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Li, Huihua


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12015Association analysis of COQ2 variant in dementia and essential tremorChao Y.X. ; Ng E.Y.L.; Li H. ; Nagaendran K. ; Yih Y. ; Chong M.S.; Prakash K.M. ; Tan L. ; Au W.L. ; Zhao Y.; Zhou Z.D. ; Tio M.; Pavanni R. ; Tan E.K. 
22017B vitamins and cognition in subjects with small vessel disease: A Substudy of VITATOPS, a randomized, placebo-controlled trialTing S.K.S. ; Earnest A. ; Li H. ; Hameed S. ; Chang H.M. ; Chen C.L.H. ; Tan E.-K. 
32018High densities of tumor-associated plasma cells predict improved prognosis in triple negative breast cancerYeong J.; Lim J.C.T.; Lee B.; Li H. ; Chia N.; Ong C.C.H.; Lye W.K. ; Putti T.C. ; Dent R. ; Lim E. ; Thike A.A. ; Tan P.H. ; Iqbal J. 
42011Lingo2 variants associated with essential tremor and Parkinson's diseaseWu Y.-W.; Prakash K.M. ; Rong T.-Y.; Li H.-H. ; Xiao Q.; Tan L.C. ; Au W.-L. ; Ding J.-Q.; Chen S.-D.; Tan E.-K. 
52016PARK16 is associated with PD in the Malaysian populationGopalai A.A.; Ahmad-Annuar A.; Li H.-H. ; Zhao Y.; Lim S.-Y.; Tan A.H.; Lim T.T.; Eow G.B.; Santhi P.; Shanthi V.; Norlinah M.I.; Aziz Z.A.; Lim S.K.; Tan C.T.; Tan E.-K. 
62016Putaminal Diffusivity Correlates with Disease Progression in Parkinson's DiseaseChan L.-L. ; Ng K.-M.; Yeoh C.-S.; Rumpel H. ; Li H.-H. ; Tan E.-K. 
72016Revisiting the link between hypertension and hemifacial spasmLeong J.-L.; Li H.-H. ; Chan L.-L. ; Tan E.-K. 
82016Susceptibility-weighted MRI of extrapyramidal brain structures in Parkinsonian disordersSchneider E. ; Ng K.-M.; Yeoh C.-S.; Rumpel H. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Li H.-H. ; Tan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. 
92015The Singapore Liver Cancer Recurrence (SLICER) Score for relapse prediction in patients with surgically resected hepatocellular carcinomaAng, Soofan; Ng, Elizabeth Shu Hui; Li, Huihua ; Ong, Yuhan; Choo, Supin; Ngeow, Joanne Y Y; Toh, Hanchong; Lim, Kiathon; Yap, Haoyun; Tan, Cheekiat; Ooi, London Lucien Peng Jin; Chung, Alexander; CHOW KAH-HOE,PIERCE ; Foo, Kianfong; Tan, Minhan; Cheow, Peng Chung
102016Vascular tortuosity in relationship with hypertension and posterior fossa volume in hemifacial spasmEdmond E.C.; Sim S.-L.; Li H.-H. ; Tan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L.