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111-Jun-2020Deep Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Treatment Endovascular Case using Aspiration and Review of the Various Treatment ModalitiesYeo, Leonard LL ; Lye, Priscillia PS; Yee, Kong Wan; Cunli, Yang; Ming, Tu Tian; Ho, Andrew FW ; Sharma, Vijay K ; Chan, Bernard PL; Tani, Benjamin YQ; Gopinathan, Anil 
22020Heart rate n-variability (HRnV) and its application to risk stratification of chest pain patients in the emergency departmentLiu, N.; Guo, D.; Koh, Z.X.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Xie, F. ; Tagami, T.; Sakamoto, J.T.; Pek, P.P. ; Chakraborty, B. ; Lim, S.H.; Tan, J.W.C.; Ong, M.E.H. 
3Aug-2020Impact of bystander-focused public health interventions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and survival: a cohort studyBlewer, A.L.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Shahidah, N.; White, A.E.; Pek, P.P. ; Ng, Y.Y.; Mao, D.R.; Tiah, L.; Chia, M.Y.-C.; Leong, B.S.-H. ; Cheah, S.O.; Tham, L.P.; Kua, J.P.H.; Arulanandam, S.; Østbye, T. ; Bosworth, H.B.; Ong, M.E.H. 
42020Leveraging machine learning techniques and engineering of multi-nature features for national daily regional ambulance demand predictionLin, A.X.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Cheong, K.H.; Li, Z.; Cai, W.; Chee, M.L.; Ng, Y.Y.; Xiao, X. ; Ong, M.E.H.
52020Long-term trends in ischemic stroke incidence and risk factors: Perspectives from an Asian stroke registryTan, B.Y.Q.; Tan, J.T.C.; Cheah, D.; Zheng, H.; Pek, P.P.; De Silva, D.A.; Ahmad, A.; Chan, B.P.L.; Chang, H.M.; Kong, K.H.; Young, S.H.; Tang, K.F.; Tu, T.M.; Yeo, L.L.-L. ; Venketasubramanian, N.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Ong, M.E.H.
619-Oct-2021Optimal glucose, HbA1c, glucose-HbA1c ratio and stress-hyperglycaemia ratio cut-off values for predicting 1-year mortality in diabetic and non-diabetic acute myocardial infarction patientsSia, Ching-Hui ; Chan, Mervyn Huan-Hao ; Zheng, Huili ; Ko, Junsuk; Ho, Andrew Fu-Wah ; Chong, Jun; Foo, David; Foo, Ling-Li; Lim, Patrick Zhan-Yun; Liew, Boon Wah ; Chai, Ping ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Tan, Huay-Cheem ; Chua, Terrance ; Chan, Mark Yan-Yee ; Tan, Jack Wei Chieh ; Bulluck, Heerajnarain; Hausenloy, Derek J 
72020The Lipid Paradox is present in ST-elevation but not in non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients: Insights from the Singapore Myocardial Infarction RegistrySia, C.-H.; Zheng, H.; Ho, A.F.-W. ; Bulluck, H.; Chong, J.; Foo, D.; Foo, L.-L.; Lim, P.Z.Y.; Liew, B.W.; Tan, H.-C. ; Yeo, T.-C. ; Chua, T.S.J.; Chan, M.Y.-Y. ; Hausenloy, D.J. 
82019Time-Stratified Case Crossover Study of the Association of Outdoor Ambient Air Pollution With the Risk of Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Context of Seasonal Exposure to the Southeast Asian Haze ProblemHo, A.F.W. ; Zheng, H.; Earnest, A.; Cheong, K.H.; Pek, P.P. ; Seok, J.Y. ; Liu, N.; Kwan, Y.H.; Tan, J.W.C.; Wong, T.H.; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Foo, L.L.; Tan, B.Y.Q.; Ong, M.E.H.