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Tan, M.-H.
Tan, M.H.


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12016A five-gene reverse transcription-PCR assay for pre-operative classification of breast fibroepithelial lesionsTan, W.J; Cima, I; Choudhury, Y; Wei, X; Lim, J.C.T; Thike, A.A; Tan, M.-H ; Tan, P.H 
22015Association of ABCB1 and FLT3 polymorphisms with toxicities and survival in asian patients receiving sunitinib for renal cell carcinomaChu Y.-H.; Li H. ; Tan H.S.; Koh V.; Lai J.; Phyo W.M.; Choudhury Y.; Kanesvaran R. ; Chau N.M.; Toh C.K.; Ng Q.S.; Tan P.H.; Chowbay B. ; Tan M.-H. 
32010Comparison of the UCLA Integrated Staging System and the Leibovich Score in Survival Prediction for Patients With Nonmetastatic Clear Cell Renal Cell CarcinomaTan, M.-H. ; Kanesvaran, R.; Tan, H.L.; Teh, B.T. ; Chia, K.S. ; Li, H.; Tan, P.H. ; Wong, C.F.; Chong, T.W. ; Yuen, J.
42015Correction: The Singapore Liver Cancer Recurrence (SLICER) score for relapse prediction in patients with surgically resected hepatocellular carcinomaAng S.F.; Ng E.S.-H.; Li H. ; Ong Y.-H.; Choo S.P. ; Ngeow J. ; Toh H.C.; Lim K.H. ; Yap H.Y.; Tan C.K.; Ooi L.L.P.J. ; Cheow P.C. ; Chung A.Y.F. ; Chow P.K.H. ; Foo K.F.; Tan M.-H. 
512-May-2010Genomic expression and single-nucleotide polymorphism profiling discriminates chromophobe renal cell carcinoma and oncocytomaTan, M.-H. ; Wong, C.F.; Tan, H.L.; Yang, X.J.; Ditlev, J.; Matsuda, D.; Khoo, S.K.; Sugimura, J.; Fujioka, T.; Furge, K.A.; Kort, E.; Giraud, S.; Ferlicot, S.; Vielh, P.; Amsellem-Ouazana, D.; Debré, B.; Flam, T.; Thiounn, N.; Zerbib, M.; Benoît, G.; Droupy, S.; Molinié, V.; Vieillefond, A.; Tan, P.H.; Richard, S.; Teh, B.T.
618-Dec-2008Identification of copy number alterations and its association with pathological features in clear cell and papillary RCCMatsuda, D.; Khoo, S.K.; Massie, A.; Iwamura, M.; Chen, J.; Petillo, D.; Wondergem, B.; Avallone, M.; Kloostra, S.J.; Tan, M.-H. ; Koeman, J.; Zhang, Z.; Kahnoski, R.J.; Baba, S.; Teh, B.T. 
72017Patient-specific hepatocyte-like cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells model pazopanib-mediated hepatotoxicityChoudhury, Y; Toh, Y.C ; Xing, J; Qu, Y; Poh, J; Huan, L; Tan, H.S; Kanesvaran, R ; Yu, H ; Tan, M.-H 
82015Predictive factors for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing in an asian clinic-based populationWong E.S.Y.; Shekar S.; Chan C.H.T.; Hong L.Z.; Poon S.-Y.; Silla T. ; Lin C.; Kumar V. ; Davila S. ; Voorhoeve M. ; Thike A.A. ; Ho G.H. ; Yap Y.S. ; Tan P.H. ; Tan M.-H. ; Ang P.; Lee A.S.G. 
9Jul-2012Prospective audit of post-chemotherapy febrile neutropenia in patients with solid cancer and lymphoma in two Singaporean cancer centresWong, M.; Jin, J.; Tan, M.H. ; Lee, Y.M. ; Lee, T.E.; Ding, Y. ; Yong, H.C.; Lim, S.E.; Chai, L.Y.; Chau, N.M. ; Hsu, L.Y. 
102010ReplyTan, M.-H. ; Kanesvaran, R.; Li, H.; Tan, H.L.; Tan, P.H.; Wong, C.F.; Chia, K.S. ; Teh, B.T.; Yuen, J.; Chong, T.W.
11Sep-2008Somatic pairing of chromosome 19 in renal oncocytoma is associated with deregulated ELGN2-mediated oxygen-sensing responseKoeman, J.M.; Russell, R.C.; Tan, M.-H. ; Petillo, D.; Westphal, M.; Koelzer, K.; Metcalf, J.L.; Zhang, Z.; Matsuda, D.; Dykema, K.J.; Houseman, H.L.; Kort, E.J.; Furge, L.L.; Kahnoski, R.J.; Richard, S.; Vieillefond, A.; Swiatek, P.J.; Teh, B.T. ; Ohh, M.; Furge, K.A.