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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Jul-2021Assessing unrealised potential for organ donation after out-of-hospital cardiac arrestHo, Andrew Fu Wah ; Tan, Timothy Xin Zhong; Latiff, Ejaz; Shahidah, Nur ; Ng, Yih Yng ; Leong, Benjamin Sieu-Hon ; Lim, Shir Lynn ; Pek, Pin Pin ; Gan, Han Nee ; Mao, Desmond Renhao ; Chia, Michael Yih Chong ; Cheah, Si Oon ; Tham, Lai Peng ; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock 
231-Jan-2019Ethnic and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Differences In Incidence and Survival From Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest In SingaporeAnnisa Rakun; JOHN ALLEN ; Nur Shahidah; NG YIH YNG ; Benjamin Sieu-Hon Leong; Han Nee Gan; Desmond Mao; Michael Yih Chong Chia; Si Oon Cheah; Lai Peng Tham; Marcus Eng Hock Ong 
33-Nov-2020Implementation of a National 5-Year Plan for Prehospital Emergency Care in Singapore and Impact on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes From 2011 to 2016Ho, Andrew Fu Wah ; De Souza, Nurun Nisa Amatullah ; Blewer, Audrey L ; Wah, Win ; Shahidah, Nur ; White, Alexander Elgin ; Ng, Yih Yng ; Mao, Desmond Renhao ; Nausheen; Gan, Han Nee ; Chia, Michael Yih Chong ; Leong, Benjamin Sieu-Hon ; Cheah, Si Oon ; Tham, Lai Peng ; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock 
43-Nov-2020Incidence and Outcomes of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Singapore and Victoria: A Collaborative StudyLim, Shir Lynn ; Smith, Karen; Dyson, Kylie; Chan, Siew Pang ; Earnest, Arul ; Nair, Resmi; Bernard, Stephen; Leong, Benjamin Sieu-Hon ; Arulanandam, Shalini ; Ng, Yih Yng ; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock 
52015Interventional strategies associated with improvements in survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Singapore over 10 yearsLai, Hsuan; Choong, Caroline V; Fook-Chong, Stephanie Mc C; Ng, Yih Yng ; Finkelstein, Eric Andrew ; Haaland, Benjamin Adam ; Goh, E. Shaun; Leong, Benjamin; Gan, Hannee; Foo, David; Tham, Laipeng; Charles, Rabind Antony; Ong, Marcuseh
62020The relationship between air pollution and all-cause mortality in singaporeWah, A.F.; Zheng, H.; Cheong, K.H.; En, W.L.; Pek, P.P. ; Zhao, X.; Morgan, G.G.; Earnest, A.; Tan, B.Y.Q.; Ng, Y.Y. ; Foo, L.L.; Hock, M.E.