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12014A retrospective analysis of myocardial preservation techniques during coronary artery bypass graft surgery: are we protecting the heart?Candilio, L; Malik, A; Ariti, C; Khan, S.A; Barnard, M; Di Salvo, C; Lawrence, D.R; Hayward, M.P; Yap, J.A; Sheikh, A.M; McGregor, C.G; Kolvekar, S.K; Hausenloy, D.J ; Yellon, D.M; Roberts, N
22017Age and surgical complexity impact on renoprotection by remote ischemic preconditioning during adult cardiac surgery: A meta analysisZhou, C; Bulluck, H; Fang, N; Li, L; Hausenloy, D.J 
315-Jan-2019Air pollution in relation to very short-term risk of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: Case-crossover analysis of SWEDEHEARTSahlen, Anders ; Ljungman, Petter; Erlinge, David; Chan, Mark Y ; Yap, Jonathan ; Hausenloy, Derek J ; Yeo, Khung Keong ; Jernberg, Tomas
42017Assessing the effects of mitofusin 2 deficiency in the adult heart using 3D electron tomographyKalkhoran, S.B; Hall, A.R; White, I.J; Cooper, J; Fan, Q ; Ong, S.-B ; Hernández-Reséndiz, S ; Cabrera-Fuentes, H ; Chinda, K; Chakraborty, B ; Dorn, G.W; Yellon, D.M; Hausenloy, D.J 
519-Mar-2021Association between smoking status and outcomes in myocardial infarction patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionSia, Ching-Hui ; Ko, Junsuk; Zheng, Huili ; Ho, Andrew Fu-Wah; Foo, David; Foo, Ling-Li; Lim, Patrick Zhan-Yun; Liew, Boon Wah ; Chai, Ping ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Chua, Terrance; Chan, Mark Yan-Yee ; Tan, Jack Wei Chieh ; Bulluck, Heerajnarain; Hausenloy, Derek J 
62016Automated Extracellular Volume Fraction Mapping Provides Insights Into the Pathophysiology of Left Ventricular Remodeling Post-Reperfused ST-Elevation Myocardial InfarctionBulluck, H; Rosmini, S; Abdel-Gadir, A; White, S.K; Bhuva, A.N; Treibel, T.A; Fontana, M; Gonzalez-Lopez, E; Reant, P; Ramlall, M; Hamarneh, A; Sirker, A; Herrey, A.S; Manisty, C; Yellon, D.M; Kellman, P; Moon, J.C; Hausenloy, D.J 
72020Beta-blockers and renin-angiotensin system inhibitors in acute myocardial infarction managed with inhospital coronary revascularizationSim, H.W.; Zheng, H.; Richards, A. Mark; Chen, R.W.; Sahlen, A.; Yeo, K.-K.; Tan, J.W.; Chua, T.; Tan, H.C. ; Yeo, T.C. ; Ho, H.H.; Liew, B.-W.; Foo, L.L.; Lee, C.-H. ; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Chan, M.Y. 
82011Cardiovascular magnetic resonance in cardiac sarcoidosis with MR conditional pacemaker in situQuarta G.; Holdright D.R.; Plant G.T.; Harkness A.; Hausenloy D. ; Hyare H.; Moon J.C.
92016Co-dependence of the neural and humoral pathways in the mechanism of remote ischemic conditioningPickard, J.M.J; Davidson, S.M; Hausenloy, D.J ; Yellon, D.M
102016Contrast-induced nephropathy following angiography and cardiac interventionsRear, R; Bell, R.M; Hausenloy, D.J 
112018Coronary microvascular injury in reperfused acute myocardial infarction: A view from an integrative perspectiveSezer, M.; Van Royen, N.; Umman, B.; Bugra, Z.; Bulluck, H.; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Umman, S.
122017Defining left ventricular remodeling following acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction using cardiovascular magnetic resonanceBulluck, H; Go, Y.Y; Crimi, G; Ludman, A.J; Rosmini, S; Abdel-Gadir, A; Bhuva, A.N; Treibel, T.A; Fontana, M; Pica, S; Raineri, C; Sirker, A; Herrey, A.S; Manisty, C; Groves, A; Moon, J.C; Hausenloy, D.J 
1321-Apr-2020Diabetic cardiomyopathy and ischemic heart disease: Prevention and therapy by exercise and conditioningCrisafulli, A.; Pagliaro, P.; Roberto, S.; Cugusi, L.; Mercuro, G.; Lazou, A.; Beauloye, C.; Bertrand, L.; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Aragno, M.; Penna, C.
142017Diagnostic performance of T1 and T2 mapping to detect intramyocardial hemorrhage in reperfused ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patientsBulluck, H; Rosmini, S; Abdel-Gadir, A; Bhuva, A.N; Treibel, T.A; Fontana, M; Gonzalez-Lopez, E; Ramlall, M; Hamarneh, A; Sirker, A; Herrey, A.S; Manisty, C; Yellon, D.M; Moon, J.C; Hausenloy, D.J 
152013Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors and GLP-1 reduce myocardial infarct size in a glucose-dependent mannerHausenloy D.J. ; Whittington H.J.; Wynne A.M.; Begum S.S.; Theodorou L.; Riksen N.; Mocanu M.M.; Yellon D.M.
162014DJ-1 protects against cell death following acute cardiac ischemiareperfusion injuryDongworth, R.K; Mukherjee, U.A; Hall, A.R; Astin, R; Ong, S.-B ; Yao, Z; Dyson, A; Szabadkai, G; Davidson, S.M; Yellon, D.M; Hausenloy, D.J 
172020Editorial: New Advances in RNA TargetingIlinskaya, O.; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A.; Zenkova, M.
182019Effect of ischemic preconditioning and postconditioning on exosome-rich fraction microrna levels, in relation with electrophysiological parameters and ventricular arrhythmia in experimental closed-chest reperfused myocardial infarctionSpannbauer, A.; Traxler, D.; Lukovic, D.; Zlabinger, K.; Winkler, J.; Gugerell, A.; Ferdinandy, P.; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Pavo, N.; Emmert, M.Y.; Hoerstrup, S.P.; Jakab, A.; Gyöngyösi, M.; Riesenhuber, M.
192016Effect of Remote Ischaemic Conditioning in Oncology Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy: Rationale and Design of the ERIC-ONC Study - A Single-Center, Blinded, Randomized Controlled TrialChung, R; Maulik, A; Hamarneh, A; Hochhauser, D; Hausenloy, D.J ; Walker, J.M; Yellon, D.M
201-Aug-2018First Medical Contact-to-Device Time and Heart Failure Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Primary Percutaneous Coronary InterventionLoh, Joshua P ; Tan, Li-Ling ; Zheng, Huili ; Lau, Yee-How; Chan, Siew-Pang ; Tan, Kelvin-Bryan; Chua, Terrance ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Foo, David ; Lee, Chee-Wan ; Tong, Khim-Leng ; Foo, Ling-Li; Hausenloy, Derek ; Sahlen, Anders ; Yeo, Khung-Keong ; Fox, Keith AA; Wang, Tracy Y; Richards, A Mark ; Chan, Mark Y