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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Comparing Pancreaticoduodenectomy Versus Limited Resection for Duodenal Gastrointestinal Stromal TumorsChok, A.-Y.; Koh, Y.-X.; Ow, M.Y.L.; Allen Jr., J.C. ; Goh, B.K.P. 
21-Mar-2014Age and gender - Specific changes in left ventricular systolic function in human volunteersZhong, L.; Huang, F.-Q.; Tan, L.-K.; Allen, J.C. ; Ding, Z.-P. ; Kassab, G.; Tan, R.-S. 
31-Jan-2015Association between body mass index and risk of total knee replacement, the Singapore Chinese Health StudyLeung, Ying Ying ; Allen, John Carson ; Noviani, Maria; Ang, Liwei; Wang, R; Yuan, Jianmin; Koh, Woon Puay 
42018Association of LRRK2 haplotype with age at onset in Parkinson diseaseXiao B.; Deng X.; Ng E.Y.-L.; Allen J.C. ; Jr.; Lim S.-Y.; Ahmad-Annuar A.; Tan E.-K. 
519-Jun-2018BIM Deletion Polymorphism Profiling Complements Prognostic Values of Risk Scores in Imatinib-treated Asian Chronic Myeloid Leukemia PatientsHein Than; Weng Kit Lye ; Colin Sng; John Allen, S. ; Tiong Ong ; Charles Chuah 
62016Characteristics and influence of home literacy environment in early childhood-centered literacy orientationSandra Sylvia Mascarenhas ; Rajesh Moorakonda; Pratibha Agarwal; Sok Bee Lim ; Sonoko Sensaki; Yap Seng Chong ; John Carson Allen ; Lourdes Mary Daniel 
71-Mar-2015Clinical evolution of Parkinson's disease and prognostic factors affecting motor progression: 9-year follow-up studyReinoso, G.; Allen, J.C. ; Au, W.-L.; Seah, S.-H.; Tay, K.-Y.; Tan, L.C.S. 
8Mar-2013Depression and anxiety in Singaporean high-risk pregnancies - prevalence and screeningThiagayson, P.; Krishnaswamy, G.; Lim, M.L. ; Sung, S.C. ; Haley, C.L. ; Fung, D.S.S. ; Allen, J.C. ; Chen, H. 
9Sep-2012Diagnosis of anomalous origin and course of coronary arteries using non-contrast cardiac CT scan and detection featuresJappar, I.A. ; Chua, T. ; Htoo, M.M.A.; Cheah, F.K. ; Allen, J.C. ; Tan, S.Y. 
1031-Jan-2019Ethnic and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Differences In Incidence and Survival From Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest In SingaporeAnnisa Rakun; JOHN ALLEN ; Nur Shahidah; NG YIH YNG ; Benjamin Sieu-Hon Leong; Han Nee Gan; Desmond Mao; Michael Yih Chong Chia; Si Oon Cheah; Lai Peng Tham; Marcus Eng Hock Ong 
1121-Nov-2017Extracellular vesicle yield predictive pre-eclampsia biomarkersKok Hian Tan; Soon Sim Tan; Mor Jack Ng; Wan Shi Tey; Wei Kian Sim; JOHN ALLEN ; Sai Lim 
12Oct-2012Median approval times for class III medical devices have been well above statutory deadlines set for FDA and CMSZinn, A.M.; Allen, J.C. ; Hacker, C.S.
1310-Apr-2019Modeling Doctor Visits using a Right Censored Zero-Inflated Conway Maxwell Poisson RegressionSeyed Ehsan Saffar ; Robiah Adnan; Majid Hashemi Fard; Vitor Marchi; Francisco Louzada; John Allen ; Adeleh Hashemi Fard; William H. Greene 
143-Oct-2013Myocardial contractile dysfunction associated with increased 3-month and 1-year mortality in hospitalized patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fractionZhong, L.; Ng, K.K.C.; Sim, L.L.; Allen, J.C. ; Lau, Y.H.; Sim, D.K.L.; Lee, R.K.K.; Poh, K.K.; Chua, T.S.J. ; Kassab, G.S.; Kwok, B.W.K.; Tan, R.S. 
152013New medical devices: The authors replyZinn, A.M.; Allen, J.C. ; Hacker, C.S.
162016Normative Values of Hand Grip Strength for Elderly Singaporeans Aged 60 to 89 Years: A Cross-Sectional StudyMalhotra R. ; Ang S. ; Allen J.C. ; Tan N.C.; TRULS OSTBYE ; Saito Y. ; Chan A. 
172-Apr-2014Percutaneous pin removal in the outpatient clinic - Do children require analgesia? A randomized controlled trialLim, K.B.L.; Tan, S.S.; Abdullah, S.N.S.; Ong, L.-L.; Wong, M.-L.; Allen, J.C. 
182011Sample size calculation for two independent groups: A useful rule of thumbAllen Jr., J.C. 
192015Short-term trajectories of use of a caloric-monitoring mobile phone app among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a primary care settingGoh G.; Tan N.C. ; Malhotra R. ; Padmanabhan U.; Barbier S.; Allen J.C.Jr. ; Østbye T. 
20Feb-2012Single center retrospective analysis of BU-based conditioning regimens in allogeneic transplantationWong, A.M.; Allen, J.C. ; Goh, Y.T. ; Linn, Y.C. ; Loh, S.M.Y.; Diong, C.P.; Chowbay, B.; Hwang, W.Y.K.