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Leung, Y.-Y.
Leung, Ying Ying
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2014A systematic literature review on the application of rasch analysis in musculoskeletal disease - A special interest group report of OMERACT 11Leung, Y.-Y. ; Png, M.-E.; Conaghan, P.; Tennant, A.
2Jan-2014A systematic literature review on the application of Rasch analysis in musculoskeletal disease -- a special interest group report of OMERACT 11Leung, Ying Ying ; Png, May-Ee; Conaghan, Philip; Tennant, Alan
31-Jan-2015Association between body mass index and risk of total knee replacement, the Singapore Chinese Health StudyLeung, Ying Ying ; Allen, John Carson ; Noviani, Maria; Ang, Liwei; Wang, R; Yuan, Jianmin; Koh, Woon Puay 
4Jun-2014Cigarette smoking and risk of total knee replacement for severe osteoarthritis among Chinese in Singapore - the Singapore Chinese health studyLeung, Ying Ying ; Ang, Liwei; Thumboo, Julian; Wang, R; Yuan, Jianmin; Koh, Woon Puay 
5Dec-2015Colchicine --- update on mechanisms of action and therapeutic usesLeung, Ying Ying ; Yao Hui, Laura Li; Kraus, Virginia Byers B
630-Apr-2015Colchicine effectiveness in symptom and inflammation modification in knee osteoarthritis (COLKOA): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialLeung, Ying Ying ; Thumboo, Julian; Wong, Bak Siew; Haaland, Benjamin Adam ; Chowbay, Balram; Chakraborty, Bibhas ; Tan, Mann Hong; Kraus, Virginia Byers B
7Jun-2013Comparison of EuroQol-5D and Short Form-6D Utility Scores in Multiethnic Asian Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis: A Cross-sectional StudyLeung, Ying Ying ; Png, May-Ee; Wee, Hwee-Lin; Thumboo, Julian
817-Mar-2015Cumulative inflammatory burden is independently associated with increased arterial stiffness in patients with psoriatic arthritis: A prospective studyShen, Jiayun; Shang, Qing; Li, Edmund K.; Leung, Ying Ying ; Kun, Emily W.; Kwok, Lai-Wa; Li, Martin; Li, Tena K.; Zhu, Tracy Y.; Yu, Cheuk-Man; Tam, Lai-Shan
92018Duration of physical activity, sitting, sleep and the risk of total knee replacement among Chinese in Singapore, the Singapore Chinese health studyLeung Y.Y. ; Razak H.R.B.A.; Talaei M. ; Ang L.-W.; Yuan J.-M.; Koh W.-P. 
102016Living arrangements, social networks and onset or progression of pain among older adults in SingaporeLeung Y.-Y. ; Teo S.L.; Chua M.B.; Raman P. ; Liu C. ; Chan A. 
1122-Oct-2015Making the next steps in psoriatic arthritis management: current status and future directionsSritheran, Diviya; Leung, Ying Ying 
12Jan-2016Minimal Clinically Important Difference as Applied in RheumatologyErdogan, Beyza Doganay; Leung, Ying Ying ; Pohl, Christoph; Tennant, Alan; Conaghan, Philip G.
1326-Aug-2014Predictors of functional deterioration in Chinese patients with Psoriatic arthritis: A longitudinal study.Leung, Ying Ying ; Ho, Kwokwah; Li, Edmund K Wok Ming; Li, Martin; Kwok, Laiwa; Wong, Priscilla Ching Han; Li, Tena; Zhu, Tracyyanner; Kun, Emily
141-Mar-2015Response to Letters to the Editors: 1. More details on the database used by the study should be provided. 2. Mediclaim Hospital Discharge System and income levels of cohortLeung, Ying Ying ; Ang, Liwei; Allen, John Carson ; Noviani, Maria; Wang, R; Yuan, Jianmin; Koh, Woon Puay