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John Pastor Ansah
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Ansah, J.P.
Ansah, John Pastor


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019An evaluation of the impact of aggressive hypertension, diabetes and smoking cessation management on CVD outcomes at the population level: A dynamic simulation analysisAnsah, J.P. ; Inn, R.L.H.; Ahmad, S.
230-Jul-2020Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): an evidence map of medical literatureLIU NAN ; Chee, M.L.; Niu, C.; Pek, P.P.; Siddiqui, F.J. ; Ansah, J.P. ; Matchar, D.B. ; Lam, S.S.W. ; Abdullah, H.R.; Chan, A.; Malhotra, R.; Graves, N.; Koh, M.S.; Yoon, S.; Ho, A.F.W.; Ting, D.S.W. ; Low, J.G.H. ; Ong, M.E.H. 
329-Nov-2022Developing a toolkit for implementing evidence-based guidelines to manage hypertension and diabetes in Cambodia: a descriptive case studySivapragasam, Nirmali ; Matchar, David B ; Chhoun, Pheak; Kol, Hero; Loun, Chhun; Islam, Amina Mahmood ; Ansah, John ; Yi, Siyan 
42015Future requirements for and supply of ophthalmologists for an aging population in SingaporeAnsah J.P. ; De Korne D. ; Bayer S. ; Pan C.; Jayabaskar T.; Matchar D.B. ; Lew N.; Phua A.; Koh V. ; Lamoureux E. ; Quek D. 
52011Modeling debt accumulation in Pakistan: A system dynamics approachQuresh, M.A.; Ansah, J.P. 
61-Mar-2021Primary Care Networks and Starfield's 4Cs: A Case for Enhanced Chronic Disease ManagementDe Foo, Chuan ; Surendran, Shilpa ; Jimenez, Geronimo; Ansah, John Pastor ; Matchar, David Bruce ; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat 
72016Projecting the effects of long-term care policy on the labor market participation of primary informal family caregivers of elderly with disability: Insights from a dynamic simulation modelAnsah J.P. ; Matchar D.B. ; Malhotra R. ; Love S.R. ; Liu C. ; Do Y. 
82015Projection of young-old and old-old with functional disability: Does accounting for the changing educational composition of the elderly population make a difference?Ansah, John Pastor ; Malhotra, Rahul ; Lew, Nicola; Chiu, Chitsun; Chan, Wei-Ming Angelique ; Bayer, Steffen Christoph ; Matchar, David Bruce 
930-Sep-2021Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) to identify optimal sequences of telemedicine interventions for improving initiation of insulin therapy: A simulation studyYan, Xiaoxi ; Matchar, David B. ; Sivapragasam, Nirmali ; Ansah, John P. ; Goel, Aastha ; Chakraborty, Bibhas 
102019Systems modelling as an approach for understanding and building consensus on non-communicable diseases (NCD) management in CambodiaAnsah, J.P ; Islam, A.M ; Koh, V ; Ly, V; Kol, H; Matchar, D.B; Loun, C; Loun, M
1130-Mar-2021The effectiveness of public health interventions against COVID-19: Lessons from the Singapore experienceAnsah, John P. ; Matchar, David Bruce ; Shao Wei, Sean Lam ; Low, Jenny G. ; Pourghaderi, Ahmad Reza ; Siddiqui, Fahad Javaid ; Min, Tessa Lui Shi ; Wei-Yan, Aloysius Chia ; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock