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Bibhas Chakraborty
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Jun-2021A musculoskeletal ultrasound program as an intervention to improve disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs adherence in rheumatoid arthritis: a randomized controlled trialYK Tan; PSE Teo; SE Saffari ; Xiaohui Xin; B Chakraborty ; CT Ng; J Thumboo
222-Feb-2021A scoping review of studies using observational data to optimise dynamic treatment regimensMahar, Robert K.; Mcguinness, Myra B.; Chakraborty, Bibhas ; Carlin, John B.; Ijzerman, Maarten J.; Simpson, Julie A.
37-May-2021A text messaging intervention (staywell at home) to counteract depression and anxiety during COVID-19 social distancing: Pre-post studyAguilera, Adrian; Hernandez-Ramos, Rosa; Haro-Ramos, Alein Y.; Boone, Claire Elizabeth; Luo, Tiffany Christina; Xu, Jing ; Chakraborty, Bibhas ; Karr, Chris; Darrow, Sabrina; Figueroa, Caroline Astrid
414-Jan-2021A text messaging intervention for coping with social distancing during COVID-19 (staywell at home): protocol for a randomized controlled trialFigueroa, Caroline Astrid; Hernandez-Ramos, Rosa; Boone, Claire Elizabeth; Gómez-Pathak, L.; Yip, Vivian; Luo, Tiffany; Sierra, Valentin; Xu, Jing ; Chakraborty, Bibhas ; Darrow, Sabrina; Aguilera, Adrian
52017Assessing the effects of mitofusin 2 deficiency in the adult heart using 3D electron tomographyKalkhoran, S.B; Hall, A.R; White, I.J; Cooper, J; Fan, Q ; Ong, S.-B ; Hernández-Reséndiz, S ; Cabrera-Fuentes, H ; Chinda, K; Chakraborty, B ; Dorn, G.W; Yellon, D.M; Hausenloy, D.J 
62020AutoScore: A machine learning–based automatic clinical score generator and its application to mortality prediction using electronic health recordsXie, F.; Chakraborty, B. ; Hock Ong, M.E.; Goldstein, B.A.; Liu, N. 
730-Apr-2015Colchicine effectiveness in symptom and inflammation modification in knee osteoarthritis (COLKOA): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialLeung, Ying Ying ; Thumboo, Julian; Wong, Bak Siew; Haaland, Benjamin Adam ; Chowbay, Balram; Chakraborty, Bibhas ; Tan, Mann Hong; Kraus, Virginia Byers B
812-Aug-2020COVID-19 in India: Statewise analysis and predictionGhosh, P. ; Ghosh, R.; Chakraborty, B. 
92017Estimating peer density effects on oral health for community-based older adultsChakraborty, B ; Widener, M.J; Mirzaei Salehabadi, S ; Northridge, M.E; Kum, S.S; Jin, Z; Kunzel, C; Palmer, H.D; Metcalf, S.S
102018Exploring the associations between systemic inflammation, obesity and healthy days: A health related quality of life (HRQOL) analysis of NHANES 2005-2008Wilkins, J; Ghosh, P ; Vivar, J; Chakraborty, B ; Ghosh, S 
112020Heart rate n-variability (HRnV) and its application to risk stratification of chest pain patients in the emergency departmentLiu, N.; Guo, D.; Koh, Z.X.; Ho, A.F.W. ; Xie, F. ; Tagami, T.; Sakamoto, J.T.; Pek, P.P. ; Chakraborty, B. ; Lim, S.H.; Tan, J.W.C.; Ong, M.E.H. 
122020MHealth app using machine learning to increase physical activity in diabetes and depression: Clinical trial protocol for the DIAMANTE StudyAguilera, A.; Figueroa, C.A.; Hernandez-Ramos, R.; Sarkar, U.; Cemballi, A.; Gomez-Pathak, L.; Miramontes, J.; Yom-Tov, E.; Chakraborty, B. ; Yan, X.; Xu, J. ; Modiri, A.; Aggarwal, J.; Jay Williams, J.; Lyles, C.R.
132019Novel model for predicting inpatient mortality after emergency admission to hospital in Singapore: Retrospective observational studyXie, F. ; Liu, N. ; Wu, S.X.; Ang, Y.; Low, L.L. ; Ho, A.F.W.; Lam, S.S.W. ; Matchar, D.B. ; Ong, M.E.H. ; Chakraborty, B. 
142015Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in patients with autoimmune disease on high-dose glucocorticoidChew Li-Ching ; Maceda-Galang Liza Marie; Tan York Kiat ; Chakraborty Bibhas ; Thumboo Julian 
152017Recruitment of racial/ethnic minority older adults through community sites for focus group discussionsNorthridge, M.E; Shedlin, M; Schrimshaw, E.W; Estrada, I; De La Cruz, L; Peralta, R; Birdsall, S; Metcalf, S.S; Chakraborty, B ; Kunzel, C
1630-Sep-2021Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) to identify optimal sequences of telemedicine interventions for improving initiation of insulin therapy: A simulation studyYan, Xiaoxi ; Matchar, David B. ; Sivapragasam, Nirmali ; Ansah, John P. ; Goel, Aastha ; Chakraborty, Bibhas 
172018The effectiveness of web-based tailored smoking cessation interventions on the quitting process (project quit): Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trialChakraborty, B. ; Maiti, R.; Strecher, V.J.
182016Third Places for Health Promotion with Older Adults: Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to Enhance Program Implementation and EvaluationNorthridge, M.E; Kum, S.S; Chakraborty, B ; Greenblatt, A.P; Marshall, S.E; Wang, H; Kunzel, C; Metcalf, S.S