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12008Capecitabine-induced oromandibular dystonia: A case report and literature reviewNgeow J.Y.Y. ; Prakash K.M. ; Chowbay B. ; Quek S.T. ; Choo S.-P.
22016Clinical and molecular characteristics of East Asian patients with von Hippel-Lindau syndromeWong, M; Chu, Y.-H; Tan, H.L; Bessho, H; Ngeow, J ; Tang, T ; Tan, M.-H 
32017Clinical management of pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma in Singapore: missed opportunities for genetic testingChew, W.H.W; Courtney, E; Lim, K.H; Li, S.T; Chen, Y; Tan, M.H; Chung, A; Khoo, J; Loh, A ; Soh, S.Y ; Iyer, P ; Loh, L.M; Ngeow, J 
42015Correction: The Singapore Liver Cancer Recurrence (SLICER) score for relapse prediction in patients with surgically resected hepatocellular carcinomaAng S.F.; Ng E.S.-H.; Li H. ; Ong Y.-H.; Choo S.P. ; Ngeow J. ; Toh H.C.; Lim K.H. ; Yap H.Y.; Tan C.K.; Ooi L.L.P.J. ; Cheow P.C. ; Chung A.Y.F. ; Chow P.K.H. ; Foo K.F.; Tan M.-H. 
531-Jul-2020European polygenic risk score for prediction of breast cancer shows similar performance in Asian womenWeang-Kee Ho; Min-Min Tan; Nasim Mavaddat; Mei-Chee Tai; Shivaani Mariapun; Jingmei Li ; Peh-Joo Ho ; Joe Dennis; Jonathan P. Tyrer; Manjeet K. Bolla; Kyriaki Michailidou; Qin Wang; Daehee Kang; Ji-Yeob Choi; Suniza Jamaris; Xiao-Ou Shu; Sook-Yee Yoon; Sue K. Park; Sung-Won Kim; Chen-Yang Shen; Jyh-Cherng Yu; Ern Yu Tan; Patrick Mun Yew Chan ; Kenneth Muir; Artitaya Lophatananon; Anna H. Wu; Daniel O. Stram; Keitaro Matsuo; Hidemi Ito; Ching Wan Chan ; Joanne Ngeow ; Wei Sean Yong ; Swee Ho Lim; Geok Hoon Lim ; Ava Kwong; Tsun L. Chan; Su Ming Tan; Jaime Seah; Esther M. John; Allison W. Kurian; Woon-Puay Koh ; Chiea Chuen Khor ; Motoki Iwasaki; Taiki Yamaji; Kiak Mien Veronique Tan ; Kiat Tee Benita Tan ; John J. Spinelli; Kristan J. Aronson; Siti Norhidayu Hasan; Kartini Rahmat; Anushya Vijayananthan; Xueling Sim ; Paul D. P. Pharoah; Wei Zheng; Alison M. Dunning; Jacques Simard; Rob Martinus van Dam ; Cheng-Har Yip; Nur Aishah Mohd Taib; Mikael Hartman ; Douglas F. Easton; Soo-Hwang Teo; Antonis C. Antoniou
62020Functional characterisation guides classification of novel BAP1 germline variantsHong, J.H.; Chong, S.T.; Lee, P.-H. ; Tan, J.; Heng, H.L.; Ishak, N.D.B.; Chan, S.H.; Teh, B.T. ; Ngeow, J. 
