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Hanry Yu
Yu, H.
Yu, Y.-J.H.
Yu, Hanry
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1201725-Hydroxyvitamin D3 induces osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cellsLou, Y.-R; Toh, T.C ; Tee, Y.H ; Yu, H 
220063D hepatocyte monolayer on hybrid RGD/galactose substratumDu, Y.; Chia, S.-m. ; Han, R.; Chang, S. ; Tang, H.; Yu, H. 
32018A 3D microfluidic model to recapitulate cancer cell migration and invasionToh, Y.-C ; Raja, A; Yu, H ; Van Noort, D
45-Aug-2013A Cellular Pathway Involved in Clara Cell to Alveolar Type II Cell Differentiation after Severe Lung InjuryZheng, D.; Limmon, G.V.; Yin, L.; Leung, N.H.N.; Yu, H. ; Chow, V.T.K.; Chen, J.
52005A configurable three-dimensional microenvironment in a microfluidic channel for primary hepatocyte cultureToh, Y.-C.; Ng, S.; Khong, Y.M.; Samper, V. ; Yu, H. 
62008A gel-free 3D microfluidic cell culture systemOng, S.-M.; Zhang, C.; Toh, Y.-C.; Foo, H.L.; van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Tan, C.H. ; Kim, S.H.; Park, S.
72015A method for human teratogen detection by geometrically confined cell differentiation and migrationXing, Jiangwa; Toh, Yichin ; Xu, Shuoyu; Yu, Hanry 
82009A microfluidic 3D hepatocyte chip for drug toxicity testingToh, Y.-C.; Lim, T.C.; Tai, D.; Xiao, G.; Van, Noort D.; Yu, H. 
92001A new nerve guide conduit material composed of a biodegradable poly(phosphoester)Wang, S. ; Wan, A.C.A.; Xu, X.; Gao, S.; Leong, K.W.; Yu, H. ; Mao, H.-Q. 
102007A novel 3D mammalian cell perfusion-culture system in microfluidic channelsToh, Y.-C.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, J.; Khong, Y.M.; Samper, V.D.; Van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Chang, S. 
112017A perfusion incubator liver chip for 3D cell culture with application on chronic hepatotoxicity testingYu, F; Deng, R; Hao Tong, W ; Huan, L; Chan Way, N; Islambadhan, A; Iliescu, C ; Yu, H 
122007A practical guide to microfluidic perfusion culture of adherent mammalian cellsKim, L.; Voldman, J.; Toh, Y.-C.; Yu, H. 
13Feb-2011A robust high-throughput sandwich cell-based drug screening platformZhang, S.; Tong, W.; Zheng, B.; Susanto, T.A.K.; Xia, L.; Zhang, C.; Ananthanarayanan, A.; Tuo, X. ; Sakban, R.B.; Jia, R.; Iliescu, C.; Chai, K.-H. ; McMillian, M.; Shen, S.; Leo, H. ; Yu, H. 
141-Jun-2017Actomyosin contractility drives bile regurgitation as an early response during obstructive cholestasisGupta, Kapish ; Li, Qiushi ; Fan, Jun Jun; Fong, Eliza Li Shan ; Song, Ziwei; Mo, Shupei; Tang, Haoyu ; Ng, Inn Chuan ; Ng, Chan Way ; Pawijit, Pornteera; Zhuo, Shuangmu; Dong, Chen-Yuan; Low, Boon Chuan ; Wee, Aileen ; Dan, Yock Young ; Kanchanawong, Pakorn ; So, Peter; Viasnoff, Virgile ; Yu, Hanry 
152014Aging exacerbates damage and delays repair of alveolar epithelia following influenza viral pneumoniaYin L.; Zheng D.; Limmon G.V.; Leung N.H.N.; Xu S.; Rajapakse J.C.; Yu H. ; Chow V.T.K. ; Chen J.
162005An engineered microenvironment for multidimensional microscopy of live cellsLin, P.-C.; Yu, H. ; Cheng, P.-C.
172002An estimate of the contribution of spherical aberration and self-shadowing in confocal and multi-photon fluorescent microscopyCheng, P.C.; Hibbs, A.R.; Yu, H. ; Lin, P.C.; Cheng, W.Y.
182012An integrated coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering and multiphoton imaging technique for liver disease diagnosisLin, J.; Lu, F. ; Zheng, W. ; Yu, H. ; Sheppard, C. ; Huang, Z. 
19Jan-2003Antisense telomerase induced cell growth inhibition, cell cycle arrest and telomerase activity down-regulation in gastric and colon cancer cellsWong, S.C.H.; Yu, H. ; Moochhala, S.M.; So, J.B.Y.
202005Application of a polyelectrolyte complex coacervation method to improve seeding efficiency of bone marrow stromal cells in a 3D culture systemToh, Y.-C.; Yu, H. ; Ho, S.T.; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Zhou, Y.