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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2021A New Procedure to Assess When Estimates from the Cumulative Link Model Can Be Interpreted as Differences for Ordinal Scales in Quality of Life StudiesNing, Yilin ; Ho, Peh Joo; Stoer, Nathalie C; Lim, Ka Keat; Wee, Hwee-Lin ; Hartman, Mikael ; Reilly, Marie; Tan, Chuen Seng 
22020Associations between early-life screen viewing and 24 hour movement behaviours: findings from a longitudinal birth cohort studyChen B. ; Bernard J.Y.; Padmapriya N. ; NING YILIN ; Cai S. ; Lança, C.; Tan K.H. ; Yap F. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Shek L. ; Godfrey K.M.; Saw S.M. ; Chan S.-Y. ; Eriksson J.G. ; Tan C.S. ; Müller-Riemenschneider, F
31-Feb-2020Handling ties in continuous outcomes for confounder adjustment with rank-ordered logit and its application to ordinal outcomesNing, Yilin ; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Maraki, Angeliki; Ho, Peh Joo; Hodgins, Sheilagh; Comasco, Erika; Nilsson, Kent W; Wagner, Philippe; Khoo, Eric YH ; Tai, E-Shyong ; Kao, Shih Ling; Hartman, Mikael ; Reilly, Marie; Stoer, Nathalie C
42018Quantifying temporal trends of age-standardized rates with oddsTan C.S. ; Støer N.; Ning Y. ; Chen Y. ; Reilly M.
52019Using marginal standardisation to estimate relative risk without dichotomising continuous outcomesChen, Y. ; Ning, Y. ; Kao, S.L. ; Støer, N.C.; Müller-Riemenschneider, F. ; Venkataraman, K. ; Khoo, E.Y.H. ; Tai, E.-S. ; Tan, C.S. 
62016Utilizing distributional analytics and electronic records to assess timeliness of inpatient blood glucose monitoring in non-critical care wardsChen Y. ; Kao S.L. ; Tai E.-S. ; Wee H.L. ; Khoo E.Y.H. ; NING YILIN ; Salloway M.K.; Deng X. ; Tan C.S.