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Wai Sam, Christopher Cheng
Cheng, C.W.S.
Cheng, C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A unique case of spontaneous regression of metastatic papillary renal cell carcinoma: A case reportLim, R; Tan, P.H; Cheng, C ; Agasthian, T; Tan, H.L; Teh, B.T ; Tan, M.-H 
22012Combination of the ERK inhibitor AZD6244 and low-dose sorafenib in a xenograft model of human renal cell carcinomaYuen, J.S.P ; Sim, M.Y; Sim, H.G ; Chong, T.W ; Lau, W.K.O ; Cheng, C.W.S ; Ong, R.W; Huynh, H 
32009Effect of ageing and body mass index on prostate-specific antigen levels among Chinese men in Singapore from a community-based studyChia, S.-E. ; Lau, W.K.O. ; Lee, J.; Cheng, C. ; Chin, C.M. ; Tan, J.; Ho, S.H.
42009Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour MEST of the kidney: A clinicopathological report of three casesMohd, Zam N.A.B.; Lau, W.K.O. ; Yip, S.K.H.; Cheng, C.W.S. ; Tan, P.H. 
52004Phased-array magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate with correlation to radical prostatectomy specimens: Local experienceKwek J.-W. ; Thng C.-H. ; Tan P.-H. ; Yuen J.S.-P. ; Khoo J.B.-K. ; Quek S.-T. ; Ho J.T.-S. ; Tan K.-P.; Cheng C.W.-S. 
62017VHL deficiency drives enhancer activation of oncogenes in clear cell renal cell carcinomaYao, X; Tan, J; Lim, K.J ; Koh, J; Ooi, W.F; Li, Z; Huang, D; Xing, M; Chan, Y.S; Qu, J.Z; Tay, S.T ; Wijaya, G; Lam, Y.N; Hong, J.H ; Lee-Lim, A.P; Guan, P; Ng, M.S.W; He, C.Z; Lin, J.S; Nandi, T; Qamra, A ; Xu, C ; Myint, S.S; Davies, J.O.J; Goh, J.Y; Loh, G; Tan, B.C; Rozen, S.G ; Yu, Q ; Tan, I.B.H ; Cheng, C.W.S ; Li, S ; Chang, K.T.E ; Tan, P.H; Silver, D.L ; Lezhava, A; Steger, G; Hughes, J.R; Teh, B.T ; Tan, P