72015Germline and somatic SDHx alterations in apparently sporadic differentiated thyroid cancerNi, Y; Seballos, S; Ganapathi, S; Gurin, D; Fletcher, B; Ngeow, J ; Nagy, R; Kloos, R.T; Ringel, M.D; LaFramboise, T; Eng, C
82016Germline hemizygous deletion of CDKN2A-CDKN2B locus in a patient presenting with Li-Fraumeni syndromeChan, S.H; Lim, W.K ; Michalski, S.T; Lim, J.Q; Ishak, N.D.B; Met-Domestici, M; Young, C.N.C; Vikstrom, K; Esplin, E.D; Fulbright, J; Ang, M.K ; Wee, J ; Sittampalam, K; Farid, M ; Lincoln, S.E; Itahana, K ; Abdullah, S; Teh, B.T ; Ngeow, J 
92017Germline Mutations in Cancer Predisposition Genes are Frequent in Sporadic SarcomasChan, S.H; Lim, W.K ; Ishak, N.D.B; Li, S.-T; Goh, W.L; Tan, G.S; Lim, K.H ; Teo, M ; Young, C.N.C; Malik, S ; Tan, M.H ; Teh, J.Y.H; Chin, F.K.C ; Kesavan, S; Selvarajan, S ; Tan, P ; Teh, B.T ; Soo, K.C ; Farid, M ; Quek, R ; Ngeow, J 
102015Hereditary Syndromes Manifesting as Endometrial Carcinoma: How Can Pathological Features Aid Risk Assessment?Wong, A ; Ngeow, J 
112016Inherited breast cancer predisposition in Asians: Multigene panel testing outcomes from SingaporeWong, E.S.Y; Shekar, S; Met-Domestici, M; Chan, C; Sze, M; Yap, Y.S ; Rozen, S.G ; Tan, M.-H; Ang, P; Ngeow, J ; Lee, A.S.G 
122020Multiple neoplasia in a patient with Gitelman syndrome harboring germline monoallelic MUTYH mutationChan, J.Y.; Toh, M.R.; Chong, S.T.; Ishak, N.D.B.; Kolinjivadi, A.M.; Chan, S.H.; Lee, E.; Boot, A. ; Shao-Tzu, L.; Chew, M.-H.; Ngeow, J. 
132016Precision medicine in heritable cancer: When somatic tumour testing and germline mutations meetNgeow, J ; Eng, C
142018Predictors of next-generation sequencing panel selection using a shared decision-making approachCourtney, E; Li, S.-T; Shaw, T; Chen, Y; Allen, J.C ; Ngeow, J 
152019PRL3-zumab as an immunotherapy to inhibit tumors expressing PRL3 oncoproteinThura M.; Al-Aidaroos A.Q.; Gupta A. ; Chee C.E. ; Lee S.C. ; Hui K.M. ; Li J.; Guan Y.K. ; Yong W.P. ; So J. ; Chng W.J. ; Ng C.H. ; Zhou J. ; Wang L.Z. ; Yuen J.S.P. ; Ho H.S.S. ; Yi S.M.; Chiong E. ; Choo S.P. ; Ngeow J. ; Ng M.C.H. ; Chua C. ; Yeo E.S.A. ; Tan I.B.H. ; Sng J.X.E.; Tan N.Y.Z.; Thiery J.P. ; Goh B.C. ; Zeng Q. 
162018Whole exome sequencing identifies recessive germline mutations in FAM160A1 in familial NK/T cell lymphomaChan, J.Y ; Ng, A.Y.J; Cheng, C.L; Nairismägi, M.-L; Venkatesh, B ; Cheah, D.M.Z; Li, S.-T; Chan, S.H; Ngeow, J ; Laurensia, Y; Lim, J.Q; Pang, J.W.L; Nagarajan, S; Song, T; Chia, B; Tan, J; Huang, D; Goh, Y.T ; Poon, E; Somasundaram, N; Tao, M ; Quek, R.H.H ; Farid, M ; Khor, C.C ; Bei, J.-X; Tan, S.Y ; Lim, S.T ; Ong, C.K; Tang, T 
172015Whole-exome sequencing of breast cancer, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor and neurofibroma from a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1McPherson, J.R ; Ong, C.-K; Ng, C.C.-Y; Rajasegaran, V; Heng, H.-L; Yu, W.S.-S; Tan, B.K.-T ; Madhukumar, P ; Teo, M.C.-C ; Ngeow, J ; Thike, A.-A; Rozen, S.G ; Tan, P.-H; Lee, A.-G ; Teh, B.-T ; Yap, Y.-S