Soh, S.Y ; Schlisio, S; Chang, K.T.E ; Chen, Z.X