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Bin Tean Teh
Teh, B.T.
Teh, B.-T.
Teh Bin Tean
Teh, Bin Tean


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120103D-CT implanted interstitial brachytherapy for T2b nasopharyngeal carcinomaRen, Y.-F; Gao, Y.-H; Cao, X.-P; Ye, W.-J; Teh, B.S 
220143D-image-guided HDR-brachytherapy versus 2D HDR - brachytherapy after external beam radiotherapy for early T-stage nasopharyngeal carcinomaRen, Y.F; Zhao, Q.C; Liu, H; Huang, Y.J; Wang, Z.Y; Cao, X.P; Teh, B.S ; Wen, B.X
320133D-image-guided high-dose-rate intracavitary brachytherapy for salvage treatment of locally persistent nasopharyngeal carcinomaRen, Y.-F; Cao, X.-P; Xu, J; Ye, W.-J; Gao, Y.-H; Teh, B.S ; Wen, B.-X
420-Jun-2022A genomic-augmented multivariate prognostic model for the survival of Natural-killer/T-cell lymphoma patients from an international cohort.Lim, Jing Quan ; Huang, Dachuan ; Chan, Jason Yongsheng; Laurensia, Yurike; Wong, Esther Kam Yin; Cheah, Daryl Ming Zhe; Chia, Burton Kuan Hui; Chuang, Wen-Yu; Kuo, Ming-Chung; Su, Yi-Jiun; Cai, Qing-Qing; Feng, Yanfen; Rao, Huilan; Feng, Li-Na; Wei, Pan-Pan; Chen, Jie-Rong; Han, Bo-Wei; Lin, Guo-Wang; Cai, Jun; Fang, Yu; Tan, Jing; Hong, Huangming; Liu, Yanhui; Zhang, Fen; Li, Wenyu; Poon, Michelle LM; Ng, Siok-Bian ; Jeyasekharan, Anand ; Ha, Jeslin Chian Hung; Khoo, Lay Poh; Chin, Suk Teng; Pang, Wan Lu; Kee, Rebecca; Cheng, Chee Leong ; Grigoropoulos, Nicholas Francis; Tang, Tiffany; Tao, Miriam; Farid, Mohamad ; Puan, Kia Joo; Xiong, Jie; Zhao, Wei-Li; Khor, Chiea Chuen ; Hwang, William; Kim, Won Seog; Campo, Elias; Tan, Patrick ; Teh, Bin Tean ; Chng, Wee-Joo ; Rötzschke, Olaf; Tousseyn, Thomas; Huang, Hui-Qiang; Rozen, Steve; Lim, Soon Thye ; Shih, Lee-Yung; Bei, Jin-Xin; Ong, Choon Kiat 
52005A molecular classification of papillary renal cell carcinomaYang, X.J; Tan, M.-H ; Kim, H.L; Ditlev, J.A; Betten, M.W; Png, C.E; Kort, E.J; Futami, K; Furge, K.A; Takahashi, M; Kanayama, H.-O; Tan, P.H; Teh, B.S; Luan, C; Wang, K; Pins, M; Tretiakova, M; Anema, J; Kahnoski, R; Nicol, T; Stadler, W; Vogelzang, N.G; Amato, R; Seligson, D; Figlin, R; Belldegrun, A; Rogers, C.G; Teh, B.T 
62009A unique case of spontaneous regression of metastatic papillary renal cell carcinoma: A case reportLim, R; Tan, P.H; Cheng, C ; Agasthian, T; Tan, H.L; Teh, B.T ; Tan, M.-H 
72016Accelerated partial breast irradiation: Advances and controversiesAkhtari, M; Teh, B.S 
82019Assessment of different strategies for scalable production and proliferation of human myoblastsChua, M.-W.J.; Yildirim, E.D.; Tan, J.-H.E. ; Chua, Y.-J.B. ; Low, S.-M.C.; Ding, S.L.S.; Li, C.-W.; Jiang, Z.; Teh, B.T. ; Yu, K.; Shyh-Chang, N.
