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128-Jul-2021Assessing unrealised potential for organ donation after out-of-hospital cardiac arrestHo, Andrew Fu Wah ; Tan, Timothy Xin Zhong; Latiff, Ejaz; Shahidah, Nur ; Ng, Yih Yng ; Leong, Benjamin Sieu-Hon ; Lim, Shir Lynn ; Pek, Pin Pin ; Gan, Han Nee ; Mao, Desmond Renhao ; Chia, Michael Yih Chong ; Cheah, Si Oon ; Tham, Lai Peng ; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock 
22020Heart rate n-variability (HRnV) and its application to risk stratification of chest pain patients in the emergency departmentLiu, N.; Guo, D.; Koh, Z.X.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Xie, F. ; Tagami, T.; Sakamoto, J.T.; Pek, P.P. ; Chakraborty, B. ; Lim, S.H.; Tan, J.W.C.; Ong, M.E.H. 
3Aug-2020Impact of bystander-focused public health interventions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and survival: a cohort studyBlewer, A.L.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Shahidah, N.; White, A.E.; Pek, P.P. ; Ng, Y.Y.; Mao, D.R.; Tiah, L.; Chia, M.Y.-C.; Leong, B.S.-H. ; Cheah, S.O.; Tham, L.P.; Kua, J.P.H.; Arulanandam, S.; Østbye, T. ; Bosworth, H.B.; Ong, M.E.H. 
44-Dec-2020Improved Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival with a Comprehensive Dispatcher-Assisted CPR Program in a Developing Emergency Care SystemPin Pin Pek ; Jasmine Yen Yin Lim; Benjamin Sieu-Hon Leong; Desmond Mao; Michael Yih Chong Chia; Si Oon Cheah; Han Nee Gan; Yih Yng Ng; Lai Peng Tham; Shalini Arulanandam; Nur Shahidah; Xinyi Lin; Andrew Ho; Marcus Eng Hock Ong
528-Apr-2022The effect of building-level socioeconomic status on bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a retrospective cohort studyAndrew Ho; Priscilla Ting; Jamie Ho; Stephanie Fook-Chong ; Nur Shahidah; Pin Pin Pek ; Nan Liu ; Seth Teoh; Ching Hui Sia; Daniel Lim; Shir Lynn Lim ; Ting Hway Wong; Marcus Ong 
62020The relationship between air pollution and all-cause mortality in singaporeWah, A.F.; Zheng, H.; Cheong, K.H.; En, W.L.; Pek, P.P. ; Zhao, X.; Morgan, G.G.; Earnest, A.; Tan, B.Y.Q.; Ng, Y.Y. ; Foo, L.L.; Hock, M.E.
72019Time-Stratified Case Crossover Study of the Association of Outdoor Ambient Air Pollution With the Risk of Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Context of Seasonal Exposure to the Southeast Asian Haze ProblemHo, A.F.W. ; Zheng, H.; Earnest, A.; Cheong, K.H.; Pek, P.P. ; Seok, J.Y. ; Liu, N.; Kwan, Y.H.; Tan, J.W.C.; Wong, T.H.; Hausenloy, D.J. ; Foo, L.L.; Tan, B.Y.Q.; Ong, M.E.H.