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Eng Hock Ong, M.
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1Aug-2013A composite model of survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest using the cardiac arrest registry to enhance survival (CARES)Abrams, H.C.; McNally, B.; Ong, M. ; Moyer, P.H.; Dyer, K.S.
22016A novel cardiovascular risk stratification model incorporating ECG and heart rate variability for patients presenting to the emergency department with chest painHeldeweg, M.L.A; Liu, N ; Koh, Z.X; Fook-Chong, S; Lye, W.K ; Harms, M; Ong, M.E.H 
3Apr-2013A quantile regression analysis of ambulance response timeDo, Y.K. ; Foo, K. ; Ng, Y.Y. ; Ong, M.E.H. 
4Aug-2012A randomised, double-blind, multi-centre trial comparing vasopressin and adrenaline in patients with cardiac arrest presenting to or in the Emergency DepartmentOng, M.E.H. ; Tiah, L.; Leong, B.S.-H.; Tan, E.C.C.; Ong, V.Y.K.; Tan, E.A.T.; Poh, B.Y.; Pek, P.P.; Chen, Y.
52016Buckling up in Singapore: Residency and other risk factors for seatbelt non-compliance - A cross-sectional study based on trauma registry dataWong T.H. ; Lim G.H. ; Chow K.Y.; Zaw N.N.; Nguyen H.V.; Chin H.C. ; Ong M.E.H. 
62018Cancer patients as frequent attenders in emergency departments: A national cohort studyWong T.H. ; Lau Z.Y.; Ong W.S.; Tan K.B.; Wong Y.J.; Farid M. ; Teo M.C.C. ; Yee A.C.P. ; Nguyen H.V.; Ong M.E.H. ; Iyer N.G. 
7Sep-2010Cardiopulmonary resuscitation interruptions with use of a load-distributing band device during emergency department cardiac arrestOng, M.E.H. ; Annathurai, A.; Shahidah, A.; Leong, B.S.-H. ; Ong, V.Y.K. ; Tiah, L.; Ang, S.H.; Yong, K.L.; Sultana, P.
8Sep-2008Circadian rhythm in cardiac arrest: The Singapore experienceLateef, F.A.; Ong, M.E.H. ; Alfred, T.; Leong, B.S.H.; Ong, V.Y.K.; Tiah, L.; Tham, L.P.; Anantharaman, V.
92016Combining the new injury severity score with an anatomical polytrauma injury variable predicts mortality better than the new injury severity score and the injury severity score: A retrospective cohort studyWong, T.H ; Krishnaswamy, G; Nadkarni, N.V ; Nguyen, H.V ; Lim, G.H; Bautista, D.C.T ; Chiu, M.T; Chow, K.Y; Ong, M.E.H 
10Aug-2008Comparison of chest compression only and standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in SingaporeOng, M.E.H. ; Ng, F.S.P.; Anushia, P.; Tham, L.P.; Leong, B.S.-H.; Ong, V.Y.K.; Tiah, L.; Lim, S.H.; Anantharaman, V.
11Feb-2013Comparison of emergency medical services systems in the pan-Asian resuscitation outcomes study countries: Report from a literature review and surveyOng, M.E. ; Cho, J.; Ma, M.H.-M.; Tanaka, H.; Nishiuchi, T.; Al Sakaf, O.; Abdul Karim, S.; Khunkhlai, N.; Atilla, R.; Lin, C.-H.; Shahidah, N.; Lie, D. ; Shin, S.D.
122017Comparison of quality of chest compressions during training of laypersons using Push Heart and Little Anne manikins using blinded CPRcardsTanaka, S; White, A.E; Sagisaka, R; Chong, G; Ng, E; Seow, J; Mj, N.A; Tanaka, H; Ong, M.E.H 
132011Comparison of supraglottic airway versus endotracheal intubation for the pre-hospital treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrestKajino, K; Iwami, T; Kitamura, T; Daya, M; Ong, M.E.H ; Nishiuchi, T; Hayashi, Y; Sakai, T; Shimazu, T; Hiraide, A; Kishi, M; Yamayoshi, S
142015Composite measures of individual and area-level socio-economic status are associated with visual impairment in SingaporeWah W. ; Earnest A. ; Sabanayagam C. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Ong M.E.H. ; Wong T.Y. ; Lamoureux E.L. 
1530-Jul-2020Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): an evidence map of medical literatureLIU NAN ; Chee, M.L.; Niu, C.; Pek, P.P.; Siddiqui, F.J. ; Ansah, J.P. ; Matchar, D.B. ; Lam, S.S.W. ; Abdullah, H.R.; Chan, A.; Malhotra, R.; Graves, N.; Koh, M.S.; Yoon, S.; Ho, A.F.W.; Ting, D.S.W. ; Low, J.G.H. ; Ong, M.E.H. 
16Jan-2014Dispatcher-assisted bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a metropolitan city: A before-after population-based studySong, K.J.; Shin, S.D.; Park, C.B.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, D.K.; Kim, C.H.; Ha, S.Y.; Eng Hock Ong, M. ; Bobrow, B.J.; McNally, B.
172015Emergency medical services key performance measurement in Asian citiesRahman, N.H; Tanaka, H; Shin, S.D; Ng, Y.Y; Piyasuwankul, T; Lin, C.-H; Ong, M.E.H 
1817-Mar-2016Emergency Medical Services Utilization among Patients with ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Observations from the Singapore Myocardial Infarction RegistryAndrew Ho; En Yun Loy; Pin Pin Pek; Win Wah ; Timothy Xin Zhong Tan; Nan Liu ; Terrance Siang Jin Chua; Tian Hai Koh; Khuan Yew Chow; Marcus Eng Hock Ong 
1931-Jan-2019Ethnic and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Differences In Incidence and Survival From Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest In SingaporeAnnisa Rakun; JOHN ALLEN ; Nur Shahidah; NG YIH YNG ; Benjamin Sieu-Hon Leong; Han Nee Gan; Desmond Mao; Michael Yih Chong Chia; Si Oon Cheah; Lai Peng Tham; Marcus Eng Hock Ong 
202014Evolutionary voting-based extreme learning machinesLiu, N ; Cao, J; Lin, Z; Pek, P.P; Koh, Z.X; Ong, M.E.H