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Khong W.X.
Lim, Weng Khong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Beyond fitness tracking: The use of consumer-grade wearable data from normal volunteers in cardiovascular and lipidomics researchLim W.K. ; Davila S. ; Teo J.X.; Yang C.; Pua C.J.; Blöcker C. ; Lim J.Q.; Ching J. ; Yap J.J.L.; Tan S.Y.; Sahlén A.; Chin C.W.-L.; Teh B.T.; Rozen S.G.; Cook S.A. ; Yeo K.K.; Tan P.
22020Evaluation of family health history collection methods impact on data and risk assessment outcomesWu, R.R.; Sultana, R.; Bylstra, Y.; Jamuar, S. ; Davila, S. ; Lim, W.K. ; Ginsburg, G.S.; Orlando, L.A.; Yeo, K.K. ; Cook, S.A. ; Tan, P. 
32016Germline hemizygous deletion of CDKN2A-CDKN2B locus in a patient presenting with Li-Fraumeni syndromeChan, S.H; Lim, W.K ; Michalski, S.T; Lim, J.Q; Ishak, N.D.B; Met-Domestici, M; Young, C.N.C; Vikstrom, K; Esplin, E.D; Fulbright, J; Ang, M.K ; Wee, J ; Sittampalam, K; Farid, M ; Lincoln, S.E; Itahana, K ; Abdullah, S; Teh, B.T ; Ngeow, J 
42017Germline Mutations in Cancer Predisposition Genes are Frequent in Sporadic SarcomasChan, S.H; Lim, W.K ; Ishak, N.D.B; Li, S.-T; Goh, W.L; Tan, G.S; Lim, K.H ; Teo, M ; Young, C.N.C; Malik, S ; Tan, M.H ; Teh, J.Y.H; Chin, F.K.C ; Kesavan, S; Selvarajan, S ; Tan, P ; Teh, B.T ; Soo, K.C ; Farid, M ; Quek, R ; Ngeow, J 
52015Pathogenesis of cholangiocarcinoma: From genetics to signalling pathwaysKongpetch, Sarinya; Jusakul, Apinya ; Ong, Choonkiat; Lim, Weng Khong ; Rozen, Steve G.; Tan, Boon Ooi Patrick ; Teh, Bin Tean 
62017Recognizing the Continuous Nature of Expression Heterogeneity and Clinical Outcomes in Clear Cell Renal Cell CarcinomaWei, X; Choudhury, Y; Lim, W.K ; Anema, J; Kahnoski, R.J; Lane, B; Ludlow, J; Takahashi, M; Kanayama, H.-O; Belldegrun, A; Kim, H.L; Rogers, C; Nicol, D; Teh, B.T ; Tan, M.-H 
72017The draft genome of tropical fruit durian (Durio zibethinus)Teh B.T. ; Lim K. ; Yong C.H. ; Ng C.C.Y. ; Rao S.R. ; Rajasegaran V.; Lim W.K. ; Ong C.K. ; Chan K.; Cheng V.K.Y.; Soh P.S.; Swarup S. ; Rozen S.G. ; Nagarajan N. ; Tan P.