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12016Buckling up in Singapore: Residency and other risk factors for seatbelt non-compliance - A cross-sectional study based on trauma registry dataWong T.H. ; Lim G.H. ; Chow K.Y.; Zaw N.N.; Nguyen H.V.; Chin H.C. ; Ong M.E.H. 
22018Cancer patients as frequent attenders in emergency departments: A national cohort studyWong T.H. ; Lau Z.Y.; Ong W.S.; Tan K.B.; Wong Y.J.; Farid M. ; Teo M.C.C. ; Yee A.C.P. ; Nguyen H.V.; Ong M.E.H. ; Iyer N.G. 
32016Combining the new injury severity score with an anatomical polytrauma injury variable predicts mortality better than the new injury severity score and the injury severity score: A retrospective cohort studyWong, T.H ; Krishnaswamy, G; Nadkarni, N.V ; Nguyen, H.V ; Lim, G.H; Bautista, D.C.T ; Chiu, M.T; Chow, K.Y; Ong, M.E.H 
42018One-year and three-year mortality prediction in adult major blunt trauma survivors: A National Retrospective Cohort AnalysisWong T.H. ; Nadkarni N.V. ; Nguyen H.V. ; Lim G.H. ; Matchar D.B. ; Seow D.C.C. ; King N.K.K. ; Ong M.E.H. 
52018Predictors of Change in Functional Outcome at six months and twelve months after Severe Injury: A Retrospective Cohort StudyTan, A.L; Chiong, Y ; Nadkarni, N; Cheng, J.Y.X; Chiu, M.T; Wong, T.H 
62016The effect of availability of manpower on trauma resuscitation times in a Tertiary Academic HospitalTan T.X.Z.; Quek N.X.E.; Koh Z.X.; Nadkarni N. ; Singaram K.; Ho A.F.W.; Ong M.E.H. ; Wong T.H. 
72015The low fall as a surrogate marker of frailty predicts long-term mortality in older trauma patientsWong T.H. ; Nguyen H.V. ; Chiu M.T.; Chow K.Y.; Ong M.E.H. ; Lim G.H. ; Nadkarni N.V. ; Bautista D.C.T. ; Cheng J.Y.X.; Loo L.M.A.; Seow D.C.C.