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Cook, Stuart A
Cook S.A.
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12015A bi-ventricular cardiac atlas built from 1000+ high resolution MR images of healthy subjects and an analysis of shape and motionBai W.; Shi W.; de Marvao A.; Dawes T.J.W.; O'Regan D.P.; Cook S.A. ; Rueckert D.
22017A comparative study of mutation screening of sarcomeric genes (MYBPC3, MYH7, TNNT2) using single gene approach versus targeted gene panel next generation sequencing in a cohort of HCM patients in EgyptKassem H.S.; Walsh R.; Barton P.J.; Abdelghany B.S.; Azer R.S.; Buchan R.; John S.; Elguindy A.; Moharem-ElGamal S.; Badran H.M.; Shehata H.; Cook S.A. ; Yacoub M.H.
32014A family of oxide ion conductors based on the ferroelectric perovskite Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3Li M.; Pietrowski M.J.; De Souza R.A.; Zhang H.; Reaney I.M.; Cook S.N. ; Kilner J.A.; Sinclair D.C.
42018A gene-centric strategy for identifying disease-causing rare variants in dilated cardiomyopathyHorvat C.; Johnson R.; Lam L.; Munro J.; Mazzarotto F.; Roberts A.M. ; Herman D.S.; Parfenov M.; Haghighi A.; McDonough B.; DePalma S.R.; Keogh A.M.; Macdonald P.S.; Hayward C.S.; Roberts A.; Barton P.J.R.; Felkin L.E.; Giannoulatou E.; Cook S.A. ; Seidman J.G.; Seidman C.E.; Fatkin D.
52011A genome-wide association study identifies two loci associated with heart failure due to dilated cardiomyopathyVillard E.; Perret C.; Gary F.; Proust C.; Dilanian G.; Hengstenberg C.; Ruppert V.; Arbustini E.; Wichter T.; Germain M.; Dubourg O.; Tavazzi L.; Aumont M.-C.; De Groote P.; Fauchier L.; Trochu J.-N.; Gibelin P.; Aupetit J.-F.; Stark K.; Erdmann J.; Hetzer R.; Roberts A.M.; Barton P.J.R.; Regitz-Zagrosek V.; Consortium C.; Aslam U.; Duboscq-Bidot L.; Meyborg M.; Maisch B.; Madeira H.; Waldenström A.; Galve E.; Cleland J.G.; Dorent R.; Roizes G.; Zeller T.; Blankenberg S.; Goodall A.H.; Cook S. ; Tregouet D.A.; Tiret L.; Isnard R.; Komajda M.; Charron P.; Cambien F.
62010A trans-acting locus regulates an anti-viral expression network and type 1 diabetes riskHeinig M.; Petretto E.; Wallace C.; Bottolo L.; Rotival M.; Lu H.; Li Y.; Sarwar R.; Langley S.R.; Bauerfeind A.; Hummel O.; Lee Y.-A.; Paskas S.; Rintisch C.; Saar K.; Cooper J.; Buchan R.; Gray E.E.; Cyster J.G.; Jeanette Erdmann; Hengstenberg C.; Maouche S.; Ouwehand W.H.; Rice C.M.; Samani N.J.; Schunkert H.; Goodall A.H.; Schulz H.; Roider H.G.; Vingron M.; Blankenberg S.; M�nzel T.; Zeller T.; Szymczak S.; Ziegler A.; Tiret L.; Smyth D.J.; Pravenec M.; Aitman T.J.; Cambien F.; Clayton D.; Todd J.A.; Hubner N.; Cook S.A. ; Braund P.; Gracey J.; Krishnan U.; Moore J.S.; Nelson C.P.; Pollard H.; Attwood T.; Crisp-Hihn A.; Foad N.; Jolley J.; Lloyd-Jones H.; Muir D.; Murray E.; O'Leary K.; Rankin A.; Sambrook J.; Godfroy T.; Brocheton J.; Proust C.; Schmitz G.; Heimerl S.; Lugauer I.; Belz S.; Gulde S.; Linsel-Nitschke P.; Sager H.; Schroeder L.; Lundmark P.; Syvannen A.-C.; Neudert J.; Scholz M.; Deloukas P.; Gray E.; Gwilliams R.; Niblett D.
