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Ecosse Lamoureux
Lamoureux, Ecosse Luc
Lamoureux, E.
Lamoureux E.L.
Lamoureux, Ecosse


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A randomised controlled trial of a self-management programme for low vision implemented in low vision rehabilitation servicesRees G.; Xie J.; Chiang P.P. ; Larizza M.F.; Marella M.; Hassell J.B.; Keeffe J.E.; Lamoureux E.L. 
21-Jan-2020The associations of objectively measured sleep duration and sleep disturbances with diabetic retinopathyChew, M; Tan, NYQ; Lamoureux, E ; Cheng, CY ; Wong, TY ; Sabanayagam, C 
32015Associations of retinal oximetry in persons with diabetesMan, R.E.; Sasongko, M.B.; Xie, Jing; Kawasaki, R.; Best, W.J.; Noonan, J.E.; Luu. C.D.; Wang, J.J.; Ecosse Lamoureux 
42016Classification of SD-OCT Volumes Using Local Binary Patterns: Experimental Validation for DME DetectionLemaître G.; Rastgoo M.; Massich J.; Cheung C.Y.; Wong T.Y. ; Lamoureux E. ; Milea D. ; Mériaudeau F.; Sidibé D.
52017Combined poor diabetes control indicators are associated with higher risks of diabetic retinopathy and macular edema than poor glycemic control aloneFenwick E.K.; Xie J.; Man R.E.K.; Sabanayagam C. ; Lim L.; Rees G.; Wong T.Y. ; Lamoureux E.L. 
62015Comparing the effectiveness of selective laser trabeculoplasty with topical medication as initial treatment (the Glaucoma Initial Treatment Study): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialLamoureux E.L. ; Mcintosh R.; Constantinou M.; Fenwick E.K.; Xie J.; Casson R.; Finkelstein E. ; Goldberg I.; Healey P.; Thomas R.; Ang G.S.; Pesudovs K.; Crowston J.
72015Composite measures of individual and area-level socio-economic status are associated with visual impairment in SingaporeWah W. ; Earnest A. ; Sabanayagam C. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Ong M.E.H. ; Wong T.Y. ; Lamoureux E.L. 
81-Feb-2015Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Using HbA1c in Asians: Relationship Between HbA1c and Retinopathy in a Multiethnic Asian PopulationSabanayagam, Charumathi ; Khoo, Eric YH ; Lye, Weng Kit ; Ikram, M Kamran ; Lamoureux, Ecosse L ; Cheng, Ching Yu ; Tan, Maudrene LS ; Salim, Agus ; Lee, Jeannette ; Lim, Su-Chi ; Tavintharan, Subramaniam; Thai, Ah-Chuan ; Heng, Derrick; Ma, Stefan; Tai, E Shyong ; Wong, Tien Y 
92018Dietary intake and diabetic retinopathy: A systematic reviewWong M.Y.Z.; Man R.E.K.; Fenwick E.K.; Gupta P.; Li L.-J. ; van Dam R.M. ; Chong M.F. ; Lamoureux E.L. 
102013Factors associated with knowledge of diabetes in patients with type 2 diabetes using the diabetes knowledge test validated with Rasch analysisFenwick E.K.; Xie J.; Rees G.; Finger R.P.; Lamoureux E.L. 
112018Falls and Recurrent Falls among Adults in A Multi-ethnic Asian Population: The Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Diseases Study /692/700/478/174 /692/308/174 /692/499 /141 articleDai, W; Tham, Y.-C; Chee, M.-L; Tan, N.Y.Q; Wong, K.-H; Majithia, S; Sabanayagam, C ; Lamoureux, E ; Wong, T.-Y ; Cheng, C.-Y 
12Aug-2014Falls in Older people with Cataract, a longitudinal evalUation of impact and riSk: The FOCUS study protocolKeay, L.; Palagyi, A.; McCluskey, P.; Lamoureux, E. ; Pesudovs, K.; Lo, S.; Ivers, R.; Boufous, S.; Morlet, N.; Ng, J.Q.; Stapleton, F.; Fraser, M.; Meuleners, L.
132015Future requirements for and supply of ophthalmologists for an aging population in SingaporeAnsah J.P. ; De Korne D. ; Bayer S. ; Pan C.; Jayabaskar T.; Matchar D.B. ; Lew N.; Phua A.; Koh V. ; Lamoureux E. ; Quek D. 
142014Health literacy, computer skills and quality of patient-physician communication in chinese patients with cataractLin X.; Wang M.; Zuo Y.; Li M.; Lin X.; Zhu S.; Zheng Y.; Yu M.; Lamoureux E.L. 
152015Help seeking among vision-impaired adults referred to their GP for depressive symptoms: Patient characteristics and outcomes associated with referral uptakeHolloway, Edith E.; Sturrock, Bonnie Adele; Lamoureux, Ecosse Luc ; Keeffe, Jill Elizabeth Lizabeth; Rees, Gwyneth J G
162015Impact of Visual Impairment and Eye diseases on Mortality: The Singapore Malay Eye Study (SiMES)Siantar, R.G; Cheng, C.-Y ; Gemmy Cheung, C.M ; Lamoureux, E.L ; Ong, P.G; Chow, K.Y; Mitchell, P; Aung, T ; Wong, T.-Y ; Cheung, C.Y 
171-Mar-2016Increased Burden of Vision Impairment and Eye Diseases in Persons with Chronic Kidney Disease - A Population-Based StudyWong, Chee Wai ; Lamoureux, Ecosse L ; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Cheung, Gemmy Chui Ming ; Tai, E Shyong ; Wong, Tien Y ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi 
18Mar-2016Metabolic syndrome and eye diseasesPoh, Stanley; Abdul, Riswana Banu Binte Mohamed; Lamoureux, Ecosse L ; Wong, Tien Y ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi 
192018Microvascular retinopathy and angiographically-demonstrated coronary artery disease: A cross-sectional, observational studyCheng L.; Barlis P.; Gibson J.; Colville D.; Hutchinson A.; Gleeson G.; Lamoureux E. ; VanGaal W.; Savige J.
202017Preoperative expectations and postoperative outcomes of visual functioning among cataract patients in urban southern ChinaChen Z.; Lin X.; Qu B.; Gao W.; Zuo Y.; Peng W.; Jin L.; Yu M.; Lamoureux E.