92010Birt-Hogg-Dubé renal tumors are genetically distinct from other renal neoplasias and are associated with up-regulation of mitochondrial gene expressionKlomp J.A.; Petillo D.; Niemi N.M.; Dykema K.J.; Chen J.; Yang X.J.; Sääf A.; Zickert P.; Aly M.; Bergerheim U.; Nordenskjöld M.; Gad S.; Giraud S.; Denoux Y.; Yonneau L.; Méjean A.; Vasiliu V.; Richard S.; MacKeigan J.P.; Teh B.T. ; Furge K.A.
102013Blueprint for the development of low carbon society scenarios for Asian regions- case study of Iskandar MalaysiaHo, C.S; Matsuoka, Y; Chau, L.W; Teh, B.T ; Simson, J.J; Gomi, K
112016Chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer: opportunities for advancementAkhtari, M; Bernicker, E.H; Teh, B.S 
122014Chronic Kidney Disease and Upper Tract Urothelial CarcinomasWang L.-J.; Nortier J.L.; Teh B.T. ; Chuang C.-K.; Lee S.-Y.
1312-Feb-2021Clinical implications of systemic and local immune responses in human angiosarcomaChan, Jason Yongsheng ; Tan, Grace Fangmin; Yeong, Joe; Ong, Chee Wee; Ng, Dave Yong Xiang; Lee, Elizabeth; Koh, Joanna; Ng, Cedric Chuan-Young; Lee, Jing Yi; Liu, Wei; Wong, Ru Xin; Ong, Chin-Ann Johnny; Farid, Mohamad ; Teh, Bin Tean ; Soo, Khee Chee 
142010Comparative gene expression profiling analysis of urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvis and bladderZhang Z.; Furge K.A.; Yang X.J.; Teh B.T. ; Hansel D.E.
152010Comparison of the UCLA Integrated Staging System and the Leibovich Score in Survival Prediction for Patients With Nonmetastatic Clear Cell Renal Cell CarcinomaTan, M.-H. ; Kanesvaran, R.; Tan, H.L.; Teh, B.T. ; Chia, K.S. ; Li, H.; Tan, P.H. ; Wong, C.F.; Chong, T.W. ; Yuen, J.
165-Jul-2021Correction to: Family history assessment significantly enhances delivery of precision medicine in the genomics era (Genome Medicine, (2021), 13, 1, (3), 10.1186/s13073-020-00819-1)Bylstra, Yasmin; Lim, Weng Khong ; Kam, Sylvia; Tham, Koei Wan ; Wu, R. Ryanne; Teo, Jing Xian ; Davila, Sonia ; Kuan, Jyn Ling ; Chan, Sock Hoai ; Bertin, Nicolas; Yang, Cheng Xi; Rozen, Steve ; Teh, Bin Tean ; Yeo, Khung Keong ; Cook, Stuart Alexander ; Jamuar, Saumya Shekhar ; Ginsburg, Geoffrey S.; Orlando, Lori A.; Tan, Patrick 
171-Apr-2013CUL3 and NRF2 mutations confer an NRF2 activation phenotype in a sporadic form of papillary renal cell carcinomaOoi, A.; Dykema, K.; Ansari, A.; Petillo, D.; Snider, J.; Kahnoski, R.; Anema, J.; Craig, D.; Carpten, J.; Teh, B.-T. ; Furge, K.A.
182008Deficiency of FLCN in mouse kidney led to development of polycystic kidneys and renal neoplasiaChen J.; Futami K.; Petillo D.; Peng J.; Wang P.; Knol J.; Li Y.; Khoo S.-K.; Huang D.; Qian C.-N.; Zhao P.; Dykyma K.; Zhang R.; Cao B.; Yang X.J.; Furge K.; Williams B.O.; Teh B.T. 
192014Determinant factors of industrial symbiosis: Greening Pasir Gudang industrial parkTeh, B.T ; Ho, C.S; Matsuoka, Y; Chau, L.W; Gomi, K
202019Digital phenotyping by consumer wearables identifies sleep-associated markers of cardiovascular disease risk and biological agingTeo, J.X.; Davila, S.; Yang, C.; Hii, A.A.; Pua, C.J.; Yap, J.; Tan, S.Y.; Sahlén, A.; Chin, C.W.-L.; Teh, B.T. ; Rozen, S.G.; Cook, S.A.; Yeo, K.K.; Tan, P. ; Lim, W.K.