72003A20 is dynamically regulated in the heart and inhibits the hypertrophic responseCook S.A. ; Novikov M.S.; Ahn Y.; Matsui T.; Rosenzweig A.
82010Abnormal myocardial insulin signalling in type 2 diabetes and left-ventricular dysfunctionCook S.A. ; Varela-Carver A.; Mongillo M.; Kleinert C.; Khan M.T.; Leccisotti L.; Strickland N.; Matsui T.; Das S.; Rosenzweig A.; Punjabi P.; Camici P.G.
91999Activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinases and p38-mitogen-activated protein kinases in human heart failure secondary to ischaemic heart diseaseCook S.A. ; Sugden P.H.; Clerk A.
102016Acute myocardial infarction: Susceptibility-weighted cardiac MRI for the detection of reperfusion haemorrhage at 1.5 TDurighel G.; Tokarczuk P.F.; Karsa A.; Gordon F.; Cook S.A. ; O'Regan D.P.
112015Alternative Splicing Signatures in RNA-seq Data: Percent Spliced in (PSI)Schafer S.; Miao K. ; Benson C.C.; Heinig M.; Cook S.A. ; Hubner N.
122018Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and SegmentationOktay O.; Ferrante E.; Kamnitsas K.; Heinrich M.; Bai W.; Caballero J.; Cook S.A. ; De Marvao A.; Dawes T.; O'Regan D.P.; Kainz B.; Glocker B.; Rueckert D.
132010Anomalous oxidation states in multilayers for fuel cell applicationsPerkins J.M.; Fearn S.; Cook S.N. ; Srinivasan R.; Rouleau C.M.; Christen H.M.; West G.D.; Morris R.J.H.; Fraser H.L.; Skinner S.J.; Kilner J.A.; McComb D.W.
142009Are transgenic mice the 'alkahest' to understanding myocardial hypertrophy and failure?Cook S.A. ; Clerk A.; Sugden P.H.
152017Assessing exercise cardiac reserve using real-time cardiovascular magnetic resonanceLe T.-T.; Bryant J.A.; Ting A.E.; Ho P.Y.; Su B.; Teo R.C.C.; Gan J.S.-J.; Chung Y.-C.; O’Regan D.P.; Cook S.A. ; Chin C.W.-L.
162010Assessment of severe reperfusion injury with T2* cardiac MRI in patients with acute myocardial infarctionO'Regan D.P.; Ariff B.; Neuwirth C.; Tan Y.; Durighel G.; Cook S.A. 
172017Association between midwall late gadolinium enhancement and sudden cardiac death in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and mild and moderate left ventricular systolic dysfunctionHalliday B.P.; Gulati A.; Ali A.; Guha K.; Newsome S.; Arzanauskaite M.; Vassiliou V.S.; Lota A.; Izgi C.; Tayal U.; Khalique Z.; Stirrat C.; Auger D.; Pareek N.; Ismail T.F.; Rosen S.D.; Vazir A.; Alpendurada F.; Gregson J.; Frenneaux M.P.; Cowie M.R.; Cleland J.G.F.; Cook S.A. ; Pennell D.J.; Prasad S.K.
182013Association of fibrosis with mortality and sudden cardiac death in patients with nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathyGulati A.; Jabbour A.; Ismail T.F.; Guha K.; Khwaja J.; Raza S.; Morarji K.; Brown T.D.H.; Ismail N.A.; Dweck M.R.; Di Pietro E.; Roughton M.; Wage R.; Daryani Y.; O'Hanlon R.; Sheppard M.N.; Alpendurada F.; Lyon A.R.; Cook S.A. ; Cowie M.R.; Assomull R.G.; Pennell D.J.; Prasad S.K.
192011Bayesian detection of expression quantitative traitSpots L.H.; Bottolo L.; Petretto E.; Blankenberg S.; Cambien F.; Cook S.A. ; Tiret L.; Richardson S.
202015Bayesian models for syndrome- and gene-specific probabilities of novel variant pathogenicityRuklisa D.; Ware J.S.; Walsh R.; Balding D.J.; Cook S.A.